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    That’s not fair! :lwink: Now I REALLY need to walk up to the corner and I may get all wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


    Paula Mae

    Such good movies. I loved the Robin Williams one What Dreams may com. I do like The 6th sense and I love Contact. There are so many movies that touch on different areas of the message. I hope to see many more in the future. Hey what about that forest fire one, I think it was called Always where he died but hung around his love, then finally showed her that he was ok with her getting on with her life. I think John Goodman was in it. Any one remember it? That was a great one too.


    Have you guys seen this movie? It always moves me when I watch it. I taped it years back when it was shown in black and white. She does a wonderful job, especially the scene where she gets up on the bed and takes into her own body the physical ailments of this crippled woman. And at the end of the movie when she heals the sick little boy…whew…pass the kleenex, acting doesn’t get better than this!

    Maybe some of you have seen the re-make of this movie, starring
    Dana Delaney. She does a very good job as well. But still, no one can touch the artistry of Ellen Burstyn.

    Another movie that maybe others wouldn’t put in this catagory:

    A personal favorite of mine, not only because I live in Michigan and go to the Grand Hotel every year, but just because it’s a visually beautiful, romantic, bittersweet picture.




    I have not seen “Resurrection”. I’ll have to get hubby to rent it for me! Sounds like we might like that one.

    This is a great thread!

    BTW Jude – that quote from Mrs. Dowd has always been one of my favorites!



    this is fun, i’m reading thru these threads and saying to myself “i remember that movie” and “wow, that one was great too”

    i never realized that all these years i’ve been drawn to these movies with such a passion and need for them. it’s amazing.

    now i have hit blockbuster and do some major movie renting




    I liked the movie Ghost I also liked the movie with Dennis Quaid in it can’t remember the name now. It was about a cop (his son) who found the radio and talked to him after he was gone. I think it was Frequency makes me think of what I would say to my family that had passed.:rolleyes:


    yes – chargeit – it was FREQUENCY – that was the first time I fell in love with Jim Caviezel – what a fantastic movie – I rate it up there with Dragonfly as the two movies that really push home the CAV.

    Angel blessings:angel: ;)


    No fair for baiting us! :eek: Does this mean I gotta sneak an issue of Good Housekeeping through the checkout line? This must surely be another hint to clean up my space… :rolleyes:

    I can tell we’re all gonna bring Blockbuster some more business this week. The poor little movie clerk is gonna be scratching his head “Why are there so many women in here wanting Field of Dreams? No lady, they’re all rented out…” :lwink:

    Here’s 2 more good ones.

    I never get tired of Phenomenon with John Travolta… again being struck with “something” and ends up with extraordinary abilities… I won’t tell you the ending.

    And Powder… beautiful spirit but treated so badly.

    Happy renting! :D


    mae4985 –
    Yes, yes, yes! I loved that movie, too! The name of the movie is “Always” with Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter, and, as you mentioned, John Goodman.
    If you liked “Always”, you’ve got to watch “Truly, Madly, Deeply”!!

    triciab and chargeit2him –
    How could I have forgotten about “Frequency”? (Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid) A tremendously moving movie for anyone who’s lost his/her father.

    I’m also going to toss in the film “Signs” (Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix) – not so much because of the alien thing, but because of the ending during which all the “coincidences” are shown to exist for a reason.

    There’s a wonderful web site ( – a database searchable by movie title, character names, actors, plots, etc. It comes in so-o-o handy when having a “senior moment” :goofy: about movies!

    tinkster :-)


    Hi guys!
    A friend of mine recently loaned me a movie called ” Defending Your Life”, with Merryl Streep and Albert Brooks. It is very cute, and deals with having to review your life after you pass to determine whether you have to go back to earth and try again, or get to move on. It is lighthearted, but it does deal with past lives. It it not so easy to find in the movie rental stores, though. It came out in 1991. I recommend it to all of you, if you can find it. It really leaves you with a happy feeling.


    You guys are reading my mind, aren’t ya! It’s funny how think makes you think of all these great movies that you loved but haven’t thought about in a long time!

    I loved “Michael”…it made me cry!

    and “Defending Your Life” was awesome, I loved that they could eat whatever they wanted…how great would that be! It’s true, it’s hard to find that one on video, but it does come on cable quite often. Check your local listings.

    How about “Cocoon”, everyone?


    For those of you interested “A Rumor of Angels” will be on Wed. August 13th and Mon, Tues., and Thurs. August 18, 19 and 21. Go to to get the channels. My listings say it’s on Channel 326 and on Showtime Channel 84 and 327. This is a really good movie. If you get a chance watch it. I also bought the tape from Barnes and Nobel online. This is what the movie is about (I got it from the back of the tape):

    “Devastated by the loss of his mother, twelve year old James (played by Trevor Morgan) endures a lonely summer on Cape Cod (the movie was actually filmed in Nova Scotia)… until he befriends Maddy (played by Vanessa Redgrave), the crazy old lady who lives by the lighthouse. But when James’ father (played by Ray Liotta) discovers the otherworldly nature of their conversations, he forbids their friendship…putting James’ newfound belief in the power of love- and Maddy’s belief in the power of life – to the ultimate test!”

    In the movie the woman Maddy (Redgrave) receives morse code messages from her son (who had died in the war) from passing ships at sea. She wrote a journal filled with these messages. There’s more to the movie but I don’t want to give it away.

    The movie is based on a book called “Thy Son Liveth – Messages from a Soldier to His Mother” by Grace Duffie Boylan

    It’s a beautiful movie and really worth watching. :)



    Susan, thanks for the heads up! I’ve been trying to get hold of “A Rumor of Angels” for quite some time. I’ll check my local listings now.


    You’re welcome TXJude.

    If you really like the movie you the tape is available at The tape is only $4.94 but you have to add shipping. I shipped through UPS and the the total cost was $11.86. The DVD is also available for more money.

    The price was worth it. The movie was great!



    Loved Michael and Ghost. Another favorite is Resurrection with Ellen Burstyn (I think they did a remake that I didn’t like.) Great movie, if you haven’t seen it.

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