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    Top Ten Ways To Tell You’re Spending Too Much Time On This Board

    Reason Number 10: It’s one o’clock in the morning, and you find yourself repeatedly hitting your browser’s Refresh button on the “Forums List” page, waiting for someone else’s name to replace yours on the “Last Post” column”…

    Your turn!


    You start touching the monitor saying “They’re Here…..”

    Sandra Morgan

    Having to invest in an expensive undereye makeup to disguise the dark shadows the tell tale signs of not enough sleep, and smiling sweetly when workmates assume you have a hectic social life….not!


    Your family starts to email you rather than calling on the phone since they know that you are always online checking in with JE Friends and will never NOT GET a busy signal when phoning!


    Your closest friend can’t get you on the phone. It’s busy; you’re on the forum. Then you unplug your phone to watch John Edward on Sci FI. Your friend calls you on your cell phone. You don’t answer. When you later check his message, the first thing you hear in a quasi-mocking voice is “John Edward, John Edward, John Edward! Who the heck is this guy anyway?” (He knows.) I saved that message. It was hilarious.

    Pam B

    Top Ten Ways To Tell You’re Spending Too Much Time On This Board

    What?!? Huh!?! I don’t understand! Could you explain? What do you mean “too much”?? How could you possibly spend “too much” time on this board????

    Isn’t that like “How do you know when you’re breathing too often?” or “How can you tell when you’ve hugged your kids too much”???


    I’m soooooo confused!!! Please help me, I’m spirling into a state of dizziness trying to comprehend!!!!!

    ;) :D :jester:


    When you get to the checkout at the grocery store and try to determine which line is shortest. After surveying the scene, you take a deep breath, rub your hands together and say,

    “I’m coming over here.”


    whe* the *ottom row of letters o* your key*oard *lows out!


    How’s this: When your screen saver becomes JE’s picture.


    Naomi, you crack me up!:D That was a good one! :p



    Thanks Naomi!! I’ll never look at the checkout counter again without thinking of this. People will wonder what I’m up to with a big smile on my face!!!


    Originally posted by ceceoh
    whe* the *ottom row of letters o* your key*oard *lows out!

    :thumbsup: That is funny. I’m still laughing.


    You’re sitting at your computer in the morning when your spouse kisses you good-bye as he/she leaves for work. Your spouse returns from work, you’re still in the same position at the computer, and dinner isn’t ready yet. The question begging to be asked, “Have you been there all day?”



    You keep viewing “Today’s Active Threads” and realize that you’re the only one posting in all the forums. You begin to panic. You notice that someone else has posted, so you send them a Private Message asking them if they’ve noticed that it’s like a “ghost town” (pun intended) around here. You and the other member keep checking “Today’s INactive Threads”, while continuing to correspond through e-mail and PM’s, counting the minutes, and now hours, in between posts. You begin to suspect that everyone else but the two of you has been infected by “the worm.”

    After many hours, other members begin posting again and you breathe a huge sigh of relief. All’s well…



    You set two extra places at the dinner table…

    For your spirit guides :D

    You are often seen talking to the monitor of your PC, and laughing out loud at unseen jokes ;)

    You turn down extra shifts and dinner invitations, so you don’t miss Sundays chat. :blush:

    I love this thread! TY Bob

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