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    I am a new fan of John Edward and after reading all of your post for several months, I went out and bought all of his books and passed them on to my Mother after I read them. She works as a Social Worker with Hospice and she counsels people at their homes once they have been told they only have six months or less before they pass. I hope to discuss the books in detail with her after she reads them. Crossing Over was wonderful. It really gives you a sense of all the hard work John has gone through to get where he is today. I loved the part about Carl Perkins. As well as John following up on the signs from his Mother. John does extremely well in explaining his gift in his writings.


    I devoured the books too…they were great. I did like his first:
    One More Time, because it gave so much background on him.
    I don’t get Phi Sci here, so I am watching his show in syndication.
    I sure hope to be able to go to one of his seminars sometime.


    One Last Time is an awesome book, and I do recommend it for anyone. Especially those working with death on a regular basis like your Mom.

    Be Well,


    I want to thank JE for finally putting my mind to rest…this is gonna sound silly…but here goes….I told my daughter that I do know for a fact now that Elvis is dead, JE says he connected with him along with Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison….talk about the who’s who of God’s Choir!!!!
    I know it’s silly…part of me knew he was really dead, or else he would have come out sometime during ONE of Lisa Marie’s marriages-at least-or the birth of his first grandchild.
    The upshot is-I LOVED THE BOOK!!!! I sat with my daughter on the couch and read it out loud to her…and she listened!! Don’t get much more of a recommendation than that…lol.
    Rock on guys!!!


    All of John’s books have helped me grow and become more enlightened, but Crossing Over was the one I loved the best! It made John more human. I really enjoyed the parts of the book, where he expanded the messages from One Last Time. The more I read the books, the more I admire the man!!! Sheila


    I have finally finished reading Crossing Over (that’s what I get for trying to read three books at once – I think I am about two months behind everyone else with this one!!) So anyway, I thought it was a good book with a great perspective on what happens “behind the scenes”. It was nice to see how John has arrived where he is now. I liked how he explained the makings of some of the shows we have all seen (parking garage attendant was my favorite). :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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