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    :hearts: I am looking to trade the following as I don’t have room to buy new oracles and decks so by trading them it’s my best option and they need much more love than I can give them.

    :pepsi:Angel Oracle Ambuika Wauters in good condition. this is the delux edition with gilt cards and gilt booklet. all original packaging. very good condition. box booklet and cards undamaged.

    Titanias star tarot near mint in silver original packaging… opened once. no damage has a real witchy goddessy look to it.…um/titanias.jpg

    :angel:claire nahmad fairy
    pack excellent condition

    zen koan cards timothy freke

    near mint opened once. no damage or scuff…album/koan1.jpg…bum/koan2-1.jpg

    :yinyang2:feng shui fortune sticks with dragon logo on box. used a couple of times original packaging and instructions. no damanges

    all in good condition with original packaging

    to trade for tarot or oracle decks.

    my out of print decks all in excellent condition!

    Atavist Tarot Presentation Pack…bum/atavist.jpg

    shinning woman tarot
    Rachel Pollak…ingwomanoop.jpg
    with box and booklet no scuff marks on box opened once shuffled. rachel pollack. original packaging. in very good condition.

    olympus oracle murray hope out of print no damage. opened once to shuffle them contains Greek
    Gods Zeus hero cards and more. no damage all original packaging.offers unique ways of working with the cards using keys and a labyrinth.…lympuscards.jpg…0Words.htm

    astrological mandala A.T Mann. opened once to shuffle them. square cards with circular designs sacred geometry. Qabbalah many religions in one deck. brightly coloured and quirky.…/atmantarot.jpg

    will swap for rare decks only

    also, looking for dali jubilee set to trade for one of the above decks
    olympus, shinning or astrological.

    Horik svenson runes…ensson.php (please note I have the deck rarer edition in purple box by virgin)

    X 2Horik svenson runes…ensson.php
    (please note I also have the rarer edition as well in a purple box by virgin)…lbum/horik2.jpg…bum/runebag.jpg…lbum/horik2.jpg
    Runes 2 sets for trade will swap for tarot deck/deck set a deck set one that has a booklet with it i’e the LS wiccan/pagan deck.

    Tonicarmine salerno
    ask an angel
    universal wisdom,
    spirit oracle
    animal dreaming oracle
    osho zen
    oracle of the grail code
    oracle of the goddess
    tarot decks
    Holy grail tarot los scarabeo
    glastonbury tarot

    Llewellyn tarot
    Templar tarot
    tarot of a moon garden
    Ancestral path
    doreen virtue daily angel oracle

    pagan tarot
    wiccan cards
    Native american tarot
    egyptian tarot

    celestial tarot
    tarot of dreams

    Witch tarot
    fantastical creatures
    mystic faeri tarot
    witches tarot kit
    robin wood
    dislike thoth tarot deck.

    to trade for a tarot deck.

    uk trade only please!:D
    these items need new homes and put to good use as they are just sitting on my bookshelf

    :butterfly Eileen Connolly Tarot deck

    brightly coloured used twice.
    Box is damaged unfortnately. will trade for another deck.

    no “LWB” Full Deck deck has no damage colours are bright and clear no signs of wear.
    with love and thanks for alloowing me to post this and for taking the time to look at the thread.

    thought I would try offering these here.

    I hope it’s ok to post this :wave:

    more details are in my profile.

    Pam B

    it’s perfectly wonderful for you to post :)

    however, you may get a few Yanks who are willing to pay the postage if you’re willing to fill out the forms to ship over here :)


    Thank you Pam,

    I appreciate being able to post this on the forum!
    that would be good someone covering the p&p

    there are some decks I can’t find in the uk so it might be that I need to trade overseas to find them.

    hope to see you in the chatroom sometime!:wave:


    Atavist and zhao xiaomin chinese fortune sticks are now being traded.

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