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    Irish rose

    I do not have a problem with who knows about my beliefs, all of my workmate know I have even brought Johns books into work and they have been lent to so many people they are worn out. Many of my workmates are big followers of John now and think it is great that I have this site to go on and be able to talk to all you likeminded people.My family also know and a few of them think Johns great. I do not really care what people think I believe as long as you are not hurting anyone well whats the problem. I am actually going to see an english medium named Derek Acorah in a big venue in Belfast next week, Icannot wait Ilove the atmosphere and the feeling of pure love in the room.Rose :thumbsup:


    I tell only those whom I can feel are open to my way of thinking whether they believe the same or differently from what I believe. I can sense those whom won’t have a problem with the way I believe. Some people have been so negative towards my beliefs that I do not need to absorb their negativity. I have not yet learned to fully cleanse myself of those energies that are harmful to me. Personally it would be if we could let me just follow their own spiritual paths.


    How lovely that I should stumble upon this thread. I moved far from home about a year ago and have had MUCH trouble finding anything metaphysical. I had no computer or friends so I started at the local library (keep the mind active) only to be met with we don’t have much of “that”. Second off to the book store, ok I’ll just have to buy, only to be met with oh we don’t “dabble” in “that”. No groups, no clubs, no discussions. I could hardly believe I found a place on earth that won’t acknowledge life after death or any psychic beliefs at all. So I just started talking to anyone and everyone I came across in a friendly conversation. Just sorta putting it out there that this is part of my belief system just to see if I would get a me too answer. Well so far not much luck localy however now I have computer access and I promise when I do find a batch of people that atleast have an open mind I’m going to bring this little town up to date. I have to believe that these people are out there and are having the same trouble I’m having. What a team we’ll make and friends for sure. Shout from the roof tops people some of us will listen in fact are waiting!
    So yes, I’m very open and with whomever will listen. I have nothing to loose this town thinks everyones crazy as it is.
    -Please excuse the spelling it’s late.
    much love to all -Sue


    For me, ti depends on the specific topic, and in what context the question is put into. I’m not a devoutly religious person, but I have a lot of spiritual beleifs and theories.
    I tend to feel a person out, pick their brain before bringing up such topics.


    Well, for me, it took some major life experiences early on to get me thinking about spiritual matters. It wasn’t until I lost my Dad (the center of my universe and my rock, whom I thought was just always gonna be there) that my interests started to turn towards spirituality. I was hit with such amazing signs and always wanted to know just where it was that Dad went after he left this planet. Then I found John’s work a few years later and took it to the next level. Now I’m starting to learn even more through Tarot and will be getting my first Reiki attunement in October (can’t wait!!!). So over the years, my comfort level sure has risen…pretty much everyone I know knows I’m into “this stuff”. Would I talk to someone I don’t know about it? If it somehow came up in conversation, sure! And if someone asks me about JE, they better have a seat ’cause they’re in for a loooong conversation:D

    “Don’t talk, share….” I like that, Bea!:thumbsup:

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