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    I was hoping someone could answer a question for me?
    I was diagnosed with Arthritis and Fibromyalgia in May. In Jan I had become ill with Strep throat and was treated with a strong antibiotic which seemed to work well. Shortly after finishing the med. I started to have pain in my legs (felt like I had run a marathon) well it got worse and worse and then on Feb 3 my legs and feet ballooned. Well to make a very long story short I was bedridden for about 9wks and in incredible pain 24/7. I was seen by quite a few different doctors even hemoglobin specialists. They were all perplexed to what was going on. Finally in May I was diagnosed saying it was caused by my Strp and the antibiotics worked against me. I now also have an auto-immune disease. I was left living with all this pain and the doctors kept upping the meds. Today I am far better than I was just a few mths ago but far from where I was before all this “Weird Stuff” starting happening. Anyways I have been meaning to go to an R/A Fibro support group and I finally went last night. I really expected too be surrounded by elders mostly in wheelchairs what I found was the opposite. I am 39 and I wasn’t the oldest there.
    What was the total bonus was the woman who was the speaker for the evening. Her name was Angela Niedling and she was a CHTP(certified healing touch practitioner) my eyes lit up. I have read about touch healing but only recently and through all of you. I got to go up and have her do somewhat of a demonstration( in which absolutely no one paid attention too) It seemed that this particular group of people were actually snickering at times while she explained who she was and what she did. Such a shame!!! Well It was very exciting for me cause I found when she touched over my painful spots they relaxed and I had less pain. Now here’s where my question comes in Angela mentioned she was drawn to my legs in particular my outer thighs and hips which are where I experience most of my pain she mentioned that this area represented “MY fears” and before I got a chance to ask her about that the session was over. Does this have to do with my “Chakras” or are there specific points on the body that have their own labeling with touch healing? She mentioned as well you can do your own touch healing but how can this be possible if my energy is not so positive and probably quite weak??

    Thanks Leighski

    Pam B

    ((((( Leighski ))))) I’m so sorry you’ve had this frustrating ordeal to go through. I’m so happy you had that experience last night however! So other’s snickered…they are where they are and maybe Angela was there, just for you and you alone. That’s ok.

    Yes, you can heal yourself. Why? Because we are all children of God, (or whatever term you use for that idea) and have the light of that God within us, even if we are totally disabled. You have that spark and that connection that you can draw on, to draw down that healing energy and channel it or focus it the areas in your body that needs it the most. What’s even more interesting, is that the healing energy knows where to go. Even if you direct the energy to your legs, and if you have problems elsewhere, or the source of your pain lies elsewhere, the energy knows where to go.

    Three years ago I totally shattered my ankle, requiring emergency surgery with the placement of a plate, 7 screws and one large bolt. I had the idea that I could direct healing energy myself to my ankle. I thought “what’s the harm?” So daily, I sat up in bed and I put my hands on my cast over the break in my ankle and I imagined a white light coming down through my head, down my arms, and through my hands into my ankle. I actually felt a tingling as it was happening.

    Long story short, I was able to start walking about 4 weeks sooner than my doctor said I would. My husband was mad at me for walking against doctor’s orders, but when I went for my check up and regular x-ray, the doctor told me that he was amazed at how quickly my ankle was healing. :cool:

    My truth is, is that God gives us everything we need to survive and heal ourselves and that we need to learn to “remember” how to do that again. And yes, there are chakras that relate to certain parts of the body. So if you study up on opening and aligning those chakras (and closing them down again) it will also facilitate your own healing. Also, ask for hugs from your loved ones because their energy will also help to heal you too.

    But trust me, if I break my ankel again, I’m going straight to the ER first ;) Self healing is just one part of the healing process.

    This is what I personally believe.


    Hi Leigh

    I will speak to Reiki healing as that is the healing form I use. I agree with Pam that if you are injured to seek out medical assistance. Two things to remember – 1) Reiki is not a replacement for medical or mental health care. It works in conjunction with medical and psychological therapies to help facilitate recovery and healing. Reiki practitioners cannot & should not diagnose. 2) The spiritually guided healing energy flows wherever it is most needed and will have its own priority.

    I just read in one of my Reiki books that there are only a few instances where Reiki shouldn’t be done – one is if a bone is thought to be broken. Reiki should be done only after the bone is properly set.

    Anyway, as Pam said we all have the power to call on healing energy through our Divine. We don’t need special training to tap into it. I have done it for many years without being attuned to Reiki. However I was Reiki attuned in August and have found that when attuned by a Reiki Master, the healing energy was really ‘ramped up’. My hands get really warm and tingle.

    The chakras are the main energy areas we focus our hand positions in Reiki. Beyond that anywhere that the practitioner feels drawn to put their hands or where the recipient would like hands laid on is fine. During a Reiki treatment I do the main chakra positions first and then ‘scan’ for other areas that I feel led to.

