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    I didn’t want to enter the other (spolier) folder, so I am posting here. I am so excited cuz my husband is going to be here with the 3 kids all day so I can go out (Starbuck’s?) and sit with my Crossing Over book the whole day! Can you imagine anything better? (besides talking to you guys about it) :jumper:


    You get to sit in a coffeehouse and read? Lucky you! There are three such places in the next town over from me, but I never have the time to go to any of them. I agree, I can’t think of much else that is better for relaxing and getting away from the house.

    Maybe you will attract some attention if other people see the jacket cover on the book. Might make for some interesting conversation but then you’d have to go home to get some peace and quiet, LOL

    Enjoy your day!



    As you said, next to visiting with us, this does sounds like a great way to spend a relaxing day. :)

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