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    Pam B

    Welcome to the Angels Discussion folder, where we can discuss anything and everything related to the topic of angels. A few suggestions for new discussions are:

    How do we define the word “angel”?

    What are angels?

    Are they beings created by God to only to be heavenly messengers, or could they include any being who exists on the Other Side, such as relatives, pets, or ascended masters?

    What qualties do the angels have? Are they pure energy or do they exist in some form of matter?

    Can they speak?

    Do they have wings?

    Can they incarnate into human form? Have they ever lived on earth before?

    Do angels have names?

    What powers or abilities do the angels have?

    Is it ok to call on angels, or is there another route you should go?

    If you want to call on the angels, how would you go about it?

    Are there good angels and bad angels?

    What does scripture say about angels?

    What does religious and cultural history report about angels?

    Have you ever had an angel experience — if so, tell us about it!


    I can answer all of your questions in a bit…hubby needs the comp for work, but when I return I will get this folder going!! I’m so excited!! oh Boy..I’ll be back :jumper: :jumper:

    Love & Light,

    Pam B

    It’s worth noting that there are no hard and fast facts about angels, and that there are many beliefs and opinions about them, each as unique as every person.

    John Edward himself discusses angels on his audio set “Understanding your Angels and Meeting Your Guides. But in all honesty, he barely touches on the subject of angels, instead favoring contacting your Spirit Guides for assistance and guidance. He states that our loved ones cannot become angels when they cross over.

    The authors of AngelSpeake write about how to communicate with angels, but they classify angels as any entity on the Other Side, whether they are God’s appointed messengers, an ascended master, an enlightened guide or a loved one who has crossed over. Those who’ve had a more Judeo/Christian education will consider an angel to be a being who has never incarnated on earth, a being who communicates God’s messages to humans.

    The late scholar and philosopher Mortimer Adler wrote “The Angels and Us” which is an objective look at why Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in angels, and the ways angels have been viewed as objects of religious belief and philosophical thought.

    Then there are the Jinn, which according to the dictionary are, “(Arabian & Mohammedan Myth.) A genius or demon; one of the fabled genii, good and evil spirits, supposed to be the children of fire, and to have the power of assuming various forms.”

    The subject is wide and varied. A search on the word “angel” at Amazon produced 63,313 results. After reading as many books as I could my hands on about angels, (and getting thouroughly confused by the conflicting information) , I came to the conclusion that the best teacher was experience itself :teacher:

    One thing I’m sure that I believe, is that angels do exist, and that they are there to lovingly help us, guide us, educate us, and can communicate with us and for us. :love:


    :angel3: are very beautiful and loving gifts from God! Angels are here to help us every step of the way! Everyone has at least one guardian angel just like everyone has a master guide and other guides to help us.

    There are 3 different Triads of angels: First Triad, Second Triad, & Third Triad
    Each triad has 3 different types of angels

    First Triad: Seraphim, Cherubim, & Thrones…These angels are always in the presence of God known as “God’s faithful angels” and they never come down to earth! Each choir of angels have their own tasks they perform

    Second Triad: Dominions, Virtues, & Powers…These angels are the organizing and ministering angels. They are more concerned with the universe as a whole rather than individuals. They can come to earth to assist when needed.

    Third Triad: Principalities, Archangels, & Angels…These angels are involved with life on earth.

    Archangels are very interesting…they each have special powers to help us in and we can call on them when ever we need them.

    In Christian tradition there are 7 Archangels, and in Islam there are considered 4 Archangels.

    The 4 main Archangels names are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael & Uriel.

    Archangel Michael..Michael means “one who is like God” and is the most well known Archangels. He sits on the right hand of God. You can call on Michael when you need protection. All you need to do is say “Archangel Michael I need you now. Please help me!” and he will be by your side and tell him what you need help with..if you are scared etc, he will protect you. He can be in all places at once.

    Archangel Michael represents love
    element is fire
    direction is south
    season is autum
    color is red
    Zodiac signs are: Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius

    Archangel Gabriel…Gabriel means “God is my strength” is considered as God’s envoy to humankind. She sits on the right hand of God. You can call on Gabriel when you have doubt or fear. Call her the same as you would call Michael. Gabriel also has a strong connection with pregnancy & birth. She can be in all places at once.

    Archangel Gabriel represents overcoming doubt & fear
    element is water
    direction is west
    season is winter
    color is emerald
    Zodiac signs are: Cancer, Scorpio, & Pices

    Archangel Raphael…Raphael means “shining one who heals” and sits behind God. Archangel Raphael uses emerald green healing light. You can call on him the same as Michael and Gabriel. You can call on him when you are sick or someone needs to be healed from a disease etc. He has helped me with my pains and when I was sick. I didn’t have to go to the Dr. from a sore throat b/c I called on him & it went away. I use him in my everday life as well as the other Archangels!

