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    I’ve been into John Edward for a couple months now. Crossing Over has been airing on Swedish television this year.

    60% of me believes John Edward is for real, 40% is more skeptical. But I enjoy watching the show. It’s my favourite show on TV these days.

    Something I’ve been noticing these last few days is that John wears like ear-phones? I’ll show you. Click this link:

    Still from Crossing Over

    Are those ear-phones, and, if so, what are they for?


    Well, I guess my first question would be where this photo came from and then I’d wonder whether it was digitially altered.

    Personally, I’ve seen John Edward live many times and have never seen him wearing any type of earphones or other devices.

    There are many other members who have also been to the Gallery (where Crossing Over was filmed) as well as live seminars. No one has ever seen him wearing earpieces.

    I’m sure you’ll hear more from them.



    In the event that this pic has NOT been altered, I am thinking that the device on John’s chest would probably be a MICROPHONE…not earphones!

    I know that they have (…well, HAD, anyway:( ) problems ALL the time on the set of COWJE because of John’s energy screwing up the technical devices…..rumor has it that he goes through cellphones like crazy….so that would be my guess…that what we are seeing in this pic is a small lapel microphone used to pick up John’s voice as opposed to a boom mic being used because they were having technical trouble.

    On that note, I do want to add that I am sure that if John DID use earphones, surely someone would give his “secrets” away!

    …just my take on things.



    I have seen John live at least 7 times, one time less than two feet from him. He has never had earphones on. Microphones…yes. He frequently blows out microphones. It happens so often that it is frequent source of laughter.

    Welcome, morelight, to the board. :wave: Members from Sweden are scarce on here but I expect to see more of you as people discover “Crossing Over” there.

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    Gail :)


    Gail…what does Starlasue say? Oh yeah….you owe me a coke!

    :D :lwink:


    It just took me a little longer to post. :D Putting in the Forum Guide link takes me a few more minutes.

    Remind me about the coke when we meet sometime. :)


    Pam B

    My question is why is anyone calling this device an “earphone” when you can’t even see his ears in the photo? :confused:

    If what you’re referring to, is the black device on the top of his shirt neckline, it’s a microphone to record his voice.

    The picture is obviously from the television show Crossing Over. Without the microphone to fill in from the overhead boom microphones, we wouldn’t be able to hear everything he says.


    sideburns? :elvis:




    Hi!! Welcome to the board… looking forward to getting to know you better :)

    Took a look at the photo you showed, do you have that picture at another angle? I didn’t see what you were referring to as ear phones, he has a microphone on, but didn’t see anything in his ears that resembled ear phones.

    (I recognize the type of microphone he was wearing – it’s very similar to the one’s news broadcasters wear…)

    Thank you for sharing!!

    See ya around :)


    You call them earphones and frankly I dont see anything in his ears. The device on his chest is s mic to pick up his voice……there is no way any sound comes out of it. I had the chance to work in front of cameras before in television and have worn them a dozen times.
    When JE brings folks to the couch you can sometimes see tech folks cliping these on he gallery members to pick up their voices.

    After having a gallery experience myself I know in person that he isnt wearing any device to feed him info.
    JE operates with the upmost integrity ….
    I will admit there is one source John does get his info from ….
    And that is the otherside


    I agree with Angelina. First of all, I can’t see anything in that picture except the microphone on his shirt. His ears aren’t clear. I also agree with Angelina about putting mics on people who go to the couch. They do that so they don’t have to sit there holding a microphone. Since you never know who is going to be read, you’d have to “wire” the whole audience. It’s much easier to pass the microphone for the quick readings. When they get to the sofa, it’s a pretty sure bet it’s going to be a long reading. Yep, it’s a microphone, not earphones.


    I do not see anything in his ears in this picture. So if you’re referring to what is on his shirt, it’s pretty obvious that it’s his mic. If they were earphones, wouldn’t they be in his ears, not on his shirt :confused: ?


    It’s obvious to me that this is a microphone that is shaped something like an earphone would be. But it is a microphone, nothing even close around his ears. I could see, however, that if you looked quickly at the black foam thing on his collar that it might look like earphones dangling. But look more closely.


    ….one more thing I noticed that I wanted to add is that if you look at the expression on John’s face, he seems to be in that “gazey” (for lack of a better word) mindset which is what always happens to him when he receiving messages from the other side.

    Usually when this happens to him his mouth is partially open and he will shift his stare to something solid, like the floor or a wall. So, if he were listening to those so-called “earphones”, at this particular point they would need to be on his ears, not on his shirt collar.


    First of all, thank you all for replying. I appreciate it.

    About the “earphones”… :)

    Are earphones earphones only when they are in someone’s ears? :) If I go to the store to buy a pair of earphones, I’m probably not going to find them in someone’s ears, but at a desk or some other place in the store, but they’re still earphones, right? Despite not being in someone’s ears.

    But yeah, what I was refering to in my first post was, obviously, the things, or thing, the device, on John Edward’s chest, which very much looks like earphones, at least to me.

    That’s why I called the thing “earphones” because that’s what it looked like. You’re all saying it’s a microphone and I believe you, I’m sure it is. I was just confused because I have never seen a microphone that looked like that, but, then, I haven’t seen that many different types of microphones. I don’t work in television, so I’m sure there are tons of new different types of microphones, of different designs and looks that I haven’t ever seen.

    Anyway, I’m glad to know it isn’t an earphone thing but a microphone, because, like I said, I’m into John Edward, I like him, but, like everyone else, I’m also a healthy skeptic. One has to be right. I’m glad we got this sorted out.

    And by the way, the picture is a still from today’s Crossing Over show. Or, the show that was on Swedish TV today, I should say. I taped the show personally and took a still from it and put it on the internet. It has not been digitally altered.

    Unfortunately, I only taped like 60 seconds of the show, I just wanted a close-up of John wearing this thing, so that I could post it here for you to tell me what it is. Because I had found this board earlier this week, and wanted to ask you about this. Here’s another picture, where the device is slightly more zoomed in. I have never seen anything in his ears, I might add. I’ve only seen this thing on his chest.

    Maybe this is off-topic and should be in another thread, but I have another question. I know informtion about this is everywhere, but after having read quite a lot of information, I’m still a bit confused: Has Crossing Over been cancelled everywhere, even on Sci-Fi channel? Because I heard the bigger channels, the bigger networks, had cancelled it, or decided there was no room for it any longer, but, as I understood it, the show would still continue to air on Sci-Fi channel? Right or wrong?

    Again, thanks for all the answers. Now I’m looking forward to the next Crossing Over. We get 5 shows a week here in Sweden. Monday to Friday. We’re obviously a couple years behind though. Or more than a couple years. I think we get the 2000 episodes. That would be like season 1 or 2, right?

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