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    I just finished tape 3 of the six tape set, “Developing Your Psychic Powers”. There was an exercise that helps us meet our psychic guides. This was my first attempt at this exercise so I found it difficult to really visualize my Guide. I got the name Ruby right away, but could not get a clear picture. My Totem was my black lab from my childhood, Juno. The person in the gazebo was my mother. Needless to say, it was quite emotional.

    Has anyone out there had more experience with these tapes? What if I see something different each time? I worry that I am projecting images of want I want instead of what is really there.
    I thought about Ruby afterwards and realized that it is my birthstone also.

    Any feedback would be appreciated:rainbow:

    Pam B

    Hi Bripie, while your question is Most Certainly welcome here, it’s also a great question for the Study Group. Most people aren’t aware that we have one, and you need special access given by a moderator, which I’ve taken the liberty of granting to you.

    If you click on the link above, it will bring you to the study group.
    From now on, when you log in, you’ll see the group in the forum listing.


    Thanks Pam. Can I enter the study group any time now or do I need “permission” each time?

    Pam B

    Nope, once a member, always a member :)

    Anyone else who would like to join, please let us know by sending a mail to

    (Ownership of any of the John Edward development materials, icluding the workbook in the back of One Last Time, is required for participation.)


    Nay Nay,

    I checked out your post, “what do we learn from our dreams).

    Your story is somewhat similar to mine. I have always felt like I had one foot in the other world. As a young girl I had a recurring dream about a clock hitting my mother and killing her. I always felt that her time here would be short. She died of cancer at 46.

    Many of my loved ones have come to me in my sleep to say good bye or pass on a message.

    When John came to Phoenix last May I managed to find a ticket on eBay which I paid almost 400 dollars for. I felt that I had to be there. There were so many little signs telling me to go. I know John says to leave your expectations at the door, but I was still extremely disappointed when I didn’t get a reading. My birthday was in July and that night I asked Mom for a sign. That night I dreamt that I was at a JE seminar and he gave me a reading from my mother. It was great.


    After spending many frustrating nights with the tape you ment-
    ion, I am just now having some very interesting experiences. One
    I post a couple of days ago, and forgot to put it into the study
    group folder. I believe I titled it The strange case of the teddy
    bear validation, but it was all about the tape to which you refered.
    Glad you are also getting something from your JE studies, and
    I’ll see you in study group.


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