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    Getting ready to work on Bethany’s chart and I saw Yod on the cheatsheet and decided to read what exactly it is. Here is what I found on it…..

    A “Yod” is a triangular pattern in an astrology chart, which consists of 3 connecting points. It is an isosceles triangle with two long equal sides and a short side. The triangle has two 150 degree angles (quincunx) and one 60 degree angle (sextile). The triangle is pointing directly at something, which astrologers refer to as “The of Yahweh.”

    The “Yod” will give you direct clues to opportunities for certain action, although the opportunities can be unconsciously restricted since you are continually making adjustments in your Life. So the bottom line here is; if you know you have a “yod” in your personal astrology chart, then it is telling you to MAKE UP YOUR MIND . . . MAKE A CHOICE . . . THERE’S AN ARROW POINTING AT THE ANSWER . . . CHOOSE TO DO WHAT THE ARROW IS POINTING TO!!!

    The planets involved in the “yod” are usually not compatible with each other, so the energy isn’t necessarily the easiest. But again, if you look at where the “yod” is pointing, it’s a direct hit. Yod’s have an element of destiny in their pattern. This pattern is usually bringing forward something that is needed in order to make further progress. Sometimes progress doesn’t feel that great going through it, but once the individual has moved through the energy, there is gratitude for the lesson.
    For example: IF there is a “Yod” that is pointing directly at Neptune in Aquarius then Neptune is the planet of illusions, dreams, sleep, anesthesia, drugs, feeling without physical contact and psychics. It is also cold because it is so distant from the Sun. It is moist, neutral and convertible. It is also mysterious and questionable. So now what do you do with this information?

    If you have an astrological finger pointing right at you, it is begging you to look at it and find the clue. If a “Yod” appears in your natal astrology chart and depending where the “yod” is, this will determine if this lesson is about relationships, career, family, money, children, etc.

    All of this information was found on the following site…and there is a picture of what it looks like if you want to see for yourself….


    Agnez –
    I’ve had an interest in Yods, since when I first read about them. In doing a charts for a friend, I noticed her son had one.

    I recently noticed – after I purchased chart software – that I have one too! It’s a Jupiter (6th) Sextile Saturn (4th house) with Mercury as the pointer in Virgo in the 11th House.

    Funny how you said about making up your mind. My mind is constantly brimming with options and possibilities pertaining to my career/work (6th) and how to best integrate with home life (4th)! And, being in the 11th house of hopes, dreams, wishes, my Mercury in Virgo runs overtime! I’ve always felt life is a puzzle, a very interesting and exciting puzzle. Through the use of dreamwork (11th house!) I’ve been journaling my dreams and synchronicities to see where the universe is pointing me! Now, if I can only figure this out :hmm:

    Enjoy, and hope you had fun with Bethany’s chart (if it’s the same Bethany). I met her in feng shui school last year and referred her to Maria’s classes – just adore her! (Well, both Bethany and Maria!)

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