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    I guess my excitement when I discovered CO was just too much to keep to myself, so I told people at work about it and one of the girls I work with has watched it too. She believes as I do and most of the other people in my office seem to be receptive. I have been pleasantly surprised a few times by family members who live far away from me who are into John too. Of course, on the other side, a friend of mine who works upstairs in the court, was SHOCKED :eek: when I told her about John and how I watch him all of the time. She said that as a Catholic she didn’t think I was allowed to believe in such a thing and that it sounded like Satan’s work. I told her that as a Catholic I have been taught to believe in eternal life so why wouldn’t I believe that my loved ones are with me? :angel:

    I guess that I just figure I will tell people I care about how John has brought comfort to my life in hopes that they will check him out and find comfort in theirs also.


    Well, seeing as I live in an area where there is a large concentration of urban religous hypocrites,(I have no problem with religion or religous people- just the people who scream hallelujah and act holier than thou while they stab brother so and so in the back and spend some “quality time” with sister so and so’s significant other while effortlessly passing judgement on all those who “DARE to oppose them”)—BUT I digress….anyways as I was saying….seeing as I live in an area where the whole metaphysical/survival science thing is not received very well, I would have to say: I only tell people who ‘want’ to know.I don’t wanna be a closet dweller but I have ducked a gangload of bibles and dodged more than my fair share of thunderbolts at the mere mention of CO or JE as I instantly become a disciple of satan or at the very least, a poor mindless, foolish sheep led astray by the lord of evil. Many a day I have wished I had kept my trap shut. I always wish I didn’t need to.I always wind up with people trying to SAVE me.You wanna save me? Help me pay some of these BILLS. :)

    Pam B

    I am definitely not opposed to letting people know how I feel.
    Like freewillin, I have a big mouth and I often like to use it.
    However, personal beliefs are, well, such a personal thing.
    Regardless of how I personally feel as a believer, I would
    never try to convert someone. :tsktsk: But, if it comes up in
    conversation or as was the case in June when I was taking
    off work to attend the Atlanta seminar and my coworkers
    were curious as to who this “John Edward” guy was and
    what he’s about, I am more than happy to explain what I
    believe, what I have seen, and direct them to the appropriate
    resources (i.e. CO, JEF, books, etc) and encourage them
    to find out for themselves. :reader:

    I must admit though that I am blessed to have such great
    friends, family, coworkers, boss. :angel: All of them are CO watchers or at least are familiar enough about JE to have an opinion one way or the other. So, to these people, I have no problem blabbing away………makes for very very interesting conversations (but very loooooooong ones!)


    Welcome back Robnelle, yes we missed you!! I even left a message in your guest book, so you wouldn’t forget us :eek:

    And I forgot to mention all the thunder and lightening in my post; thanks for covering that. I work for some very devout people. They are wonderful, but it’s their way, or the highway. :(

    It leaves you wondering :confused: Doesnt’ the bible say love thy neighbor? (it doesn’t say) —> except if they don’t agree 100% with your opinions.



    :wave: Hey Robnelle! Great to see ya back!

    Now let me get this straight: You live in a town known as one of the most haunted places in America, has a reputation for being “Vampire Central” due to the writings of a certain author that I used to love but seems to have become stuck in one very weird groove, (ooops, wrong board, sorry.), and has made a cottage industry out of Marie Laveau and cemetary tours? Yet you bring up the subject of a certain psychic whose message is that we not only survive the death of our physical bodies, but that we are happy, learning and growing on the Other Side, and you get bashed?

    Gee, I’d think if any city would embrace John Edward’s message, it would be New Orleans!


    I could never forget about you folks!! I just had a bunch of overtime lately and didn’t have much time to post. But I would try to at least lurk for a few minutes every day.Things are much better now-starting to get back to normal. And as for the New Orleans thing? You are also talking about the town that has Drive Thru Daiquiri shops and cemeteries built on TOP of the ground…Folks here are just a little bit backwards…I can go on and on about that but that would be a tad bit off topic :wink:

    Oh! and thanks for visiting my web site!glad you liked it! I would like to do more with it but the Ixla publishing software is CRAP! stay away stay away from Ixla!


    I live in a city, and come from a small town. My daughter and family still live in that small town. When I talk to her about JE, she gets this smile on her face, like”Mom, have you completly lost your mind ?”
    But I do have my best friend in that small town converted, and she knows a lot of folks, so it shouldn’t take long to see the shift.
    As for peoples reactions, I flew home a few weeks ago, and while waiting to board, as well as on the flight, I was reading Johns book. Most folks gave me the same look as my daughter does. I would just smile at them, and know in my heart that I am one of the enlightened ones, and feel sorry for them for what they are missing.


    Originally posted by KenC327
    The middle category doesn’t exactly describe my position, but I guess it’s a close approximation. As a few people on the board know, I have been burned by being associated with an interest in John Edward in the past. I suppose, though, I would be slightly more forthcoming about it than waiting to be asked. It’s all very situational.

    I’m with you Ken, I’m not so quiet at only telling people if I am asked. If the subject comes up I will usually interject my beliefs. If I am in a group of morons however I don’t wasted my energy. :cool:


    Hey All!

