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    unsure where to post…….this sounds good

    alright…..after praying, praying and more praying…..i need some solid, in my face help……

    two weeks in a row, in two separate cars (mine and rental) I was hit from behind.

    the first I had dropped off my oldest daughter at work. Things were tense (after all she is 20y/o and I know nothing). On my way home, I was at a stoplight waiting to turn right when a young girl hit me. She had thought I had turned. No damage.

    Second, was downtown showing my youngest daughter where she had to go to the next morning. Things were tense here, too, but daughter is an 18y/o. We were at a stoplight, when hit from behind in my car by an SUV. gentleman got out of his car apologized and said his foot had slipped off the pedal as he had jsut had his car detailed…..needless to say this was a Benz SUV.

    Some scratches, but he was able to take them off with the rubbing compound he had in the car.

    First time only me in the car, not my car. Second, my car with other daughter in the car…..

    HELP!!! what am i to be learning?!?!?!?!?! i am sure it is as clear as the nose on my face, but cannot see it for the face…..:hmm:

    Pam B

    ((((( kps64)))) I am so happy you lived to tell about it. Wow, how exasperating it must be to go through that experience TWICE in such a short time!!

    Only you can truly answer that question, based on prayer and meditation with your higher source, what ever you perceive that to be and simply looking within.

    Maybe we can provide some additional insights for you however!

    #1. Be grateful! You and your children were not hurt badly I assume! Be grateful for your LIFE. Be grateful for your HEALTH. Be grateful for your CHILDREN’s HEALTH and that they have mouths to tell you off with! ;)

    #2. Be grateful! You are here on the internet to tell us about it — you have a computer, a connection to the internet, be grateful for them. You are already more well off than 90% of the world’s popuplation. So your car got some bumps and dents — they aren’t really yours anyway, you are only “temporary custodians” of any “stuff” that you own that will go to your remaining living family when you leave this earth!

    #3 Be grateful!! You are the type of person that says…”WHY the hell is this happening to me, what’s the lesson?!” Not everyone who walks (or drives!) the earth has the presence of mind or spirit to even look for meaning in these events.
    Pat yourself on the back for being a spiritual person who is looking for the deeper meaning!

    I have a resource that may bring you additional “insight”. It’s Summer McStravick and her way of explaining what’s been happening to you is, you’re not “in the flow”. You are not consciously putting yourself into the positive “flow” of life — for example, it sounds like you’re letting your relationships with your daughter’s slightly distract you from the positive. You can take some time to listen to her on here:

    and here is her website with some articles that explain what’s happening.

    also — anything at all about MANIFESTING, whether it’s Esther and Jerry Hicks, or Colette Baron-Reid, or Wayne Dyer. You could take a look at how your thoughts shape your reality.


    Oh my…Glad you are ok, kps! (((kps)))
    Believe it or not, I’ve also had this happen. Kind of shakes you up, doesn’t it? Especially when you are not at fault. You wonder if there is a big cosmic bullseye on your car!

    The first accident I was driving on a very busy Rt. 128. It was a clear day so the roads were dry. My daughter was in the back seat. I was on my way to make a delivery for work. (More on that later.) I was not speeding and just cruising along minding my own business. A mack truck changed lanes, hit my rear left side, and started pushing me toward the cars in the far right lane. In my panicked attempt not to hit them, I turned my wheel to the left. And the car started to spin around and around. The same truck hit me again somehow on the driver’s side and I kept spinning. Finally we came to a stop against the guard rail in the left lane.
    The car was totaled but we were ok except for a bump on my head. The tow yard person said we were lucky to be hit the way we were. Otherwise it would have been far worse he said. The driver of the truck said he never saw me.

    The next month I was driving from work in the used car we had just bought. I was at an intersection and this car was coming straight for me. It hit me head on. The driver was all apologies. He said his brakes just went. Luckily everyone was ok. My car wasn’t.

    Why did this happen? I was in a working situation that my intuition was telling me was completely wrong. I chose to ignore it again and again…and again. It took two accidents to snap me out of it and start listening to my better judgement. (Well, she didn’t get it the first time. Let’s hit her again!…LOL) I left the company not too long after that.

    So what is it that YOUR intuition is telling you needs attention? What are you pushing aside in spite of what your gut tells you? And if you really think about it, I’ll bet there are little wake up calls in the weeks and months before the accidents that you didn’t take note of.

    Hope this helps! :hearts:


    In my attempt to make sure I gave all the information, I should have said no one was hurt!

    In my attmept to find out my answer I didn’t even think of anything that didn’t happen, such as injury to car or self…….. Just the message.

    I have been congratulating myself for being spiritual about the situation, and even acknowledged some manifesting I have had regarding MY car and being rear-ended since I bought it…..

    Like I said, I know the asnwer is there, but it seems to just be on the tip on my mind….and can’t grasp it…… oh so frustrating……

    Thanks for the input. I welcome anymore insight that you may have…..


    (((kps))) –

    I am so glad no one was seriously hurt in these accidents. I am also grateful to you for sharing with us as your experiences will help others too.

    Pam and Laura have both shared insightful thoughts and suggestions. The only thing that I would add as a suggestion is to use journaling as a way of accessing your intuition, making your thoughts more concrete, and releasing anxiety.

    You don’t have to have a great plan or even write a lot. Start by taking 10 minutes and sitting down with your thoughts and your pen…or your computer. Ask questions and write down whatever you get, even if it doesn’t connect immediately. In other words, don’t censor your thoughts or words, just let if flow.

    You’ve made a great start by recognizing that there is a deeper meaning for you that you need to find. Keep in touch and I hope this helps! :hearts:



    I also had an accident like this happen to me two months ago, on my birthday no less. I was sitting at the light waiting to make a right turn, and inched out a bit to see if I could turn. The young girl behind me wasn’t paying attention and thought I went. She smacked me pretty hard in her SUV. My little car suffered a 5″ crack on the bumper, and an inch crack on the quarter panel by my gas tank. Except for a small whiplash, I was fine. I also asked the question, what was I supposed to learn from this.

    After the incident, I was supposed to meet a bunch of friends at the bar to celebrate my bday. What was supposed to be a night of drinking for me, turned into me having one drink, and I ended up driving that night instead of the other way around. Glad I did, because my friends were wasted, and then no one would of been able to drive. The lesson learned…not to drink and drive.

    Pam B

    I have to admit to you my friends, that I have been on the OFFENDING end of this type of accident (as well as the receiving end.)

    Each time I was on my home to and from work. Each time I was behind someone who was stopped, turning right, and I was waiting to turn right also. I watched the traffic coming from the left, and saw a space, and ASSumed that the person in front of me just went and hit the gas to go too.

    I simply wasn’t watching where I was supposed to be watching, and my mind was elsewhere too.

    THey were about 3 years apart and luckily each time, no one was hurt and the damage minor scratches to the car. But my husband doesn’t let me live it down that I did it twice. :o You can bet now that every time I’m in the same traffic situation, I’m more careful.

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