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    Phigalilly wrote:
    I’m Taurus, as anyone who’s ever tried to make me do something I didn’t want to do will tell you.

    As someone who lives with a Taurus, I can attest to the truthfulness of this statement! :laff2:


    Virgo here!! I’m on the Leo- Virgo cusp. I haven’t been on lately just wanted to say hello and hope everyone is doing well!!



    :laff2: So far by the poll I am correct in my statement…….lol…it has been a long winter… :jumper: :thumbsup: :love: is in the air!!!

    Pam B

    For those of you who, like me, are “astrologically challenged” ;) here’s a list of birhdates and the signs. The links will lead you to your astrological forecast prepared by Sandy Anastasi, for the John Edward Workshop attendees, and :

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    Thanks, Pam —-> from one who is also in the astrologically challenged category. :D

    maria V
    Pam wrote:
    Are there “world averages” of signs, or does it pretty much break out into equal 12ths or 8.334 per sign?

    I don’t have statistics on this from any astrological source, BUT, back when I was trying to get pregnant I read a lot about fertility and I learned that the great majority of children are conceived in the cooler months since the cool weather brings sperm count up. So, if you break this down into time zones and figure that (for example) in the eastern time zones, more children are conceived in the months Oct-Feb then it would mean there might be more people in the zodiac signs Aries-Virgo in THAT particular time zone.

    It would mentally exhaust me to try and figure out a world statistic but now I’m curious as well. :hmm:




    There is an astrological system I’m familiar with and have studied and looked into for validity. Here’s the theory in a nutshell:

    Your Sun sign is at a specific angle and degree from your exact Moon sign.

    Example: someone born at the full moon in the month of say, June 2.

    The sun would be app. 11 degrees Gemini.
    The moon would be appr. 11 degrees Sagittarius.
    This specific example I’m giving you is EXACT, meaning an 11 degree sun and an 11 degree moon in opposite signs are exactly 180 degrees away from each other, so for this female, every month you would look to the day that the sun and moon is EXACTLY opposite(in this case, 180 degrees) in signs…not necessarily 11 degrees
    but EXACTLY opposite IN degrees from each other that month at whatever the SUN/MOON degree was. In this theory, only the angle they make to each other is important. And each month, this angle has to match up with our original chart we’re using. Remember, the signs change every month, but there’s one day the angle DOES match. This is what you look for every month. Another person could have the sun/moon opposite but it may have moved away to 188 degrees…another person could be born just before the full moon at say, 176 degrees.It’s this exact angle in degrees we match up every month.

    To clarify further:

    Say we keep that sun at 11 degrees, but add 30 minutes to it.
    And say, the moon has moved to 14 degees, 20 minutes in another person’s chart. That SPECIFIC degree match-up and angle is what you’d want to look for between every SUN/MOON each month. Supposedly, that is a girl’s fertile time every month.

    Now, let’s discuss sex of the baby. There are feminine/masculine qualities associated with each of the signs. In this instance, Gemini/Sagittarius are masculine, so theoretically, getting pregnant during a Geminie/Sag sun/moon would give you a boy child. If the full moon occurred between Cancer/Capricorn in the latter part of the month of June when you got pregnant, you would produce a girl baby.It all depends on when the full moon is that year in June to tell you which sex would prevail.

    In the case of twins of a different sex, I always theorized that the Moon was changing signs that day frrom one sex to the other, and the eggs were fertilized under different signs.

    But see, this is where this theory fell apart for me. Because the sun/moon angle has moved for this to happen, it negates the principles in the theory that we’re using.

    I’ve tried it many times. In some instance, I can tell a girl when she had her last period without any more information than her exact sun/moon placements. Indeed, it worked in my case, I got pregnant during a full moon in Aries ,and I had a boy baby…Aries is a male sign, as is Libra.

    I’m sure there are other theories out there and maybe this one has been more perfected since I last looked into it.

    But it’s interesting, though!




    I’ve been taught that there are more babies born in August.

    I’ve been taught that there are more babies born in September.

    I’ve been taught that there are more people born under the sign of Virgo more than any other.

    Logically speaking, the answer to your questions would have to be pared down to something more specific:

    Are we talking the whole world here or just the US?

    Do the statistics break down differently year to year?

    I have never been able to find a definitive answer in this area.


    maria V

    Irish, your vast knowledge in astrology amazes me! You are a wealth of information — no wonder you had your own radio show.

    I think I understand the gist of what you are trying to explain with following a woman’s cycles and I’ve heard about it before but I’m still not advanced enough in my own studies to be able to get this theory in depth. I actually strongly believe that a woman’s ability to get pregnant is connected to the cycles of the moon. Does this fall into the field of medical astrology? I don’t know much on that subject but I have been taught that you should never have elective surgery when the moon is transiting through your sun sign because it weakens your body at this time.

    I also learned that one shold avoid surgery on or within 2 days before or after a full moon because one’s body fluid is too high and also to avoid surgery 2 days before or after a new moon because the body is too dry.

