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    So, today is the full moon and I thought I should warn people that you might feel a little more emotional than usual since it is in the sign of Pisces.

    I am posting this because last night my boyfriend and I broke up and got back together all in the space of 30 min. because I was over sensitive and took something the wrong way. Which may not be all bad, considering we cleared a few things up and I now feel a little more secure in our relationship.

    Another reason I’m posting is because I thought I’d start a discussion about psychic readings. The above mentioned relationship was actually predicted by a psychic about a year and a half ago. Even though I just met him this past April. Everything she said about him is correct. I feel like it was the hand of fate.

    I had another reading about a week ago. I asked about relationships. She described our relationship and said that we would be even closer. I wondered how that could be considering I was having doubts and we hardly ever saw each other due to work and circumstances. After last night it makes more since.

    So, Have you ever had a psychic reading? Like me, did you notice that the timing kinda sucks but the info is right on?

    When she predicted the relationship more than a year ago, I thought it was right around the corner.

    Have you ever noticed that THEY only tell you what the THEY want you to know? I’m talking your guides that can sometimes speak through a really good psychic. I sometimes think THEY could save me a lot of trouble by just telling me what is going to happen instead of making me go through it. But, that is counterproductive to the learning process of why we are here. I know that but it is still not fun.:hmm:

    Also, should your dead mother come thru to two different psychic mediums and tell you, “He is not a nice man”, you should probably listen. This happened to me five years ago. Not that he was all bad but I needed to realize that what happened was not all my fault. It always takes two to tango. Too bad guys with big egos don’t always understand that.

    So, what are your experiences? Want to share with others for the sake of learning?

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