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    Hi guys!

    Hope this is ok. This thread is inspired by a comment MrsJones said in another thread about a movie called “Oh God”. I totally forgot about that movie and I loved it! I’m sure there are alot more out there that are inspiring, intriguing and even life-changing. I’m trying to decide what my favorite one would be and it’s SO hard… there’s SO many good ones. The one that comes to mind right now is:

    Saved by the Light

    That’s the life story of Dannion Brinkley. He wasn’t always a “nice person” :( but was forever changed after being struck by lightning and becoming “aware”. :angel:

    Okay that’s mine…. so what’s YOURS? :D


    I like City of Angels with Nick Cage and Meg Ryan.

    I really enjoy how in so much of the movie he shows her what real love feels like. Also when she starts to feel him and seeing all those angels in the library, that is my favorite scene.

    I also like Ghost and I’m sure there are a dozen others that I have seen which I cant remember right now.



    I just watched a movie on Showtime called “A Rumor of Angels”.
    What a great movie! I also love “City of Angels” and “Ghost” and I think I’ve seen “Saved by the Light”. If it’s the one I’m thinking of then yes that was a good one also. But now I think Rumer of Angels is my favorite movie!:)

    Has anyone ever seen “A Rumor of Angels”?



    I have not seen Rumor of Angels, but have heard it is good from several source. Guess I’d better check it out.

    I too have several favorites. Ghost, of course! (Gotta love Whoopie for the comedy and Demi and Patrick for the tears).

    City of Angels was good too. When ever I feel alone, I see the scenes where they are there, putting their hands on the shoulders of those in need. I imagine my angel doing the same for me and such a feeling of peace comes over me. (Must admit though that I think my angel is a little more stylin in white gossamer as opposed to those black trenchcoats..tee hee!)

    Another one that I really liked was Dragonfly with Kevin Costner. Although the scenes can be a bit shocking and sometimes make you jump in your seat, the ending is so beautiful that I just sit there and bawl.


    I have to say one that is near the top of my list is “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams. The visuals in it are stunning and the love story is both beautiful and heartbreaking.


    I loved “What Dreams May Come” as well PhilsGail! I watched it in the theater when it first came out four or five years ago, and there were many parts that confused the hell out of me. I didn’t understand certain aspects at all. Cut to a few years later, I couldn’t relate more to the movie because I now fully understand all of the concepts that were presented in the film.

    “Ghost” is another one of my favorites– Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

    “Dragonfly” is another one on the top of my list. I LOVED the ending.

    “The Others” with Nicole Kidman is another great movie. It came out two years ago. I absolutely loved it. It really deals moreso with the issue of earthbound spirits more than anything else, and really gives the viewer perspective on what it’s like to be earthbound, and never realize it. It’s quite touching to be honest with you, and it’s another one with a great ending.

    There are many more I could think of that I’ve seen over the years. I’ll post them when they come to me.




    I always liked “It’s a Wonderful Life”…it should come on more often. Really makes you think about appreciate what you have in life!

    My top favorites are:

    1) Ghost
    2) What Dreams May Come
    3) Miracle on 34th Street (original)


    Interesting thread !


    The theologically perfect (IMO) movie.



    I haven’t seen “Saved By The Light” or “Rumor of Angels”… are they available on video?

    Three that I would like to add to the list are:
    – “Pay It Forward” with Haley Joel Osment (Did anyone watch that movie and not cry?)

    – “Michael” with John Travolta (The humanization of an angel was outstanding!)

    – “Truly, Madly, Deeply” with Alan Rickman and Juliette Stevenson (A 1991 British film. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve missed out! :thumbsup:

    tinkster :-)


    Ok – this one is odd, but then so am I! :lwink:

    “Harvey” with Jimmy Stewart is my absolute favorite. Although it is not about ADC, it is a story that certainly carries the CAV theme to the audience!

    I like to think that Harvey was more than a puka; perhaps he was a Spirit Guide, come to teach his pupils the real values of life. I truly love that movie. And Jimmy’s portrayal of Mr. Dowd was so great! If you have never seen it, it is an oldy but a goody!!!!! I am sure it is in the classics section of the video store! (“It’s a Wonderful Life” is a close second!)

    In the more recent past, “Pay It Forward”, “What Dreams May Come”, The Sixth Sense” and “City of Angels” are all favorites.



    Has anyone seen “Contact” with Jodi Foster?

    I loved that move.
    If you haven’t seen it, it is NOT about aliens and UFO’s.
    Rather, it is about the scientific search for meaning and understanding in our universe, which eventually turns spiritual for Ellie (Jodi).
    It is a great depiction of science vs religion.
    My favorite part is the “contact” that she does make is so open to interpretation……has she found extra terrestrial life, or has she visited the other side? You decide.



    I forgot about “Contact”. That was pretty good. I personally believe she found an ADC connection. But then that is my spiritual bent. It is a thinker!



    AnnieB43: You’re right. I was very surprised when I first saw Contact. It wasn’t at all what I expected. Very thought-provoking.

    Sue: I also love the movie, Harvey. Many lessons to be learned there. I also think there is a correlation there between this “imaginary friend” and a Guide.

    There is a wonderful scene where Elwood P. Dowd is referencing something his mother used to say. :love: It’s one of my favorite quotes:

    ” ‘In this world, you must be oh, so smart or oh, so pleasant.’ Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.”

    I may even post it to the “Quotes” thread. :)


    Oh Yay! :jumper:

    These are all great movies! I have the movie “Its A Wonderful Life” and never get tired of it. I’ve watched it many times when I’m down and questioning my “purpose” in life. Many of us go through life wondering this but after watching this movie, I realize I must be important to somebody, otherwise I wouldn’t be here… (sometimes I need a reminder) :lwink:

    Contact is one of my all-time favorites that’s on my “To Buy” list! I used to work with the same equipment and searched for unknown signals. Fascinating and very mind-probing movie!

    City of Angels was very cool. This reminds me of the relationship we have with our guides. I absolutely love the song from that movie too.

    2 movies I need to rent: Rumor of Angels and Pay it Forward. I havent seen those yet…

    Believe it or not, I just watched “Life After Life” for the first time today! Very touching… especially about the dad who lost his son, Robert. Thanks to Wyn Pooh for sharing it with me! ;)


    One of the movies mentioned here is also John’s favorite because of it’s message at the end. I won’t say which one but it is one of John’s “my favorite things” in the Good Housekeeping magazine article on him. He is on page 228 in the September issue, the last page in the magazine.

    Gail :)

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