    I also learned that one shouldn’t schedule a surgery for the time when the moon will be in the sign ruling that particular body part (for example, don’t have elective foot surgery with a transiting pisces moon since pisces rules the feet).

    I would love to take a course in medical astrology someday and it’s great to be able to predict a woman’s cylcle for conception. I would have to check and see if this is true for me. I don’t have an exact conception time for my daughter BUT I know that my son was conceived either the night before Thanksgiving 1998 or Thanksgiving night 1998. The moon would certainly have a major influence Cindy because I am one of those rare people who had the EXACT SAME due date for both of my children — August 18th. (Their birthdays are on the 10th and 13th). It would be interesting to figure this out based on the moon.

    BTW, I really enjoy having these discussions with you. I hope we can continue learning from one another and talk about many different areas in astrology that would benefit the whole board.

    Maria :o


    This is purely anecdotal, but the nurses in the obstetrics / gynocology dept. at the hospital I delievered in said that more women go into labor during the full moon. The area I come from is rural, yet there were nine of us in labor and ready to deliver in the wee hours of the morning. So many in fact that one of the ladies delivered in the hall and one in her room, as the delivery room was already occupied!


    I REALLY hope this is ok with you. Since you were so forthcoming in your post, I figure you’re ok with getting a little personal. I’ll try to be as polite as I can.

    Thanksgiving, 1998: the Sun was in Sagittarius, so using this (flawed as I stated )system, you should have been able to conceive when the moon was in Taurus on December 1, 1998, thereabouts, which is a female sign and should have yielded a girl child. The Aquarius moon should not have coincided with you getting pregnant.

    Now ,here’s an interesting hypothesis:
    Back up to November 5th-6th, 1998, when the sun/moon angle again mimics your natal chart, the moon would have been in Gemini, a male sign.

    Does this mean you conceived 3 weeks sooner than you thought? Possible, but only you would know that at this point. Barring that, though, this theory doesn’t work with you.

    However, INTERESTING POINT: if you DID conceive on Thanksgiving, 1998,
    the moon WAS in a male sign. So does this mean using Astrology to pick the best times to get your choice of sex for the child, by waiting for the corresponding moon sign to occur, could it turn out to be a legitimately helpful way towards meeting your goal?

    Don’t look at me…I’m the one standing in the back with a scowl on my face and another question on my lips. :hmm:

    If you believe only one thing I say, believe this: Astrology is in its infancy and we still have much to learn.


    By the way, Thanksgiving in 1998 DID occur on November 26th, correct?
    The moon changed into a female sign on Thanksgiving day. Odds are between the two days you mentioned, the turkey was basted the night before. ;)


    OOOH I know exactly when I got pregnant with one of my children! The date was Jan. 01, 1986. I can tell you the child was born Oct. 19th of the same year.

    Is the child a boy or a girl according to your method?

    (Dad was home one day in six months, so I know when :D )

    maria V
    Irish140 wrote:
    Odds are between the two days you mentioned, the turkey was basted the night before. ;)

    If you could only see how much I’m laughing my butt off right now! I like your humor Cindy :laff2:

    Now, I’ll put my serious hat on :seuss: for a minute and say I’m questioning just about everything I think I know about my life right now, up to and including when my “turkey was basted”.

    And don’t worry, I wasn’t embarrased at all by you using me as an example. :P

    Like you said, this is an imperfect science and we have a long way to go. But it sure is fun to be part of the journey learning about it isn’t it?

    Your fellow pioneer in astrology,



    Just one day in 6 months? You’d better make it count!!! :clink:

    Using our ,what’s unquestionably now, flawed theory:

    You were born, Tammy, with a male sun sign/female moon sign.

    So if the sun was in a female sign(Capricorn, January 1st) the Moon should have to be in a male sign for you to conceive.

    January 1, 1986: Moon in Virgo: that day and part of the next day, it’s a female sign. But using our pathetic theory, it should be a boy baby. Because since that’s the month you got pregnant, (during a female sun sign period), your moon sign should bring forth a boy baby.

    Another variable to the fact that even though you “celebrated” :thumbsup:
    during a female moon day, medically, I don’t know how long it actually “takes” to conceive. A day later when the moon moves into Libra, we’ve got a boy baby as well.See how research has to be done and all the variables have to be worked in to this process?

    So answer:

    According to the theory: boy baby.

    According to the sign of the moon on the 1st (virgo)…a girl baby.

    Where’s Sgrenard when we need him?



    Another Libra here.

    Irish 140…….I was concieved on December 31, 1962 at approximately 10:45pm. I was born October 17, 1963 at exactly 6:06pm. Apparently my parents were just about to sit down to Thanksgiving Dinner, when my mother’s water broke, and they rushed to the hospital. (Canadian Thanksgiving is not at the same time or month as the American Thanksgiving time.)
    So does your theory work with my times and dates?
    I’m just curious.


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