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    Hi Jacqui,

    We would need to do your mother’s chart because this theory is based on the sun/moon angle for her. If you privately e-mail me her data, we’ll get her chart to work from and take a look, ok?

    Just to re-clarify:

    The purpose of this theory, ( and it’s a weak theory at this point as far as I’m concerned) is to find the woman’s fertile period each month based on her sun/moon positions.

    Tammy’s moon is 106 degrees and 21 minutes away from her sun.
    Maria’s moon is 203 degrees and 29 minutes away from HER sun.

    Every month, the sun and the moon are these degrees away from each other.Every month when the sun and moon match the angles of each of their charts, according to this theory, that is their fertile time.

    In Maria’s case, in 1998, that occurred on November 5th, not on Thanksgiving night or thereabouts which Maria stated. So, either the theory didn’t work for her or there’s a miscalculation on her part.

    In Tammy’s case, we’re looking at January, 1986. The angle match-up occurred on Thursday, January 16th, not the first. So the theory didn’t work here, either.

    As far as the sex of the baby…in Maria’s case, the night she thought she got pregnant, it WAS a male moon sign. Now, the next time her angles came around again, the date was December 5th, 1998, but that would have yielded a girl baby. That’s why I went back to the November date for her, because then it would support both the fertile theory and give us a male moon sign, which would correlate perfectly.

    In Tammy’s case, she hasn’t said what the baby was, but using the theory and if it proves correct, it should be a boy baby. We’ll wait and see what she says and discuss this more from that point.

    We’re really dealing with two different theories…fertile periods and the sign the moon is in at the time of conception. But to say, I want a son, I’m fertile tonight and the moon will be in a male sign all night so, I’m going for it, is still not certain, because…do we know how long it takes for conception to actually take place? Say the moon moves into a female sign the next afternoon…can’t conception take several hours after sex (even a day or so in some cases) for the egg to actually become impregnated? The moon could have moved into the next sign, and would yield a girl child then.

    We’re dealing with so many variables that are out of our control and in Mother Nature’s hands! But if the fertile theory worked to perfection, it would satisfy both golas, to find when we can become pregnant and to achieve the sex of the baby we desire.

    To be continued…


    I know all about Canadian holidays…I live right across the river from the Canadian border. In fact, I can see your Canadian lights from my bedroom window!


    He is indeed a boy baby :D The theory has some holes in it, but in this case it proved true.


    Another Gemini reporting in! I was born on June 10th, 1954 at 5:05 AM. I was a “honeymoon” baby. My parents were married on Sept. 12, 1954. Mom is a Leo, Dad is under Libra (same b’date as JE).

    My huband is an Aquarian, my son is a Leo (married to an Aquarian), oldest daughter is a Sagittarius (married to an Aquarian), youngest daughter is a Scorpio (married to a Leo).

    Grandchildren: Oldest daughter’s 3 children: 10 yr. old boy is a Leo, 8 yr. old girl is also a Leo, 5 yr. old boy is Aquarius; Son’s 3 girls: 5 yr. old is Aries, middle girl is Scorpio, youngest girl is also Aries (shares b’day with big sister).

    How’s that for a family history? :laff2:

    Blessings to All,
    NO. VA


    ok here’s another one for y’all

    My dad was born Dec. 13, Capricorn….I was born Sept. 13, Virgo
    My mom was born on Jan. 23, Aquarius, My brother was born Sept. 23, Libra-Virgo…..
    I also married an aquarius Feb. 11th
    My nephews are a Virgo..Sept. 6 and Capricorn Dec. 20

    Just thinking about mine, my dad’s, my mom’s and my brother’s birthday are all on the same days, but different months!! :jumper: :jumper:


    Another Virgo here…

    but with a Scorpio rising and an Aries moon.

    Scarey huh?!! :surprise:


    Pieces here ;) and that is all I know about it.

    But the only thing I can say for sure is that the sun has set and the moon is up :laff2:

    o.k., so I am not real good at this – but I love reading what everyone else has written. I am reading though…..



    Here is a helpful link for those of you who are interested in how the placement of the sun and moon in your chart effect your fertility.


    We finally got a Sagittarius – now we just need an Aries and we’ve got 100% coverage. Calling all Aries…………….



    Taurus – “Moo” :)


    I’m a Virgo (cusp of Leo) – like Vanessa. And for Unicorn – the correct term is … Virgin! :D

    John actually addressed the issue of having his son born a Libra instead of Virgo at the Toronto seminar (Oct 10) … he said he likes Virgos (especially our very organized nature) and if his son felt a compelling NEED to be a Virgo, that would have been okay with him (after all, then his son would keep his room clean!) … and I think he said something else about Libras getting along well with Virgos …

    So far Virgos rule :)! and it looks like earth signs are ruling as well …


    At the time of this posting here are the results for the four elements represented in this poll:

    Coming in first are the earth signs @ 17
    Following in close second are the air signs @ 15
    Closing the gap are the water signs @ 14
    Coming in last place are the fire signs @ 2

    I predicted we’d have alot of air signs and we do, but I was mistaken about the fire signs :hmm: I wonder how many have a fire sign as their ascendant? Many times people’s outward expression of themselves are represented by their rising sign (asc).

    If you know the element of your ascendant (rising sign) please post it :D


    My ascendant sign is also earth – and actually, I have no fire! :surprise:

    maria V

    My ascendant is Aries – fire.



    As I’ve just posted on another thread – I haven’t got a clue!!

    :shrug: :confused:



    If you e-mail me through my profile with your birth data including your time of birth and place, I’ll let you know what your rising sign is.

    It only takes me a moment to skip over to my program and punch it in.

    Let me know if you wanted it posted here or back to you in private. :thumbsup:


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