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    Lets see :

    City of Angels ~ when I first saw this film I cried even now after watching it over and over i still cry.
    Pay it forward~ my daughter’s favourit film we both cried watching this truly inspiring.
    Meet Joe Black ~ I hope the angel of death comes to greet me that way…. while I am celebrating and not ill!

    Phenomenon ~ well I love this film for its awareness of special people on earth.

    Dragonfly ~ oh my gosh true and most amazing

    those already mentioned I adore its a wonderful life.

    Have you seen the comedy 6th man its a spiritual film with a giggle?

    There are many films that lean that way my most recent favourite is Lakehouse, with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves oh my what a true connection. I dont know what this was rated as but I have to say its up there with my top ten most favourite films.

    thanks for this subject I am a major film fantatic
    Love and light always


    Actually, it was an episode of Touched By An Angel. Wynona Judd played a mother whose young son was terminally ill and died in the episode. As well as a touching theme, it featured one of the most beautiful songs performed by Wynona and a talented backup chorus, “Testify To Love.” Beautiful.


    My favourite TV shows would be Crossing Over (although it’s not on anymore); Ghost Whisperer, Medium and Ghost Hunters.

    Favourite movies on the topic – Just Like Heaven is pretty good! I haven’t seen Ghost or The Sixth Sense, I should get on that!


    Dragonfly has been my most fav movie to date but I recently saw a movie that I have to say I just LOVED Its not a movie for everyone but the messages in this movie are endless. The movie is called”The Fountain” Has anyone else seen it?



    Ghost and it’s a wonderful life.
    Goodbye Mr. chips is a real weepy I don’t know if any of heard of this film. Its about a teacher at a ‘public’ school Years ago our public schools were used to train young empire leaders and spread the message of the English empire on a very christian basis. All these public schools were founded on a christian and charitable basis, although they are called public they are fee funded private schools. Well this fil traces the young and eager Mr chips and the love of his school and pupils it shows his life story and as he dies of old age all his past pupils come and say good bye to him. Oh it’s a tear jerker. It’s in black and white as well so it adds to the atmosphere.
    I also like it’s a wonderful life and Jimmy stewert in Harvey


    “Its A Wonderful Life” is one of my favorite spiritual movies too. But the one I like most of all is “Contact” with Jody Foster. It always leaves me awestruck no matter how many times I’ve seen it.:hearts:


    GHOST was my favorite movie. Always was…shortly after my dh passed and I was CRAVING a sign, I watched it.

    Mrs Mike C


    The Lake House is a new favorite of mine …


    Hello Dave I’m a Lancastrian living in Maidstone, never get much opportunity to get up to London although the train station is right on my doorstep.:wave:


    I have always liked the film “Resurrection” starring Ellen Burstyn.

    One of the things that always fascinated me was that this film wasn’t pretty. Everything about it wasn’t all tied up nice ‘n’ neat where everyone was happy.

    It felt real to me because the woman suffered. First from being alienated from her father, and then how she came to possess her healing gift – through a terrible accident where she “died.” Or almost did.

    Nothing about her gift was easy. She paid a tremendous price for being different. And then she went away and hid from everyone out in the desert.

    And the final scene where she healed the sick, little boy was stunning.

    She was a simple and unaffected special human being.

    It grips me inside just to write about it.




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