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    Gemini here! :)

    Pam B

    You can post mine too Cindy! (Or anything else from my chart.) Count me in as “clueless” too. :)


    If you know the element of your ascendant (rising sign) please post it.

    ha! I know nothing about anything! :rolleyes:


    Lest anyone think I actually know anything about this – I don’t! I only know what I was told – I was born a Virgo with Virgo rising – which, quite frankly confuses :confused: the heck out of me. And, Cindy, if it’s not possible to be Virgo/Virgo, let me know and I’ll send you my info.
    Actually, let me edit that – my info is: Seattle, Washington – August 25, 1962, 7:21 a.m. :D You can post anything you’d like to about me. :laff2:



    That sound you heard was me hitting my head on the floor as I kerplunked in a heap…you WANT to openly discuss your planets? :jumper:

    You guys have got to realize that I have been bothering Pam for about 3 years now with all my astrological ramblings. And this is astrologically significant on her part because she has an abundance of the most private of signs in her chart:

    Pam has 4 planets in the sign of Scorpio…a very sensitive, private, water sign who doesn’t trust easily or choose to make themselves vulnerable by openly sharing a lot about themselves. They do it in dribs and drabs over a period of time as they become more comfortable with who they’re sharing WITH.

    Pam’s moon is in Capricorn, a down to earth, pratical and also once again, very reserved sign. It’s not an emotional sign for an emotional planet(the Moon) to be in. But it does add to her reticence in sharing her private feelings with just anybody. Her mother should have been a no-nonsense kind of person who wanted her to behave and be responsible. It’s sensitive, too, in that it’s not comfortable sharing emotion because the natural instinct is to protect the emotions , not flaunt them. When you spend that much time trying to control an aspect that’s ,by it’s nature not always controllable, by a rebound effect, you’re VERY sensitive.

    Her Moon and Sun are in nice aspect (angle) to each other…so they help balance each other. Scorpio people scare me…they do! Don’t P*** them off, they know how to strike back!

    Pam’s Mars is in Taurus…what a placement for following through and inner strength. She’s as stubborn as a rock and just as easy to move when she doesn’t want to. :D It opposes her stuff in Scorpio, so she sometimes works as cross purposes with herself, and she’s had to learn the art of diplomacy in getting along with others. But people are drawn to her rock solid feeling of character strength…people ,though ,don’t realize how sensitive SHE is with all the Scorpio, so she suffers in silence alone sometimes.

    Her rising sign is Gemini, I mean Taurus…no I mean Gemini. Well, according to her birth time it’s Gemini, but I’ve met her and talked to her…I think she’s got Taurus rising. I’m giving myself an INCARN headache again! I throw this out to you…YOU decide! :o

    She has a past life tie with John Edward…it’s with her North Node in the sign of Libra on his planets in Libra as well. She’s also got some other significant tie-ups, but we respect his privacy here so let’s just say it’s there.

    Scorpios , in general, have gone through a rebirth of sorts.With Pam it started way back in the end of 1985 as the planet Pluto started having its way with all her Scorpio planets.All of 1993 was spent being forced to reevaulate what meant the most to her. Very heavy, sometimes painful time. Then as Neptune and Uranus started waltzing with her Moon in Capricorn as well in ’94-95…Pam started looking for answers and contentment in metaphysics. Her journey began 20 years ago, her seeking grew from that.

    You don’t just suddenly wake up someday and say, I’m going to go find John Edward. It’s a meandering path we take that brings us all here to this point in time.

    I guess we’re all ready together to learn these lessons now.We just found our way on different roads. :love:



    I have always wondered why Virgos get such a bad rap- from John especially?? LOL



    I’ve been reading around the board little snippets that eluded to the fact that John so didn’t want his son to be born a Virgo that he held off the birth for a Libran baby…is this true…did anyone actually hear him say that in person?

    Please clarify if you know…not by word of mouth…but by actually hearing what John DID say.

    Something doesn’t add up…it doesn’t sound like something John would do for the reasons I’m hearing he did it.



