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    I answered with the second, only if someone asks, but that’s only because it was the closest answer for me.

    I have to be very, very careful too, because I live in a small down and am also a clergy wife! Can you imagine the reaction of some people?!

    I’m careful how I say things, but I do say things to someone grieving like, “you keep on talking to him because I believe he can hear you”, and things that J.E. has said like the fact that the bonds of love are still very strong and death does not break them.

    What John says and does does not have to butt heads with religion or should I say spirituality! It can strengthen your faith. It has mine!


    I do work in a library and am surprised at how many people check out Sylvia Browns books and have not heard of John Edward. You can be sure I tell them about him. :)


    Although I believe strongly I wouldn’t actually start talking about it to a stranger unless brought up as a subject or if I really felt that this stranger needed to talk about this and I felt strongly that they wanted to talk about it; but with friends and family I definitely would and do discuss this, since even my youngest daughters have had experiences that seem very real to them.


    As i read all of our replys, i pose the question,,,,,

    how do we know someone is or isn’t interested, and how do they know if someone doesn’t break the ice to find out…. times like these it can so easily come out as,, “do you believe in an after life?” or what do you think happens when someone passes on… I have done this and either the person is or isn’t receptive :)


    Even that question, Mesch, can be a hard one to discuss with some people. A lot of people – boy is this hard… I have all kinds of stuff running through my mind and I don’t know how to start or what to say – I’ll start like this.. Don’t you think church is the place to go to worship but also to question and to grow and learn? But a lot of people stopped questioning after childhood Sunday School. That’s where their faith leaves off. So they are very literal in their beliefs and very threatened by anything else. I’ve been amazed at how closed some can be, and I’ve learned to be very aware of that when discussing some things!


    I just had one of those work experiences last week. A woman I work with was telling me that her Dad got married the weekend before. As she was telling me, I could see tears starting in her eyes. Her Mom died six months ago and she was having a really hard time with her Dad’s decision to re-marry so soon.

    This reminded me of one of the readings in Charlotte. So, I kind of cautiously started, “I’d like to tell you something, but I don’t know quite how you’ll take this. I have become very interested in the psychic medium”

    Before I could finish the sentence she said in a really excited voice “John Edward”. I asked if she knew much about him, and she said she watched him all the time and just loved him. So, I proceeded to tell her about going to Charlotte. The reading John gave there was a very memorable one because it was one of those ones where he was determined to get the right person. There were several conditions that had to be met. Quite a few people in the general area had one or two of the things he was looking for, but not the third. He kept saying “No, I need to make sure this gets to the right person because there’s a special message with this.”

    Finally he found the woman who met all the conditions. Then he told her that she was not communicating with her father. She got kind of emotional and said that No, she wasn’t because she didnt’ approve of her Dad re-marrying so soon after her Mother’s death. John told her “I have your Mother here, and she is telling you that she loves this man and wants to see him happy. Let him get on with his life.”

    When I finished my co-worker was really in tears. She said that she really needed to hear that. She felt that it was no coincidence that she happened to wander into my office to chat about her shopping trip to get a dress for the wedding.

    So, I think there are times when any one of us can be used as a conduit to not only let others know about John’s message, but to also relay a message second-hand.


    Point well taken, I do understand what you are saying fully. In Idaho the mormon community is very strong and I have foound most of my friends are.. but I know that they “marry” couples eternally,, so I wanted to know what their thoughts were, so I asked my friend, told her I wanted to know something on teh religion level, and if she didn’t want to talk about it to please tell me so, and I wouldn’t be offended, and what I wanted to know wasn’t ment to offend her, just to understand.. Her answers weren’t what I expected, but it was interesting to learn what she thought,, Or as she says it, knows from what she has been tought. I didn’t fully believe her thoughts,, nor did she believe mine.. but it was an enlightening day for sure :)


    Very wise Naomi :) I am glad she “wondered” into your office,, hmm do ya think maybe her mom gave her a soft nudge that way :) I do… I am glad you were able to share that story with her.


    That was beautiful Naomi. How lucky you were to even be there! And Mesch, that’s neat! It’s great you can have a conversation like that. I’ve certainly found my soulmate, and hope our souls will always be together, along with everyone else we love. Eternity’s just fine!


    my soulmate is already on the other side. He is still my soulmate,, I have found another love here on this side. and I am so grateful for him. the love is very differant.. as it should be.. I know I will be with both on the other side… :)


    Mesch.. Yes! That’s how I feel the other side will be too! I’m so glad you’ve found another love on this side too!


    Lin, I agree and thanks :) I am glad I found my husband too :)


    Way to go AL!! thats the way to do it :)


    Now that ADC is all over the TV, it might get easier…

    Ok, 4th answer; —> ” I’m a closet believer; I don’t tell most people.”:hmm:

    1. Any oddness could hurt my income. 2. For me, it is also, Sooo many years of being told NO! :angel: Ironically by parents, with natural Clair. skills. :laff2: 3. But, other talents often spot me. Even then, we rarely mention it openly. Even to each other. It is just, tradition, the way it has always been conducted, politely. :thumbsup: So, from other threads… :D

    maggie dee wrote:
    [about Ghost Whisperer] … I felt that she should have figured out a way to tell people what she can do without freaking them out and making them angry while she has tears in her eyes because they don’t understand. She has grown up with this talent and should be able to deal with the spirits who visit her as well. …I don’t think anyone has a good way to tell new people. And, growing up with it, sometimes, makes it harder. :( because you have so much more practice Not telling.
    @believer]…She [Mary Jo McCabe] started of by introducing herself and gave us a brief history of how she came about her gift. She doesn’t like to be called psychic but rather intuitive and when someone asks her what she does, she tells them she’s an author. )… Jenny[/QUOTE wrote:

    Intuitive; classy I like that, -K



    I don’t stand on a little box on the street corner and yell my views across the street or mug the poor guy down the alley for an audience, but it’s fairly easy to get into comfortable conversations.

    It’s kind of funny. You test the water, the other person is also testing the waters, and you both might be sending out even more nervous vibes. Ramping up the adrenaline for a quick get a way just in case someone might call us nuts. You will always be a closet person if one of you don’t jump in and take a chance, even if it’s your big toe.

    I think you would be surprised how many people are open to psychic stuff but don’t want to stick out that toe. You watch each others eyes or body language and send out even more signals.

    So, are we really not talking to the right people? (did that make sense?)

    I’ve gotten into some great conversations that I didn’t expect from a particular person or persons. Everyone, sometime in their life has been visited by something loopy in the world psychic stuff.

    What I meant to say, I will dicuss anything with anybody EXCEPT the particulars between midnight and six when we’re supposed to be sleeping.

    FD. Don’t talk……share.

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