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    Pam B

    But the entity should know there is more to life than to live, and a success must be one in which the entity may grow in understanding and in knowledge. It must be one in which grace and mercy and truth have been and are the directing activities; else regrets, in the home, in the associations, may be the part of the entity’s experience.

    Keep self, then, well balanced. Budget thy time more . . .
    For he that makes material gains at the expense of home or of opportunities and obligations with his own family does so to his own undoing.

    Edgar Cayce Reading 1901-1

    Even in the 1940’s or earlier, he saw this.

    Paula Mae

    how very true… Thanks for posting this Pam



    I laughed when I saw this in my mailbox this morning and also found it here … this is something I’ve really been focusing on this week.:clap:


    Very true! Relationships are the whole reason we’re here.

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