    Archangel Raphael represents Healing
    element is air
    direction is east
    season is spring
    color is blue
    zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius

    Archangel Uriel…means “fire of God” and sits in front of God. Uriel is very versitile and allows you to be able to think clearly. He is the angel of music. You can call on Uriel the same as the other Archangels and ask him to clear your mind so you can focus on any task.

    Archangel Uriel represents clear thinking
    element is earth
    direction is north
    season is summer
    color is white
    zodiac signs: Tarus, Virgo & Capricorn

    More to come in a little while…….hope this helps……. I love talking about :angel3:


    Thanks Julie, what a great post! Keep the info comming!



    I have never really known what part Angels play in the Process. Yes, I do believe they exist, but I’ve never seen one. I tend to rely on God, my Guides and loved ones on the Other Side. For whatever reason, I’ve always assumed that the Angels were more like the “behind-the-scenes” type. But, I can see how if an individual’s concept of Heaven, God, etc. is “angelic,” wings/halos and such, then this may be how the Other Side presents itself to them. Does that makes sense? This would explain why I have never seen an Angel. I’m more of a practical thinker – forget the the foo-foo stuff and just get down to business. That’s why I love my avatar! She’s got the wings and all, but she looks like some one who would get the job done!

    I do have one question about Angels: How do you know if you should call on your Guides or the Angels?

    p. :thumbsup:

    paige I do have one question about Angels: How do you know if you should call on your Guides or the Angels?

    Use your own feelings to guide you :)

    Is it a problem too big for you to handle on your own? Probably better to send a prayer to an angel. Is it for protection? I’d again choose a prayer to an angel (guardian angel or St. Micheal the protector). If it was something I needed guidance on, say a job choice, I’d ask my spirit guide.

    I guess it just depends on the situation Paige :) Just remember, asking for assistance or advice is a good thing, no matter which spiritually advanced being you’ve asked :D

    ((( Hugs )))


    I believe in angels. I really do. I think I have even had a glimpse before. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I find it hard to believe that anyone could have all these concrete details about someone who is not in the material world. :hmm:


    Me too, Paige..I actually wondered what the difference between angels and guides are. I read what PsyQuester wrote and that makes some sense to me but I actually am concerned about the difference.

    If you are a guide do you get to become an angel and are there only the angels that are mentioned? At a church meeting one time we asked our pastor to speak about angels and he commented that he was not real thrilled with angels. He mentioned that there are bad angels and good angels and quoted us several sections of the bible that talks about them. Sorry that I do not have more info about his talk but the talk has always stayed with me so I really never looked into angels after that – too easily influenced due to lack of understanding…

    If I want protection – say while driving – I always ask for white light to surround me and I ALWAYS get this wonderful warm feeling around me. It makes me smile every single time. So where is it coming from??? Angel or Guide?

    Sorry, but I am more confused now then before…


    ScubaCat wrote:
    I believe in angels. I really do. I think I have even had a glimpse before. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I find it hard to believe that anyone could have all these concrete details about someone who is not in the material world. :hmm:

    ScubaCat – which “concrete details” are you referring to? Julie’s info?

    Like I said, I don’t believe I know anything for sure! Belief in something is usually based on experiences or history. There’s still so much that I believe soley because my gut tells me to! Call it Faith, Divine Guidance or previous life experiences – doesn’t really matter. If I remain open to the Process, I’ll get what I need, when I need it.



    I didn’t mean to ‘project’ that I know anything more than anyone else. Please forgive me if you took my post that way. I was just giving my personal opinion. I say go with what you feel is right for you.

    For me (and in no way do i mean this for anyone else) I pray for guidance from my spirit guide and for protection and inspiration from angels.

    I didn’t continue to say that I pray through the Saints, Apostles or Holy Spirit (as is customary for a Catholic to do) as it did not apply to this conversation (about angels and guides). I pray to God, first and foremost; but we weren’t discussing the divine.

    Again, I am sorry if anyone took my post as anything but my own personal opinion.

    Pam B
    ScubaCat wrote:
    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I find it hard to believe that anyone could have all these concrete details about someone who is not in the material world. :hmm:There are no concrete details available about angels. This was the point of my post, above. There are thousands of beliefs, that have been written down and passed down verbally through the ages. Some beliefs come from church dogma or scripture, and some come from literature, such as Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, Miilton’s “Paradise Lost”, Goethe’s “Faust” and a myriad of other literary works theorizing about the qualities of angels.

    I hope that Julie specifies her source, for her informative and interesting post above. They are not facts, they are beliefs. :) Here’s an example of possibly conflicting information:

    I could argue against the “celestial heirarchy” (the traids) because that belief was first developed by a syrian monk writting under the name of Dionysius, and it was orginially thought that he was a contemporary of St. Paul, and therefore authoratative. Aquinas who wrote the “Celestial Hierarchy” based his own work on Dionysius’. Later it was found out that the monk was not actually a contemporary of Paul’s, but wrote that work (and many other works of Christian mysticism) at a much later time in history.

