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    LOL Tara, he sounds like a trip! I’m so glad to have a traveling buddy! Did you have to change lines anywhere, or was it a straight shot through on one line?

    I wrote you back!



    Sarah, no changing, just a straight shot, very easy


    Is anyone meeting for breakfast on the Saturday – or will you all be tooooooo exited?



    The restaurants don’t open for breakfast until 7am. I know one of them has a choice of a buffett breakfast or order off the menu. We will be having a lunch provided so I’m eating very light for breakfast.

    May even take some rolls and drink the coffee or tea provided in our room. You have ice and buckets so you could even take some juice and keep it cold.

    Now that this whole idea came into my mind, I’m going out to pick up some things to bring. :)

    Gail :)


    Always the procrastinator, I finally finished making my arrangements for the workshop. I’m more excited to meet all of you than I am about the workshop. Pam


    Hi everyone:wave: I’m leaving my house in an hour or two and staying at a hotel by the airport tonight. My flight leaves really early in the morning and getting up at 3am is not for me.:lwink: See you all there!



    Sandra, have a safe trip, and a wonderful time!! Hope to hear from you when you return! :wave:


    Holy cow, you guys, look at the length of this thread.

    Imagine how long it will be a week or so after we all get back.

    Say, what’s the record around here for thread length?



    I know there are a lot with over 300 posts. If I have time, I’ll do a search. There’s also a lot with many thousands of views of them.

    We might want to start a new one when we return with all of our comments. Over 30 of us will be there, should be able to cover the workshop pretty well. Everyone will have different things to post about.

    Gail :)


    I agree, Gail. A new thread about “Our Workshop Experience”, or something to that effect, would probably be best.

    Wishing safe trips and wonderful experiences to all those attending! :wave:


    To all of you attending the workshop-
    Have a WONDERFUL time!!! Sooo happy for all of you-someday I hope to have the opportunity! Please share every detail when you get home and have time to process the event! We all look forward to it!! :)

    Heather C.

    Is anybody else arriving at JFK airport after 7pm on Friday and would like to share a taxi with me? I called the hotel and was told a taxi costs $35 + 20% gratuity. You can e-mail me through my profile.


    I just called the Marriott and found out that they do not have a shuttle service to and from the airport but they also do not recommed using a taxi.

    Actually, they do recommend a SPECIFIC taxi …

    The transportation person suggested the following options:
    #1. “When you land, call All Seasons Taxi @516-333-3131. The charge will be $35.00 for the first person and $5.00 for each additional person. Whatever you do, do not take a yellow NYC taxi!”
    #2. Is the option you mentioned
    “There is a 20% gratuity for both of these.”

    you can ride with me to the Marriott Noon time friday 11-14-03 . This is for JFK airport.

    I am arriving at 1:45 so I guess that would be too late to connect with you…?

    I guess I better bring some warm weather (and some warm clothes) with me from sunny Florida………..Sandangel

    I also am flying in from ‘Sunny Florida’ and have some concern about appropriate clothing…especially if it snows…



    SNOW!?!??! Better pack some gloves then!

    I’m just about to start sorting my packing out now – I’ve been uncontrollably (is that a word) excited today. My hubby will be wanting rid of me by Saturday!

    I’ve told Mum and Dad expect a really hyped up “me” when I call them after the workshop!

    I’ve opted for the second choice regarding the taxi! Anyone landing at JFK on Thursday?


    I have actually been told different things about the shuttle. At first I was told that they did not have a shuttle. Then when I called again they transfered my call directly to a private shuttle that services the Marriott. I was told that it would be $45 + gratuity for up to 4 passengers and a Cab from JFK to the Marriott would be $44 + gratuity if the cab driver was honest if not it could be as high as $109 + gratuity. I signed up for the shuttle. You do have to reserve it – he said that he only has 2 cars/drivers and is not limited to the one hotel. He may be booked up by now though and I don’t have the number since I called the Marriot and they connected me.

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