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    Pam B

    I’m so excited :dance: that I have found a Reiki teacher and will be taking Reiki I this Saturday. She is a certified psychotherapist and she and her partner specialize in counselling for loss, grief and separation as well as victims of abuse and assault. They also do dream work, archetypes and “Wild Woman” seminars. I’m really looking forward to this association *fingers crossed*

    For those of you who already know Reiki, here is the class description, tell me what you think:

    Reiki I the student is introduced to the basic concepts of Reiki healing energy. The
    philosophy, ethics, objectives, and origins of Reiki are shared with the student. The
    traditional Usui hand positions for self healing and healing of others are taught,
    along with the non-traditional use of the Quick Reiki treatment. Students are led in
    a guided meditation to prepare for the Reiki I attunement. During the attunement the
    student’s energy centers are opened and aligned so that she/he can serve as a
    channel for this universal healing energy. This attunement starts a twenty-one day
    clearing cycle of the seven major chakras. Reiki I class is experiential, and students
    are given the opportunity to do hands on healing work with each other and on
    themselves. Certificates are presented at the end of each class.

    They offer the II, III and master courses but I’m not even thinking about that right now due to finances.

    On another note, I hooked up with a dowsing group about 2 hours south of me (there’s nothing metaphysical in my area at all.) I’m going to their yearly meeting in August where the organizer says that I’ll be able to learn about dowsing for water, oil, lost objects, “anything at all” and learn about pendulum dowsing too.

    After 5 years of being a stay at home mom, now that Zach is older and more self sufficient, I’m able to “branch out” more now. More “Pam time” YAY!:hearts: :dance: :banana:


    Oh, you are going to like this!:D I look forward to hearing your experiences with Reiki and dowsing.

    Have you seen the movie “Divining Mom” yet? It’s currently running fairly often on what use to be the Wisdom Network – now called LIME (“healthy living with a twist”). The movie is entertaining and informative.

    Pam B

    Yes, I’ve seen it twice now and the last time I saw it a couple of weeks ago, is what made me actually get up and start googling for groups in our area. Then VTFlowerGirl (Jen) gave me a link to the national directory. I am SO looking forward to this!


    Sounds great Pam. And good for you with the “Pamtime”


    (((Pam))) Doing the happy dance for you!! :dance: :dance: :hearts: :banana: :banana:

    What an opportunity — glad you are able to take advantage of it! :thumbsup:


    Way to go Pam!:banana: :clap: :banana: Enjoy and let us know all about it!:hearts:


    :banana: :dance: Awesome, Pam!:clap: :love:

    Can’t wait to hear how it turns out for you!


    That’s awesome, Pam! :clap: I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

    Amy Rose

    That is exciting Pam!!! Looking forward to hearing how it goes!!
    I find Reiki so interesting. Recently I attended the local reiki healing circle at the new age store, and I found it to be incredible!! It was the most amazing feeling, and afterwards I had such a buzz. It was like a feeling of being totally complete and very energized. i hope one day down the road to take a reiki I class! It’s so fascinating!!


    Wishing you the best, Pam with your new adventures.:dance: :banana:


    Interested to see how you make out. In two weeks I’ll be attending a weekend conference on Reike and I am very excited! (thanks Gail!)

    Sounds like you and I will be starting almost at the same time so we can compare notes! :banana:


    I am so glad you are looking into reiki.

    It took me 2 years to finish all 3 levels. It was sad to finish, but the rest was an awful lot of fun.

    Don’t go with any expectations, yah, right. Not possible. The only way that would happen is if you never heard of it and someone attuned you on the spot and then told you. The minute you decide to join a class your expectations are running high and your doubts are making for the finish line.

    I will be waiting for those experiences. During the cleansing, the worst I had was a slight headache and I was very tired.


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