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    I CAN say “three days away”, but I have a hard time not :jumper: when I do it!!!! This thread is priceless — I never even knew it existed until I was viewing new posts tonite. One thing about us friends — we DO have a sense of humor!!!! E-mail me through my profile and let’s find a way to hook up — okay?

    The very excited Pudgybuster!!!!!!!

    P.S. I just realized another way you can tell — when you are finished posting, check back into the forums and find out that the last 10 posts were made by YOU!!!!


    Originally posted by pudgybuster
    I CAN say “three days away”, but I have a hard time not :jumper: when I do it!!!! This thread is priceless — I never even knew it existed until I was viewing new posts tonite.

    Wow thanks for bumping this! Too funny! Count me guilty for not returning back to the “Beginning of All Posts Ever”… there’s only like a gajillion of em. :lwink:

    I can’t believe I gotta wait until next WEEK to see how your seminars went. :eek:

    I guess now is a good time to catch up on the Oldies But Goodies threads!

    Another way to tell you’re spending too much time on this board –

    You’ve memorized the codes to at least half the smilie faces! Hey, a girl’s gotta express herself! :goofy:


    you know you’ve spent too much time on the board, when you have lucid dreamms about people on here that you haven’t even “seen” yet! LOL!
    PS~ Have fun at the seminar, and don’t forget, we want details!


    Originally posted by Phigalilly

    You’re in the middle of telling friends in the “real world” about someone in your life who was recently featured on your favorite TV show and notice how strangely they’re suddenly looking at you. You ask what’s the problem and they respond with…”Who the h*ll is doodledink?”

    Oh I can relate already to this one! :lwink:

    This thread is to great! Thank God for Serenity(s) or my leather chair would be ruined!

    I know I spend too much time on the board when I check for new posts during my breaks at work, LOL and then have to endure the stares of my co-workers who think I have really gone off the deep end. And you know you are in trouble when you don’t even tell them what you are reading! They wouldn’t get it! :D

    When I have been reading this thread – looking at the clock- telling myself, “go get ready for work” and then argue with myself that “But, I didn’t get to all of the other new posts!” And that wicked little voice says, “Call off” NOT”

    Thanks for a wonderful laugh to start my day. You all are terrific folks! Now I really MUST get ready for work – I only have half an hour left to get everything done and out the door! :cuser:



    I haven’t been here for awhile but….between the site and the show

    1) When you have a paper due the next day and you haven’t started it because you are on this site…..GUILTY

    2) When you say…”who’s the man” and your 6 year old daughter rolls her eyes and says…”John Edward”

    3) When you say… “My show is on” and your daughter again says, But mommy C.O. comes on at 1:00 and it is 4:00… Yes sweety… my “other” show

    4) When you start to refer to the people on this site “like they are you best buddies or in your everyday life”

    OH WAIT…. 1:00 JE is on… go to go

    God BLess,


    This is such a great thread – I’ll give it a **bump**





    Originally posted by naomi
    When you get to the checkout at the grocery store and try to determine which line is shortest. After surveying the scene, you take a deep breath, rub your hands together and say,
    “I’m coming over here.”

    This is ABSOLUTELY my favorite!!
    Thanks, naomi!


    ********bumped as requested**********



    this thread cracked me up! Let’s see. How about :

    When you are seriously thinking of a good way to celebrate the upcoming “holiday”….October 19th!

    Or, when you dream of John teaching you at a workshop and even in your dream you can’t talk to him because you suddenly have a huge stuttering problem!

    I don’t feel so pathetic anymore! ;)


    yes i agree with all of you :jumper: i have a weeks worth of iroing my tip !!! get an ironing lady in oh and come to think of it a cleaner aswell!!!! no time for nothing .i blame teresa;)


    We’ve had a lot of new members here in the last few months and I’m sure they have alread discovered how true this thread is.

    Enjoy reading. :)



    When I read the supermarket one, that had me laughing so loud. Glad I was the only one is the house, or my Mom would think I’m nuts. I definitely got to try that the next I’m shopping.


    The supermarket one was funny all 27 times I read it! rofl

    … and I have a new one … you know you’ve been spending too much time on the board when you open a thread that has no posts. “News” – guilty! (And since it’s been viewed 87 times … I’m not the only one!;)



    This thread always cracks me up:D

    New members: this is hilarious, be warned! :laff2:

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