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    Pam B

    When I make these these videos, (for example the appearance on Rosie today) and put them up for you to view, I can do it in several different formats. But I’d like to make them for a player that everyone has installed on their computer.

    Please answer in the poll, what your preference is:

    Real Player (Real Audio/Real Video)

    Windows Media Player

    Either/Not Sure/Don’t Care

    Pam B
    Pam B

    I understand Al,I”m not really a fan of Real except for that most people seem to have it. But you can de-select those options when installing Real Player and just install the player itself.


    I’ve never been able to play these because I have an iMac, and those programs don’t seem to work on it. :(



    I have problems with Real Player but at least I can get
    it to play eventually.
    I don’t think ‘Windows’ would work on
    my system


    :daisy: Chris


    I too am not a RealPlayer fan, because of all the junk they load you down with – however, it’s become one of those necessary evils. But, as Pam mentioned, be sure and take the time to wade through the options (yes, all those extra little buttons they have on each page of the options as well) and turn off all that extra stuff they automatically check for you.
    For example, unless you really want this stuff:
    – Turn off: Play a clip when RealPlayer starts up
    – Uncheck: Enable StartCenter
    – Uncheck: Enable automatic Channel headline updating
    – Uncheck: Enable Cookies
    – Uncheck: Send RealPlayer GUID to RealServers
    – Uncheck: Send connection-quality data to RealServers
    – Uncheck: Enable instant playback
    – Uncheck: Enable automatic links
    – Be sure to check: Warn before automatically downloading and installing [plugins]

    Both Real Player and Windows Media Player are available for the Mac. Be sure you’re running the latest versions of either Netscape and/or Internet Explorer on your Mac. The latest versions as of this writing are 4.79 for Netscape (don’t use version 6 yet) and version 5 for IE.

    Hope this helps


    Real Player works for me. Thanks Don for the info. It will help a lot.



    I have good luck with the REAL PLAYER most of the time. I don’t think I’d be able to use the Windows, being I have a MAC.


    I prefer Windows Media. I have Real Player, but it is an endless pain in the keester. Error this, download that, blah blah. I’ve never had any tech problems with Windows Media. ( and I don’t have to upgrade it every two weeks to the latest greatest :rolleyes: )

    two cents ala Tammy


    As Don mentioned there is a version of Windows Media Player for the Mac, available here:

    It’s a little buggy, as it is still under development, but works fine for me.

    Hope this helps my fellow Mac users.
    … and as a Mac user I would prefer Quicktime, but if its Real vs Windows Media I would choose Windows.



    after using windows media player, realplayer and quicktime i’ve deleted media player and real player. quicktime causes me no grief. :D


    I seem to have a problem with Real Player part of the time. I could never pick up the SNL clip but I was able to view the Daily Show one. Now I can’t get into the Rosie one. I am SO FRUSTRATED!:shrug:


    I definitely prefer Windows Media Player. Real Player is such a ‘bossy” program. I can count on it to hang and destabilize Windows and I hate how if you run it once it automatically puts itself in your start menu and snatches up your resources without your permission–and THEN hang and destabilizes Windows. I hate having to go into msconfig everytime i run it to take it out of the start menu. I also hate how it just designates itself as the default media player whether you want it to be or not, launching itself for programs you dont want it to launch for……and then hanging and destabilizing Windows. Baahhhh!!! :mad:
    I am not the only one who feels this way:

    P.S. I have even had it hang and destabilize windows like 10,15,30 minutes AFTER I close the program!! Its like Realplayer does it as an afterthought like……….”Oh yeah!!!I forgot to hang and destabilize Windows!! My bad!!Here ya go dog!!!” {realplayer.exe has caused an error in such and such..realplayer will now close} followed by every other process i have running at that time until finally rundll32 craps out and its reboot time.

    P.P.S. Realplayer is evil….IMNSHO :)-and its been accused of being spyware–by the venerable Steve Gibson no less.

    And for those who don’t know what spyware is:

    enjoy! :)


    100% agree with Robnelle :D

    Have you ever had Real Player et al connect to the Internet even though you have specifically asked it NOT to? I have. It whines at me; I need to update – yeah, forget updating! Nobody sitting at the computer, but it’s connecting itsself to the internet!!!! EEK

    I am sorry I ever put it on my PC.



    Hey Tammy! Check out the spyware links above….especially the grc link to find the answer to your mystery connections.:)

    I have norton internet security which blocks such internet connections unless i specifically allow them and I try to avoid launching realplayer at all unless i REALLY want to see something in .ram format.

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