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    Have you ever looked at the Pages and thought about the moon phases?


    Look at the Page of Pentacles…he can represent a new moon… He’s holding up that Pentacle; he has an idea. Here is the birth of something; a relationship, a concept. A burst of dynamic energy. (Earthy, practical energy of the Pentacles)


    The Page of Wands is the waxing moon. He represents being dynamic; having confidence in this concept, and the stages of manifesting it into reality. (Fiery, passionate energy of the Wands)


    The Page of Cups, the full moon. The cycle at its’ fullest. The energy at its’ strongest. This is the time to make things happen! It’s a good time to follow your intuition (Watery, intuitive energy of Cups).


    And finally, the Page of Swords…the Waning Moon. A time to reflect upon the project/idea and learn from it. Research and study the facts. What did you do well? What would you do differently if given the opportunity? What can you improve on in the future? (Airy, intellectual energy of the Swords)

    Pages are the bringers of messages. They announce new beginnings or stages of development. How would this translate into a tarot reading? If I was doing a reading using a Celtic Cross spread, and the Page of Cups came up in the “future” position, it could be interpreted that the querent would soon be seeing the completion of a project, event or relationship taking place in their life, which was already in the works for quite a while. This would be a time to use their intuition to guide them in making good decisions where this project/event/relationship was concerned, to see a successful conclusion.

    Just some food for thought…

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