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    morelight, thanks for the clarification. I had wrongly assumed that when you mentioned “ear-phones” you were referring to something in or near John Edward’s ear(s). The only thing I can see in that area (in the first photo) is what looks like sideburns. ;)

    I must need an upgrade for my old 15 inch monitor — I can’t even make out a microphone on the dark blue background of his shirt! :rolleyes:


    Yep. 2000 is season 1. Actually, the way our seasons run (based on the original airdate NOT tape date) is July 2000-June 2001 is Season 1; July 2001-AUGUST 2002 is season 2. September 2002-AUGUST 2003 is season 3 and September 2003-June 2004 is season 4 – the final season:( . The reason for the date shift after year 1 is in year 2 (after being available only on SciFi in year 1), COWJE went into syndication (as well as being aired on SciFi) and the syndication season starts in September.


    I’m sorry, morelight, if my comment sounded ridiculous. I know that earphones are still earphones even if they are not in one’s ears at the time :) . I was just trying to say that if they were earphones, they wouldn’t be doing him much good on his shirt collar; just trying to support what others were saying about it being a mic.

    Anyway, I’m sorry if it was taken the wrong way, and I apologize if I offended you in any way; it was not my intention :love: .



    smkymtngrl, it’s okay, I wasn’t offended at all, I even put a smilie in my post, didn’t I? :) I understand what you were trying to say, and you’re right about, you know, earphones not doing much good on his shirt collar, but, I was thinking more like, maybe he had just received information and taken the earphones out, and forgotten to hide them. But that was just a thought, not really my real opinion, which is that John Edward is real.

    TXJUDE, I agree that the picture isn’t of the best quality, it’s pretty crappy. It’s because the VCR is old and the videotape has been used about a thousand times.

    CarolynB, you say season 4 ends in June 2004 – that means it’s still running, it’s still on in the US. That clears the confusion; I was getting mixed signals so to speak. On the one hand I read that Crossing Over had been cancelled, on the other hand, I saw American TV guides, websites, saying what times it was on, giving me the impression it was still on, which it apparently is, according to you.

    Back to the “earphones”, or microphone, rather. I think the main reason why seeing that device made me suspicious in the first place is because one of my favourite Chevy Chase movies has a scene where a TV priest (a bad guy, a swindler) gets information about his audience members through earphones, and then pretends he just knows these things, the facts about them, like he gets the information from, well, the ethers, or God, or whatever. But even as the thought crossed my mind, that what if John Edward works in the same way?, it seemed very unlikely to me – that John Edward would be a fraud, because I’m usually very good at seeing through fakers and frauds. John Edwards strikes me as genuine and real. I think he’s a good guy.

    But here I am trying to convince the “already converted”. :)


    I don’t think you have to worry about John “hiding” anything. What you see is what you get. I was at a gallery session. No earphones. Just a microphone.


    Well, between your old VCR and videotape, and my small, old monitor and old eyes, well…what more need I say? :rolleyes:

    Pam B

    morelight, I admire your skepticism. You’re open minded, and that’s great. My mantra that I repeat is “a belief untested is not worth having”. I personally feel that it’s better to check out all possibilities before putting your eggs in one basket.

    One thing to consider about using hidden earphones and transmitters is that they are easily detected by simple devices that you can buy at most electronics stores. Any Gallery member who thought they could debunk John Edward could bring a device like this into the Gallery, and detect and even record the conversation on tape.

    The self proclaimed debunker, the Amazing Randi used this technique to expose a frauduluant “minister” Peter Popoff. Popoff’s wife was feeding him information through an earphone from “prayer request cards” that audience members filled out prior to being seated in the audience. Popoff’s wife would read the cards, and using the transmitter, direct Popoff to the area where the person was sitting, and tell him what their prayer request was, and he would pretend that God was giving him the information. (Sad, I know!) Unless his wife was God, he was sinning big time!

    If you want more information, you can read at this link:
    Here’s video of Popoff caught in the act: (Real Player required)

    So yes, it’s possible – it’s also highly detectable, and if JE was foolish enough to use this technique to do readings, he’d have been easily caught by now.


    Welcome aboard, morelight!:wave: Glad to have you!

    Please don’t feel bad about questioning the microphones on John’s shirt! When I first looked at them, they honestly reminded me of a part of my own hearing aids! They do have an odd shape – one that looks like it could “hook” around the ear!

    fyi – not all hearing devices are worn in the ear. It depends on the type of hearing loss you have.



    I have all the Crossing Over shows on tape, with two, maybe three exceptions, and I’ve watched them numerous times. The microphone is always attached to John’s tee shirt or the collar of his jacket.

    There was one program that showed John getting ready for the show. It showed him coming into the studio, saying ‘Hi’ to the guys in the control room, in wardrobe, in makeup, and, in his words, ‘being mike-ed up, so they can hear me in the gallery.’ An assistant attached the powerpack to his belt in back then ran the wire under his coat and clipped the microphone to his shirt at his throat.

    I remembered this particularly because he stood so patiently while she wired him up!:cool:

    Unicorn:daisy: :daisy:


    :butterfly There is a shadow behind the mic too, so it makes it appear that there are 2 things there, but there is only one, cause it look as thought there is a shadow on his shirt from the mic.. :thumbsup:



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