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    This poll came to mind based on the news today that Crossing Over will be doing a special WTC show(s) in November. Some of us may be a little wary of the motives behind this show and the publicity that is already starting. Others may feel it’s good way to gain a larger following to John’s message.

    If you are one who does believe in ADC, how comfortable are you with letting people you see everyday know your beliefs about communicating with the Other Side.


    Hey Naomi,

    As a small child, I learned very early on to keep my mouth shut about my experiences. As I grew, I became less concerned with other’s opinions on the topic. Unfortunately, I learned another hard lesson……..not everyone gets as excited about this stuff as I do! Over the last several years, I would bring things up here and there, just to test the waters. Majority of the time, I didn’t get a positive reaction! These days, I do most of my research and meditation in the “closet.” The only thing that my friends and family know is that they better not touch the remote when John is on!!!

    I chose to adjust my thinking on the subject. I don’t look for others approval or disapproval anymore. My spiritual journey is a very private one. If the day comes when God wants me to share my gift on some level, with others, I’m on it! Until that time, I choose not to expose myself to the negative energy of non-believers. God bless ’em, all!

    :stick: :laff:


    You need another choice such as “I only tell people I think need to know”.


    I test the water before I will talk because some people act as if your either a complete moron or dabbling with the devil. My brother is a christian and when I told him about being read by JE he said I was being led or that I wanted it too happen so I made it fit. I’ll see what he has to say after he sees it on TV for himself and isn’t just getting my interpretation. Oh well, can’t change the world.;)


    I haven’t answered this poll because for me, the answer would be tainted. For example, at work I cannot share my enthusiasm for JE. Forget lawsuits, forget PC, I live in a very very small town and the real world hasn’t extended here yet. For now I am not independantly wealthy, so I have to work.

    Pertaining to personal life; I tell anyone and everyone.

    So, I guess for me to say I tell everyone would be a half truth. To say I only tell those who ask would not be correct either. My boss has directly asked me, to which I responded that it was personal and had nothing to do with work. To say I’m a closet believer would also be incorrect, having practically shouted from the rooftops to my family and friends.

    I wish there was an answer for small town middle class JE supporters.

    Small town JE supporter.


    My brother will watch and for that matter my husband will also but mostly out of support for me. I am virtually alone when it comes to my family. Except for my mom,who was a believer, and who came through the most in my reading with John. I guess she knew I would listen!!


    I answered altho I felt the same should have been at least one more option. I do tell many people but I don’t run around saying I watch john every night :) or that I meditated last night more because that is my thing and I don’t want it to be taken from me, or invaded on, but most people that know me,, know I watch JE and that I believe wholey!


    Like Tammy I’m from a small town. I don’t usually bring it up unless need too. First time I brought it up to my beautician(who lost her son two weeks later in in accident) I got the work of satan line so other than close family its not discussed too much.I did notice though when at the bookstore to pick up JE’s latest book there were several others (special ordered) to be pick up on the shelf. I think there are a lot of closet believers.


    I can’t answer this poll either — too few choices. For me, no, I dont tell everyone I meet, no I am not in the closet and yes, I do tell people who bring it up first but I also tell others who don’t bring it up as well…not just “everyone” I meet. LOL


    I also don’t tell EVERYONE I meet. Oddly enough, since I hang out with people who do believe in psychics, I don’t always tell them, because they tend to assume that if John is on TV, he is automatically a fake! But these are my friends, so I can scold them and tell them to quit making judgments until they see the show for themselves.

    As for at work, if it comes up naturally, I’ll say I watch his show and believe in what he does. I suppose the same people I would tell about my Tarot cards, I would also tell about John Edward. :) It isn’t a big deal to me, since I’m not trying to convert anyone.


    I can’t answer this poll either — too few choices.

    Funny, I was about to say the same thing! :)



    I loved your answer about being a small town JE supporter!
    It is in a class all it’s own. I love my little town full of third and
    fourth generation sheep herders and such. I love hearing the
    unique ways they can perdict the coming winter weather. I even
    enjoy debating which hard wood is best for a long lasting fire in
    the wood stove. And, O.K. I’ll even admit it can be fun in the morn-
    ing to go to the general store for coffee and catch up on the gos-
    sip. But discuss J.E.? I don’t think so.
    Without family members or friends with whom I can talk to, is
    one reason why I’m around here so much.


    I voted that I would admit it if asked. I was a secretary/ paralegal for a lawyer in a small town for 8 years. His wife was the receptionist. She was very opinionated, and I learned very soon that it was best to keep my mouth shut about several subjects. She made fun of my choice of singers… (love Rod Stewart and The Moody Blues), she made fun of my politics, and simple things like my choice of who should be on our postal stamps. I would generally only smile and turn the subject to a case we were working on. There was a line I would not cross, however, and that was about my spiritual beliefs. I said in another thread that it seemed to me that in the Bible when Jesus got angry it was because someone was being hypocritical. I don’t say that I never am… but there are certain things I will defend. I was glad the subject never came up, and I wisely did not bring it up myself. :)



    The Poll doesn’t cover enough possibilities as stated frequently in the previous posts, such as:

    You need another choice such as “I only tell people I think need to know”.

    I sometimes feel compelled to tell people about JE,and at other times I am timid about talking about any thing metaphysical including ADC. I am fortunate to have a few people at work, a few family friends, a few acquaintances, and of course all you, the JE friends, to talk to about ADC, etc.

    So my choice would be 4) sometimes I shout it , sometimes I don’t, sometimes I keep it to myself, and sometimes I post it here.

    Note to Jean, ditto on your quote:I

    love Rod Stewart and The Moody Blues,



    I voted that I’d only tell if asked.

    I have a big mouth. I got burned so many times because I was excited and wanting to share the message.
    Now, I mainly keep to myself. But, when I see a way in especially with my non believing family members I take it.

    I have a 83 year old Grandmother who just started watching the show on Fox about 2 months ago, and is the most open minded of the bunch. She completely amazes me. She actually can only hear the show because she is legally blind but, she has found hope and comfort through C.O. and knowing that my Grandfather is really still with her as is her parents and her Daughter. For a long time she hid the fact that she talked to them like they were still here from everyone. Now she has begun to open up to me about her own personal beliefs in life after death that she had been afraid to share with anyone due to her strict very southern Baptist upbringing that taught her that anyone claiming to be able to talk with the dead were actually talking to satan.

    That’s just one of many ways that John Edward and his message that love never dies has helped me. I am glad that I wasn’t able to keep my big mouth shut with her.
    Some times I feel compelled to share and I just have to even when it means getting the ol’ raised eyebrow look.

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