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    My husband and I watch JE on WE, and we went to a gallery event he did in our area last night. We are fans and believe that John can do what he says. My husband got read at the event last night, and there are a few things that are standing out from the reading that have now made me start to wonder . . . with all that he said he got more right than wrong, but the stuff he got wrong is just really causing me to wonder if we did not get the message right, if it was not really for us, or if John just is not as good as we thought.

    It was my mother-in-law who came through. If people want me to list all the correct things that he got, I can, but the things he got wrong were as follows . . .

    that she was one of 8, and he kept saying that there was a 5/3 split (5 of one kind, 3 of another) but there were 10 kids in her family (5 boys, 5 girls)

    said that there are 2 daughters . . . she had one daughter (the baby of the family) and two daughters-in-law, so I would think that the number would have been 1 or 3

    said that we have 2 kids, but then he asked how we would feel about another one because she was telling him “3” . . . my husband and I have decided that we are done having kids and this one really took me by surprise.

    I could see that the last thing was a prediction for the future (even if it is not what I wanted to hear) but the other two are so off and we cannot make any connection or sense of them that it has got me wondering.

    What do some of you think?


    Welcome, Shawn :wave: . If you went last night, it had to be the Minneapolis seminar.

    Many times some of the things that come through in a reading don’t make sense at first. John says they won’t come through with something you can’t validate. Give yourself a little more time. :)

    A lot of people on here have been read by John and many did not find out what parts of their reading meant until later. It happened to me and my family.


    Yes, it was the Mpls event

    PhilsGail wrote:
    A lot of people on here have been read by John and many did not find out what parts of their reading meant until later. It happened to me and my family.

    Can I ask you what from your reading did not make sense at the time, but later did?



    Hi Shawn, :wave: Welcome to this wonderful place. I’m so happy to know that you got the opportunity to see John Edward. I hope the reading helped you and your husband. So once again welcome :D

    Jennifer :hearts:


    an awesome feeling isn’t it, I saw John Edward in Adelaide South Australia on 29 Feb 2004 a LOT has happened since then and I hear from his website he is coming back. I am going to do whatever I can to get down to Adelaide to see him again :banana:


    :wave: Hi!

    I think philsgail said it best….you might be able to validate it after a little bit of time. John gives it like he gets it and if he doesn’t get a validation, he will tell you EXACTLY what he is seeing/hearing/feeling and leave it with you to figure out.

    You may even find it isn’t YOUR family but somebody you know!!

    Just keep an open mind and keep working on those Mysterious “wrongs” they may eventually turn into “rights…but I never knew that!!”



    No medium is 100% accurate. It’s impossible. That would make them all seeing and all knowing.

    Surely, since you’ve seen him on TV, you’ve noticed he doesn’t always get it right but he does get it.

    Just wondering, but what were the things that he did get right?

    There must have been something that you thought applied to you or your husband or you wouldn’t have claimed the reading.

    I’d hate to think that someone came through and took all that time and energy to communicate with you guys only to be ignored because maybe John was off on a few small insignificant things.

    Pam B

    Welcome to our group Shawn, you’re in good company here.

    I have to agree with Believer on this one. Mediumship is an art of non-verbal translation, and it’s not a perfect science. It would be a shame to distrust the whole reading because he (or you pehaps?) didn’t get every single element 100% translated correctly. John is the first person to say “I could be wrong,” which is why I admire him so much.

    There are several possible explanations as mentioned here: he could be misinterpreting what’s coming through; your relative might by trying to get a different message across about their relation to one another (are 2 of the 10 siblings completely different in some way than the other 8? Only you know the context); the person on the Other Side could have been attempting to switch to another part of your family (do you have any relatives who have 8 children?) or the Othe Side may have been switching to another person being read in the audience, and if that wasn’t discussed during their reading, you may never know.

    I would put those things in my hip pocket so to speak and patiently wait to see what might unfold over the next few months. You might be coming back here to report, “this is what it meant for us!” and find it’s the most meaningful part of the reading!

    At any rate, I hope you stick around and let others here be inspiried by your reading :hearts:


    Believer, you asked

    Just wondering, but what were the things that he did get right?

    Well, he started off in our area saying that he was getting the name James and a horse, and I looked at my husband and said “Is there a James somewhere in your family?” because his family has a VERY strong horse connection (they lived on a hobby farm and had several horses, and his father still has two). The family in front of us claimed the next thing that John said, and he said then there must be a James with a horse in your family, but they could not think of a connection. (I did not make this connection until later when we were home and I thought about how he says on the show “I may be off on the name, but not on the first letter” . . . . well my husband’s name is Jeff! I cannot believe that neither one of us got that James could have been Jeff!!!!)