    But the Celestial Hierarchy had already caught on anyway by that time, and is still considered acurate dogma.

    I’m not saying the monk wasn’t writing in an inspired way, or there isn’t a heirarchy of angels, or that there aren’t different angels who perform specific roles. I’m simply encouraging that one learns as much as possible about the nature of angels as others believe, before deciding what you believe.

    All this being said, I personally believe that I had an experience that I call, for lack of a better term, “angelic”. It spurned me on to find out as much as I could about angels and what it believed about them.

    My concern is also for those extremists who turn to angels completely instead of God. Whenever I meditate or pray, my thoughts are always of God first, and then upon the quality of an angel that might help me.


    Julie your information is fascinating, where did you learn it or did you internally just know it?

    Angels are something that have always intrigued me, I don’t know why, it was the one role I always wanted to play in the church nativity play each year.

    I can attempt to answer the angel vs. guide question, based on what my instincts were when I read the question…

    Your guide(s) is/are assigned to you at birth and are with you throughout your entire life. Helping to steer you in the right direction.

    Angels I think more or less intervene. From what my instincts say about this, Guides can show you the path but they can’t force you on that path. Once you have chosen whatever path is before you, Angels I think can help protect you while you are on that path and can help catch you if you fall off and your guides will help lead you back to the path.

    Think of it like this.

    There is bridge A and bridge B. Your Guide helps to lead you to bridge A but you like the look of bridge B better, so ignoring your instincts you take bridge B, but while you are crossing bridge B the beam snaps and you cry out and pray for protection and assistance. Your angel steps in and puts a tree branch at your feet, catching you as you start to plummet into river below and your guide whispers in your ear, wrap your hand around that rope and pull yourself up. So you climb up get back on solid ground and take bridge A and continue on your life journey with the guides and angels collaborating to help you on your journey.

    Okay that was the analogy I just got and had this overwhelming urge to share, so I did.

    That is what my gut says…I don’t know if its right or not but it seems thats what the answer is….

    Hope this helps?


    I wrote this once and lost it! We’ll try again. These are just my opinions and thoughts – I am no scholar about angels (thank goodness – they are more fun this way – natural and not over-intellectualized). Although I do read as much as I can about them.

    I have believed in angels since I had a significant encounter at age 13 although I wasn’t sure whose voice I heard. But it got me onto my spiritual journey and angels were one of the topics I looked into rather thoroughly.

    But I have to say, Pam is right. It is all speculation really, we have no hard facts. Do I need facts? Absolutely not. I have had enough encounters that in my heart, I know they exist and are there when I request (or when I am open) to their presence.

    I had one ride with me on an airplane as I traveled by myself to get to my gravely ill mom. I am terrified of flying and to be alone made me a basket case without the worry about Mom. He had his arm around my shoulder a lot of the time and held my hand the rest. I say ‘he’ because this one is male. I think he is my guardian angel for lack of a better term. He has been near me at the most critical times & just in general, and he has his own ‘feeling’ when he is about.

    He has scared off at least two men (on separate occasions) who were following me for what I belive were nefarious purposes. This angel has definitely impressed upon me that he is male and is very large. I sometimes equate him with Cherubim b/c of his shear size. I certainly wouldn’t want to tangle with him!

    I also am in the habit of calling on angels when I just can’t accomplish or find something. Like when I have tried everything I know and one of my work accounting schedules just won’t proof out, I call for an accounting angel. (Usually this one has a female-like presence). Laugh if you will, but I usually find the answer PDQ.

    My secretary asks me to call angels when she needs somthing too.

    I believe angels are beings that God allows us access to. They certainly don’t fix things or grant wishes, but they do provide comfort, support and confidence that may not be available otherwise. Some say it is psychological pablum, but I say when you experience an encounter, you know in your heart that they are real.

    But we won’t really have proof until we cross over. I bet my angels will meet me right along with my loved ones and then they’ll be off to help others. Just one woman’s opinions based on my beliefs and experiences.



    I find all of this simply fascinating! I can’t believe we haven’t tapped into this discussion before!

    Like so many other aspects of my spiritual journey, it never occured to me to attach a “level” of importance to any of it. Everything about this journey originates from God. I think that because my religion does not put any emphasis on Angels or Saints, I instinctively appeal to God, first.

    Through John, Edgar Cayce and so many others, I have learned that there really are no levels. We are all simply at different places within our own spiritual journeys. As for the Other Side, if I am praying to God – the source of everything – I believe that Angels, Guides and loved ones are also listening.

    The main reason I pray is to connect with God. I’m pretty sure He’s qualified to delegate! :lwink:

    p. :thumbsup:

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