    I heard him say it! He was on the radio with Michelle and Vicky – I was listening to it. Angelina has a clip of it on her site. He says that he made sure Justin wasn’t a Virgo – and that her studio must be very neat and tidy because she is a Virgo!

    Let me know if you want the link!



    I heard John speak about having his son be born a Libra rather than a Virgo when I went to Toronto – I think I posted about this before. What he said, as nearly as I can remember, was not that he preferred that his son NOT be a Virgo, but that he (son) have the same sign as him (dad). The entire conversation about this was VERY light and VERY fun. He talked about the Dr’s reaction to his request – which was, basically, “if this was anyone else, I’d think you were nuts. :D ” And he mentioned Sandra raised her eyebrows as well – she was VERY ready to go ahead and have the C-section the day they visited the Dr. (Which, if I remember correctly was on the Wednesday before the Tuesday he was born.) I must say, as a Virgo, I wasn’t offended at all by what he said. :)


    Cindy, look at page 20 in John’s book, “After Life”. He held off the delivery date on purpose so Justin would be a Libra.


    Thanks, guys for letting me know.I guess you can tell now, I haven’t read his book yet! :P

    Thanks, Theresa, for the clip and I’ll get back to you shortly. Let me read up on all this.

    One opinion I have right away:

    I believe we ALL, to a person, choose our parents and our birth day. If little Justin had wanted to be born under the sign of Virgo , nothing John could have done would have stopped him.

    I believe that in the World of the Spirit and Universal Love…ALL IS CHOICE.

    I’ve got some other opinions on what John did ,though, and I’ll share them later. (Yeah, like THAT surprises you!) :cool:


    And another thing…I’ve met A LOT of messy Virgos in my life! And I say this with great affection for the sign because I have a Virgo Moon…(I love to do laundry…I love the heat and the sounds of the machines and the smell of the detergent) Oh, I’m feeling poetic!


    My girlfriend was telling me that there are Virgos who are very tidy and there are those who are the opposite. For example, a virgo in my life, went from one extreme to the other extreme. Very organized and tidy to not organized or tidy. You can tell when this Virgo is happy or not, by her surroundings.


    My sign is Gemini and my rising sign is Gemini! Does this mean I’m actually quadruplets, not Twins? ;)

    Moon is in Libra.
    I was born on June 10, 1954 at 5:05 AM EDT in Brooklyn, New York.

    Blessings to All,

    NO. VA


    @erdugal]My sign is Gemini and my rising sign is Gemini! Does this mean I’m actually quadruplets, not Twins? ) …………………….[/QUOTE wrote:

    :laff: rofl :goofy: :lwink:

    That cracked me up!!


    I’ve heard it said that your ascendant sign (rising sign) is the mask you wear; the way you present yourself to the outside world. So someone could meet you and think you’re an Aries, when actually you’re a Libra. Why? Because they see Aries traits in you.

    You’re still essentially a Libra, but to strangers and people you casually know, you present your “mask” of Aries.

    I hope that helps explain what a rising sign is.

    It’s pretty important to look at your whole chart to understand how astrology works. Astrology is not what you read in the local paper, not really. Those are general ‘forecasts’ that all people of your sign should be experiencing to some degree at that time. For example, let’s say Venus is passing through the constellation of Libra. This would effect all Libras to some degree. There are however other things going on in your chart that could balance that out, or make it worse. Without looking at your personal chart, you cannot say how much or how little that would effect you personally.

    I hope that helps. I also hope that it means all you who are interested (even a little bit) will get your charts done (for FREE on Astrodeinst, or Astro dot com) and look at where the planets were at the time of your birth. Remember, these charts can be pulled up as clickable, which means you can learn about what the placement of say Pluto means in your personal chart. :) A trained Astrologist (such as Cindy) can do a forecast for the day, month or year (or longer) based on the same information.

    What you need to know: The time and place of your birth. Type it in ~ it couldn’t be easier :)

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