    Then he said, still talking to the family in front of us, that the mother died of a heart failure, and they said no, and John said yes it is coming right for you and pointed at the lady standing, then he said “Wait, can you take one step to your left” and she did, and my husband was the one that was sitting right behind her, so when she moved John was looking right at my husband and he said “Do you have a mother that died from heart failure?” and he said yes.

    This is when things started coming at us fast . . . I will type who said what, and my personal notes to validate things things in parenthesis

    John: this was your mother that passed
    Us: yes
    John: she is claiming to be the matriarch
    Us: yes (when she died, the first thing that was said once her husband and the kids were all gathered was “What do we do now” because she was the glue that held that family together)
    John: she is showing me 8, so she comes from a family of 8 or there are 8 in her family
    Us: there are 10 kids in her family
    John: she is breaking them up 5 and 3, so that tells me that there are 5 that are the same and 3 that are different
    (this was not clear since there were ten kids, 5 boys and 5 girls, in her family)
    John: she is mentioning the fire, does this make sense to you?
    My husband: yes (there was a fire on the hobby farm when my husband was younger, and they lost the shed/barn that the sheep were in)
    John: Did she help raise some of her younger siblings, because she is claiming that she did
    Us: yes (she was one of the oldest children in the family, and with 10 of them the youngest were actually just a matter of a few years older than my husband and one of his brothers, so his mom did help to “raise” some of the younger ones)
    John: she is showing me two daughters
    Us: she has two daughters-in-law, and one daughter

    **I just have to say here, for this next part to make sense, there was another family who had someone come thru and that person claimed to be “in charge of the show” and even helped out other families when John was not getting the message clearly . . . all night everyone was laughing at how bold and forward this “Bill” person that came thru was***

    John: she is claiming to be the one that everyone came to and that would help everyone. she was strong, but in a quiet way . . . not like some other people’s relatives (John points over his shoulder at “Bill’s” family)
    Us: (laughing) yes she was strong but in a quiet way
    John: someone was pregnant when she died
    Me: I was almost 4 months pregnant when she died
    John: and you have two kids
    Us: yes
    John: how would you feel about another?
    (at this point I was in shock . . . my husband and I had decided that we do not want to have any more kids)
    John asked again:How would you feel about another baby?
    (I just stood there shaking my head with a shocked look on my face and I almost dropped the microphone! Everyone in the room was laughing)
    Me: My sister is pregnant
    John: No, she is showing me three and it is to you
    Me: Could it be my sister-in-law, because that would be her third grandchild?
    John: Is your sister-in-law pregnant?
    Me: No
    John just smiled and shook his head and everyone laughed.
    John: did you just add an addition on to your house? because she is showing me a lot of construction to the house
    Us: the summer after she died we added a bathroom, new siding, doors
    John: did you get new windows?
    Us: yes
    John:were the old ones those wood kind that slide up and down, and the new ones have something fancy about them
    Us: yes, we got new windows. The new ones aren’t “fancy”
    John: do they open out, instead of the old kind that slide up and down

    Then he went on to someone else, but a few minutes later he looked right at my husband and said, “Do you have a mother that died of breast cancer?” to which we said yes. (you see, my mother-in-law was in the hospital fighting breast cancer and dying from it, and what killed her was a blood clot released and when to her heart and she actually died of heart failure)
    John: Did she cook for everyone? I mean like LARGE groups of people.
    Us: yes (she was the main person in charge of the Easter breakfast at the church they went to for as long as my husband could remember, and she also made a lot of the food for family gatherings)

    That is everything that I can remember now without looking at my notes from that night . . . I am sure that there is something that I forgot to type.



    That sounded like a great reading, Shawn. John is usually sure about a pregnancy. He actually gets a flutter where no man should get one when he says a baby is on the way. :)

    Let us know if anything else he said makes sense later.

    I can give you a link to our first reading if you still want to read it. It was 5 years ago.

    John is usually sure about a pregnancy.

    That is what has me so nervous! We have seen it on shows where he said someone was pregnant, but no one knew, and then when they did the follow up with the family they have another baby with them. :eek:
    I actually told my husband that he was going to have to sleep on the couch from now on just to make sure that what John said does not come true. Then we had remembered that my husband’s younger brother had a girlfriend a couple of years ago that was pregnant and miscarried . . . I am hoping THAT was the third child (grandchild) that John was seeing.

