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    Hi! Just wanted to pop in and recommend a few books.
    On a whim I picked up books 1-3 of the Sara series by Ester and Jerry Hicks for my teenage daughter. (She loves owls and that’s what caught my attention on the cover art.)
    When I gave them to her she was like “Ma…These look like kids’ books.”

    Yet she picked them up and hasn’t put them down. She is totally fascinated and loves the story.

    “Ma! You HAVE to read these! Its awesome!”

    Cool! :thumbsup:


    I attended an Abraham workshop yesterday and out of curiosity, bought the first book in the Sara series. I’m only a third of the way through it, but it has surprised me, not so much in reference to the quality of the writing as the content underlying the story. Thinking of it as solely a kid’s book does it a disservice. I’d go so far as to recommend it to anyone before looking into the teachings of Abraham. Something tells me I’d have understood a lot of their teachings more easily and quickly if I’d read the Sara books first. I can’t imagine the impression it must make on kids. It should be so helpful and easy to relate to. Like your daughter, I’m hooked.

    Chassie :clap:

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