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    Just received this tip from John Holland and it sounds exactly like what we do in the prayer forum.

    Helping through


    John Holland brings this new Intuition Tip to you.

    7 May 2006

    Intuition is just a reminder of the power of the human spirit.

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    Intuition and psychic energy have no limits and can help everyone. If there’s a person or a pet in your life in need of assistance or healing — you can help! Lie down and breathe deeply. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful white light in front of you. Breathe in this white light and let it surround you. Imagine in your mind’s eye whom you want to help. Visualize them happy and whole as you send them divine light, which now surrounds them with healing energy.

    Blessings – John

    The good in me can help the good in others

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