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    Hi all:

    I actually found this site through a google search for “psychic help lost item” if you can believe it. Therefore, I’m hoping one of you kind folk that may have remote viewing talents could help me.

    Last Friday, I lost my purse. Or at least, I hope it is simply lost. I lost it at work. I work on a college campus and I was walking from one building to the other to drop off a piece of mail. I remember taking my cell phone out to use it and walking back to my office. About 4 hours late, cell phone was on my desk, but purse was no where! I’m backtracked, checked lost and found, etc.

    My wallet and passport were in there. I’ve canceled my cards, etc, but would love to get my purse back and recover the IDs and passport. It is a medium sized purse with a Kate Spade label on it, and is brown and black striped.

    Any guidance or help is appreciated in advance. Thank you!



    Hi Jen,
    I hope I am wrong, but my impression is that someone had it and tossed it. I saw it in a trash can.
    I hope that you get it back – I know what a hassle it is to try and replace ID and change checking accounts etc.


    Thanks, Jeannie. Thank is my fear as well, though if it were tossed, I’d hope someone might still find it. Since I misplaced it, I never reported it stolen (canceled all my cards as I said).

    Anyone get anything about where it may have been tossed? On campus, etc?

    Thank you.


    Hi Jen,

    I saw two things …one, that a brass looking ring on the purse had broken and two, that it somehow wound up underneath a dark wooden mission-style bench in a file room or another location where lots of papers are stored (I saw white bankers boxes here too) I feel like someone (saw a hurried, small framed blond woman) found it and planned to locate it’s owner but set it aside and forgot about it. Hope that helps.

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