    Also, just the other day my husband said something about the “two daughters” comment John made . . . the two oldest girls in his mother’s family both kind of helped “raise” the other kids . . . which would have been 8 other kids (5 boys, and 3 other girls) . . . he is starting to think that this could clear up both the 2 daughters comment and the 8 in the family (5 of one kind, 3 of another).

    And yes, I would love to read your first reading (how many have you had total?)



    Here’s a link to the reading. :) This is your thread so if our other members read my testimony, please don’t comment on it here.

    Lightning does strike twice and my daughter and I had a second, short reading, at a Baltimore seminar a few months ago. John was reading another member, Chassie, who sat with us and her husband brought through mine.
    It was a quick hello and there was no doubt that it was him.


    I would be worried too cos he has a thing for pregnant women I am sure of it LOL by that I mean he is normally spot on, ya know I had 4 children and was positive that was going to be IT for me, with 2 boys and 2 girls. but then there it was I fell preggers AGAIN a couple of years after my youngest daughter was born, and since I have an aversion to odd numbers I was really cheesed off. I kept saying I can’t have 5 kids. I can’t, well I didn’t I ended up having 5 and 6 in the one pregnancy. Now why doesn’t that suprise me. cos I always knew I was going to have twins, just thought after 4 kids that was going to be it. NOPE it can still happen


    I just had one of those “oh my gosh” moments last night while on the phone with my mother.

    We were talking about my great-grandmother who died in 1994 . . . she used to make these beautiful baby sets with a bonnet, sweater and blanket . . . and before she died she made 3 of them that she packed away for myself and my two sisters. Well, my sister is pregnant so Mom was wrapping up the one for her baby shower, and she got a card for the gift and she was going to trace something with great-grandma’s signature into the card so that it looked like great-grandma actually signed it, but she could not find anything with her signature and she KNEW that she had something with the signature on it since had traced it into a card for me when I had my baby shower. Well, my grandfather came over to her house and asked her to make the bean stew that him mother used to make, and she said sure, and when she got the cookbook out that great-grandma gave her with that recipe in it she found the signature in the front cover.

    Okay, here is the “oh my gosh” moment . . . one of the things that John said towards the end of his reading with us was “someone was known for their bean stew or some sort of bean recipe” and this was something that we could not validate, but now I wonder if it was my great-grandmother trying to come through and I just missed it.

    I told my mother this on the phone and I started mentioning some of the other things that did we could not validate that night of the reading, and I told my mother that John had said the thing about 3 kids and that it was connected right to me . . . I AM ONE OF THREE KIDS!!!!!! I think that I did not get that the night of the reading because John had just said that we have two kids, and then asked how we would feel about another, so I was really stuck on thinking of ME having three kids, and I didn’t even think of the fact that I am one of three!

    Then I said that another thing that we could not really validate that night was the comment of “2 daughters” . . . since this came after the three kids connect right to me thing we were thinking that since we have one daughter he was seeing a second one for us (which would then put our total at 3 like he said) but my great-grandmother had two granddaughters (my mother and my aunt).

    So then I was really starting to think that maybe my great-grandmother was trying to come through along with my husband’s mother and I just missed all of the things that she was giving me. I told my mother that another one of the things that was thrown out to our section that no one could validate was the date September 7th, and Mom said that date rang a bell with her but she did not know why. She is going to ask my grandfather about it and see if it rings a bell with him.

    I was happy and sad at the same time about this conversation . . . happy that I remembered that I was one of three so that does not mean that I am going to have another kid, but sad that I missed the signs from my great-grandmother and did not get to hear more from her.


    ShawnM;126336 wrote:
    I just had one of those “oh my gosh” moments last night while on the phone with my mother.

    I was happy and sad at the same time about this conversation . . . happy that I remembered that I was one of three so that does not mean that I am going to have another kid, but sad that I missed the signs from my great-grandmother and did not get to hear more from her.


    :tissue: :love: :hearts: But don’t you see how beautiful that validation was? Even if you had realized at the event, the message is the same, I’m here, I see what’s going on and I’m fine. I think it’s the validations and those “oh my gosh” or “AHA!” moments that really touch the soul and make the entire experience more ‘real’. :dance: Glad the message finally found a place to land!:musicnote

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