    This is my first time posting.

    *smile* Warning, I’m long-winded today (I think it is a sugar rush from all the Halloween candy)

    The subject reminded me of my Grandma who would embarass us grandkids by talking about visits she had from dead relatives.

    It was a running joke in my family about how my Grandma would see a “coincidence” in everything. She would point things out that we all thought were a major stretch. Things like… this date matches the last two digits of a phone number or this person has the same initials as a cousin we have a billion times removed. Somehow she would link it together.

    She would talk about how dead friends and relatives would visit her. She would describe it in great detail. She would tell us how an old woman cursed her as a baby and the curses all came true.

    She would tell anyone who would listen to her stories. All the grandkids would giggle and roll their eyes, myself included. We were especially embarassed when she would tell perfect strangers at stores or on buses.

    Anyway, I bring this up, because it never even phased my Grandma or my Aunt (my Grandma claimed my Aunt was a really gifted psychic) to tell people about psychic phenomenon, her crazy coincidences, or being visited by the dead – despite the fact that we would all tease her about it. To my Grandma it was just plain fact, and if we were too stupid to recognize it, then it was our loss.

    Nowadays, I bring up John Edward or the whole psychic topic all the time with people I encounter personally. (I’m both a believer and a skeptic, but am more predisposed to the believing side.) I don’t go up to the grocery counter and say, “Hi, I’m a JE fan and believe in psychics. How much is the loaf of bread?” However, I will throw the subject out there for discussion a lot, particularly to spice up a conversation situation with non-believers. ok, ok so I can be antagonistic sometimes… anyway…

    I get every reaction under the sun from complete understanding and agreement to absolute disgust for being so stupid. I am bothered by none of the negative reactions. In fact, those are the best responses, because they usually are accompanied by a contortion of the face you rarely get to see someone make :-)

    The one place I don’t bring it up is in business dealins unless it seems like a natural thing to bring up. However, everyday I’m more and more like my Grandma. In fact, I noticed a coincidence just the other day. *grin* She would be so proud… hehe.



    Today, while I was pulling books out of boxes and setting up for my kids book fair, out popped some books called “the sixth sence” with a picture of ,,, oh,, well you know the kid, but I am so brain dead from the work I can’t recall right now! OHH Haley Joel Osmett.. anyway, so I said to my daughter,, wonder what they say? wonder if it says the same things that John believes, my daughter was like oh whatever (even tho she thinks john is COOL) anyway,, I haven’t looked yet ;) but one of hte ed Assistants was in teh room with me at the time and says, oh so you watch him, I was like YUP! every day! don’t miss him unless absolutely nessasary, umm like I am crossing! LOL
    so her and I talked a bit I offered her my books if she wants to read,, but I do tell people,, openly,, but like the last post,, LOL no, I don’t say hey I am a JE fan can I have a pound of ground round LOL :) but anyone that knows ME,, knows I watch him every day without fail :D


    I voted I tell everyone I meet, but that is in correct.
    I don’t tell everyone, but I do tell many.
    Every person responds in a different way….. Doubt, Excitement, Acknowledgement, Comfort, Excitement, Doubt, etc


    I don’t have this subject come up much at all in my personal or prof life so I had to answer…wait til someone asks. Not many people seem to be interested/aware of this and I am not the kind of person to just bring it up. Maybe now I will, having visited this board more freq. and learning more from you all. I am now interested to see what others may feel about the subject.


    What a cool grandma you have!
    I think a big reason I don’t bring it up that much is because people tend to bring it up with me! I sometimes joke that I must have a sign over my head saying, “If you’ve had a psychic experience, I’m the person to tell,” because although I really keep my experiences and beliefs to myself, all my life people have tended to just suddenly start talking about something like that to me.

    I knew a young woman several years ago (by young I mean college age, much younger than I am!) :rolleyes: and after I’d known her only a few weeks casually, she suddenly told me that on a weekend in Maine at a B&B she had awakened to see a ghost floating over her. She seemed encouraged and relieved that I believed her, and I asked if she had felt threatened, and she said no, more comforted, and I said then it was a good experience and certainly nothing to worry about (she seemed worried, maybe that she was going crazy or something.)

    But stuff like that has been happening as long as I can remember, where people I know casually or even well, will suddenly tell me about such an experience. So I don’t try to bring up John Edward or any related stuff, because it usually comes to me! (never have figured out why…)



    Ann, those people must see a special light in your eyes or a special glow around you. I think that is great!

    Daralassa, I agree that your Grandma was an interesting, enlightened woman. It would have been fun to have known her.
    I bet she thinks it is so cool that you are starting to be just like her. It’s the best compliment you could give her.



    If someone is a friend or seems receptive, I bring up JE. A girl at work’s mom passed unexectedly as mine had 2 yrs. ago. As I was comforting her, she mentioned seeing a psychic before her mom passed. I told her about JE, & now she is reading One Last Time. Whereas she hadn’t been able to sleep, now she reads the book a little each night , feels more at peace & can fall asleep.

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