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    We really underestimate the power of our thoughts as well as the fact that our intention to do something is often as effective as doing it.

    I realized this several months ago when my son suffered quite serious injury while living in Taiwan. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and use creative visualization techniques and positive intent whenever I channel healing. Feedback and confirmation is always an added blessing.

    My 23 year old son was injured when his scooter was pushed against the curb by a motorist. Within six days the wound on his ankle became badly infected and (although under doctor care) he had a raging fever and was in excrutiating pain. I was unable to be of any physical help, being in Canada, so I told him that i would do a ‘distant healing’ soon, but I didn’t say when. Then the following evening, I retreated into my study, lit my candle, summoned my Divine assistants and said my prayer. About 20 minutes later I was finished. I was uncustomarily emotional but I’m sure it was because I was his mom and would rather have been there.

    When I woke up the next morning it was to the phone ringing. It was my son calling from Taiwan (the twelve hour time difference meant it was already the following evening there). He was very excited when he told me that when he stirred from his sleep that morning he opened his eyes to see me standing in the corner of his room, smiling at him. I made some tonge-in-cheek comment about the painkillers, but he insisted, “The morphine is good, Mom, but it’s not THAT good! You were here…I saw you!”

    When he came home four months later (for a six week visit) he showed me the horrible scars on his ankle and foot and he told me there was some nerve damage but it was mostly healed.

    So…….never underestimate your thoughts. Keep them positive and when you send prayer or healing thoughts (what is for their highest good) do it as if the desired outcome has already occurred. In times of trouble or sadness or separation from loved ones, they will provide comfort.

    Blessings to you and yours.


    Hello reikibon,

    Glad to have you on board. I just recievied my Level 1 attunement the beginning of this month, so I am trying to learn everything I can.

    I’m glad your son is okay! That was a wonderful story.

    You might want to pop over to the sister board:

    There is a reiki section you can post in too. Hope to see on both boards.




    I’m happy that your son is okay. My prayers going up for you, your son and your family. I’m glad you joined this board, and I look forward to getting to know you!



    What a great testimonial :P The power of our love and prayers is unbeatable. I shall add Reiki to my list of things to investigate.

    Will be looking forward to your imputs.

    Have a wonderful day :jumper:



    That is wonderful thank you for sharing.



    Reikibon, what a wonderful event to happen:) The power of thought and prayers….that’s the key isn’t it. I am finding that out more and more each day.

    I had a distant Reiki performed on me some time back, and it most certainly worked. The power of thought and belief are most significant, IMO. I was asked to become a student of Reiki at the time of my healing, and sadly I got side-tracked so it never happened. I look back on it now and maybe it was a sign for me to go down that path and learn about Reiki. There is something inside of me always wanting to help and to assist others, and possibly Reiki may assist me in doing more.

    This may be a new journey for me in the new year. I am fortunate enough to just pick up the phone and call the person who did the Reiki on me.

    Thank you Reikibon for sharing what you do and may your journey be as rewarding to you, as it is for others.

    Bea— A huge congrats to you on your Level 1 attunement. ((Don & Bea))


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