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    I love this discussion and somehow missed it first time ’round.

    I am like Megan in a way. I have experiences that are psychic but which I don’t consider spiritual. Like I don’t catorgorize finding pennies or dimes from my loved ones as necessarily spiritual – it is rather a psychic connection between us. When I ‘smell’ my Dad’s presence, that also doesn’t come across to me as spritual – it is a connection we shared and becomes open to a point in which I can sense it.

    When I am in prayer, I might recieve visions – those I consider spiritual AND psychic. I believe they come from a higher place and that somehow I have been given the ability to ‘see’ so that I might pray for that person or event. Like Megan there is a tangible sensation that I get with these types of experiences. There is a powerful, energizing, KNOWING, warmth. I don’t know how to describe it any better. But it is emanating from another place through me.

    I have also had soley spiritual experiences that are not psychic in any way. They are for me, when I connect with the awesomeness of God, my Creator as I understand him. That feeling I can’t even describe! :angel2:

    So, I do separate the two but I understand they are often entwined. For me words are tough. For the longest time I would only use the term ‘prescient’ for my abilities. Now, I will, depending on the experience, use ‘psychic’.

    Mainly I think we get hung up on definitions because some terms just seem to carry extra baggage with them. Suing the word ‘psychic’ can evoke powerful reactions. Let’s face it, if we’d walk up to an acquaintance and say, “Hey, I’m psychic.”, 95% of the time they’ look at us like we were two fries short of a Happy Meal. :P

    And that’s well over my 2 cents worth of time!


    starlasue wrote:
    I Let’s face it, if we’d walk up to an acquaintance and say, “Hey, I’m psychic.”, 95% of the time they’ look at us like we were two fries short of a Happy Meal. :P


    Yup! I am so glad I’m not the only one!!

    You totally cracked me up! I can totally relate to that look of being two fries short of a happy meal!


    Amy Rose

    very interesting topic!! like megan, im sorry i missed this the first time around! for some reason i have just discovered the other topics category where it had all these subcategories. has that always been there and i just noticed it now? lol well whatever it was, i am here now and im catching up on reading.

    i agree with a lot of what you were saying on the psychic/spiritual issues. for me personally they overlap, because i believe my psychic abilites are gifts from god, and god deals with spirituality. yes in many ways they both have seperate characteristics that make them unique, but you know it all comes down to one thing which is love. and god is love, and spirituality can be related to god, and your psychic expereinces are gifts from god.. so it all comes around in one complete circle. just like love. i believe it was the beatle’s who said the love you take is the equal to the love you make. or maybe thats backwards lol i dunno its late and my brain is fried lol :love: :love:

    Pam B

    *bump* I was searching on something else and found this discussion again (it’s the ADD in me) and so I bring this back up for some of our new members.

    So…psychic…spiritual. One and the same? Two different things? Two things that overlap?

    What say you? :)

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