    There are healing touch books out there that show which body functions/organs/areas relate to which Chakra centers and then other specific areas for specific problems. But since Spirit directs et energy, just the putting healing hands on the shoulder or elsewhere and asking the divine healing energy to work to your highest good is all you need do; it will find its way to the area of need.

    I have worked on someone with leg pain but who was having significant emotional issues (that I knew nothing about until later). At first it appeared other than relaxation she got nothing out of the session until later when she had a major emotional release and called me about it. As she talked she realized the leg pain was easing. That is an example of Spirit starting the healing of the cause of the problem and then addressing the physical discomfort (in some schools of thought – the emotional dis-ease causes the physical symptoms).

    The whole art of spirit and energy healing is fascinating to me. I learn a little more each day.

    I might suggest you find a Reiki master in your area and get a treatment, learn about Reiki, and then actually be attuned to Reiki. When you do self- healing after the attunment, you will likely have a much stronger response to the energy. I know of several people with autoimmune illnesses that are Reiki attuned so that they can help the efforts of their medical therapies.

    Sorry you are having such a hard time of it. If you would like, I would be glad to send you some Reiki energy remotely (Again, you can still send healing energy to someone in need without Reiki . It is your intention and focused energy that is the key along with permission from the reipient. For me Reiki enhances it.) :hearts:


    :musicnote Words of wisdom from Pam and Starlasue!!

    I’d just like to add, Fairiedust has taken the initiative to start the focused energy groups on Sundays. Stop by that thread and add yourself to it. Anyone can join in or ask for the energy. It just takes intention and sending some healing white light your way. Be sure to check it out!!


    Thanks to the both of you for your words. I absolutely agree medical advise first but I feel like I have been on that path for mths with more questions going unanswered and just recently have started to accept that fact I might not get (Any) answers to why this happened. It was something my husband had said to me that struck a chordhe said” your really indenial your just waiting to wake up and all the symptoms will be gone” He was so right. I had to leave my job(which i really loved working with seniors). Could no longer exercise or ride a bike. So I found myself turning within and trying different relaxing techniques and found remarkable results ie. Going through JE’s meditation c.d.
    I think this approach is the right one for me because it focuses on positive thinking and healing thoughts which i really need to keep in check. Stress has a huge affect on Fibromyalgia and R/A and vice versa. Deadly cycle.
    I will most certainly will look into a “Reiki master” and read up on getting more intuned with my chakras. It really was a sin that the rest of the group were just so blantly rude and had no interest. Pam mentioned maybe she was there for me WOW that would be pretty cool to think she was lead to me considerig it was both our first time to this meeting.

    enlightenme;125108 wrote:
    :musicnote Words of wisdom from Pam and Starlasue!!

    I’d just like to add, Fairiedust has taken the initiative to start the focused energy groups on Sundays. Stop by that thread and add yourself to it. Anyone can join in or ask for the energy. It just takes intention and sending some healing white light your way. Be sure to check it out!!

    HeyPam What time on Sundays is there a thread that explains how it works?


    Hi Leigh:wave:

    The thread you are looking for is called Focused Energy – the healing group.

    Put your query in there and most likely Fairiedust will answer you.

    Reiki is a wonderful experience. It is calming and it is healing. It can be done handson as you had and it can be done remotely. We are working with my niece now to help her with MS.



    Actually they made it it’s own folder!!

    Go under healing gifts & spiritual connections then you will see the folder for focused Energy. There are threads to sign up as a receiver and/or participant!

    It’s been scheduled for agreed upon times but ussually on Sundays (that’s when most can participate).


    Thanks ladies I will be there on Sun.Oct.29 I won’t ask for a session for myself at this time. Its for Lori’s hubby (MIke) this week end right??



    ;) But you can put yourself on the list!! The list if for future weeks!!

    Also, John Holland has his own healing meditation CD. I just bought it at the seminar. During the Aura meditation to open us up, some cried (:redface3: including myself…which I had done this meditation before WITHOUT crying….very eye opening for me I guess…), anyway, some cried at the heart chakra. This meditation is found on the CD that comes with psychic navigator.

    However, he has a second CD which has a healing meditation on it with color work. If you love the JE colors I am sure this will help you even more. (IMO the JH opening your chakra meditation surpasses JE’s. While I like JE’s stairway, sometimes its too slow. And the elevator one for me it just WAAAAYYY tooo fast. The JH with the MUSIC is more opening for me….I really think its the music that gives the added umph!!)

    Also, JH recommended a book called How to Heal with Colors by Ted Andrews. I plan on getting this book but don’t have it yet. Look it up on amazon, there’s a nice description of it there.



    Fairiedust will contact you (if she hasn’t already)

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