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    Hi y’all! I had an odd experience a while back and I’m not sure what to make of it. Maybe if someone has some insight they can help me out.

    When we lived in CA we belonged to a charismatic church. Several of the ladies in it were enamoured if this particular Bible teacher who also had a “prophectic” ministry. She was having meetings at one of the lady’s house and I headed out with the rest of the group.

    While we were praying though, and while the woman was exercising her spiritual gifts, I keep smelling tuna fish really strong, as if someone was sitting next to me with a huge bowl of tuna fish salad. Once the prayers and spiritual gifts part was over the aroma was gone. It was as if it had never been there.

    I know the scent of roses in a Catholic church is related to the Virgin Mary, but .. tuna fish?

    Any ideas?

    pax, ruth

    Pam B

    Oh Ruth….I want to say, but I don’t want to be rude! I’ve never heard of clairalience (=clear-smelling) including a fish smell.


    We know our favorite medium would not be happy receiving a fish smell. :(

    Perhaps someone near you recently ate a tunafish sandwich. :)


    I wondered if someone had just eaten a tuna fish sandwich. It was as strong as if I were standing over a bowl of tuna salad and had my nose right over it. I mean, just bam! First of all I was thinking this speaker was a tad flakey, and then the tuna fish. But no one new had come into the room for about an hour (we were all crammed together in this room with the door shut). And when it was gone, it was gone!

    Who knows — maybe someone was trying to tell me she was fishy!

    pax, ruth


    Definitely have to go with the “fishy” instinct…

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