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    Those of you who have tarot or oracle cards – which one do you like the best?

    I have quite a number of different sets now, but my favorite for doing readings is the Universal Waite Tarot deck & the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.
    I have also used an number of oracle cards too and my favorite of those is Colette Baron-Reid’s The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards. I really love John Holland’s new Oracle Cards as well, but have not had a chance to really “get to know them” yet.
    I also like Cheryl Richardson’s Grace Cards(but I gave them all away – one at a time)

    Tell us what your favorites are:wave::dance:


    Hey Jeannie,

    So many cards so little time lol…Just got the Psychic Tarot & LOVE them; beautiful artwork and several appealing changes to the standard deck configuration. My favorite comfort deck I think is always gonna be the good ol’ Rider-Waite deck though. Ciro Marchetti has a beautiful deck called Tarot of Dreams too, and I like the Housewives’ Tarot cause it’s just too cute ;)


    I love the Housewives Tarot – It is so cute. I think I posted a link to it here a long time back. Almost bought it – but was over my bookstore budget.


    I have two decks, the Santa Fe deck and the Sacred Rose deck. Both decks are beautifully illustrated. However, the Santa Fe deck is hard to interpret unless you know alot about Native American religion and symbolism. My comfort deck is the Sacred Rose and I use it almost exclusively. A little bit out of the ordinary since every person pictured has no eyes, but still beautiful in its own way.


    Celestial Tarot is my fav! For Oracle, I favor CBR’s Wisdom of Avalon. Haven’t gotten JH’s Psychic Tarot yet, but looking forward to it soon.

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