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    @erdugal]My sign is Gemini and my rising sign is Gemini! Does this mean I’m actually quadruplets, not Twins? ) [/QUOTE wrote:

    Hi Linda,

    I’m busting a rib over here! Just in case it was a serious question, this means that people see you as a Gemini when they meet you. Affiable, funny, charming and maybe a little bit of a prankster. The Geminis in my life have a childlike zest for life ~ gotta love geminis! :love:


    No, I wasn’t being serious – just one of my (4) other personalities peeked out for a moment! :D Being a “Twin” is hard enough sometimes, heaven knows where I’d be if I had to try controlling 4 of me! :eek:

    Blessings to All,

    NO, VA


    Can I make a comment here?

    I think Gemini Rising is one of the easiest rising signs to see.

    They’re above average in height(unless Saturn is very close to the ascendant)
    they have an elongated face, long fingers, long toes, a clear “look” to their eyes. Just a very distinctive look over-all that shouts Gemini!

    If you have the preceding sign rising instead, though, you’d be much shorter, your face would be much more square/round in shape, indeed your body would be more square -looking and compact .If you’re not tall, chances are you don’t have Gemini rising.

    My husband is a perfect example of Gemini rising, even though he is a Taurus sun sign: Long face, 6’6″ tall. And he wears a size: 15 shoe!

    My son is supposedly a double Gemini: Gemini sun/Gemini rising.
    He’s only about 6′.(that’s short in his family.)He has a very round to square shaped face, he moves when he wants where he wants, and not a moment sooner…he’s no way a Gemini rising sign! He’s got a very wide neck…it was 18 inches last time I asked!

    Subscribe to the OJ astrological theory: if it don’t fit…well, you know the rest!




    Well, then according to the description, I don’t fit the Gemini rising profile as I’m 5 1/2″ and have a square (Norwegian) face. Don’t genetics play a part in how you turn out too? Both of my parents are below average height.

    Looking at my chart, Gemini is my ascending sign and Cancer is in both my 2nd and 3rd house(s).

    Blessings to All,

    NO. VA

    Pam B

    :laff2: Cindy! I’ve got strong feelings about discussin OP charts: Other People. It’s part of my “respect the absent” thing. You can discuss ME all day long, just not people who aren’t here to defend themselves!

    Hmmm wow, you make me sound more interesting than I think I am! I agree with some and none of what you say above, about me. The dates are pretty correct. In 1985 I started getting the nerve to get out of a 15 year relationship that was abusive and didn’t fit any longer, and started focusing more on me, than on my abusive partner. It’s possible that what you say about the other time periods are correct too.

    You can email me about the JE connection stuff if you want. I’m skeptical about that, only because I think if it’s even true, it’s not something I’m supposed to know or think about, but I’m mildly curious enough to remain opened minded to what you have to say about that.

    Now here’s my question. What about the stuff that I don’t agree with?



    Genetics would certainly play a part, but would only modify things. If 5’1″ is tall for your family, maybe, but even then, you don’t sound like Gemini rising .

    Astrology is not supposed to be a hit or miss situation. Either Gemini rising is tall or it’s short. If not, what’s the point in using it if anything goes and there’s no order and consistency…especially with the rising sign, because that’s the sign that describes your personal appearance, along with your sun sign.

    But please, don’t let me bully you into thinking the way I do…you have to decide it you agree with me or not, if it feels right for you or not.

    In my book, though, you probably don’t have Gemini rising. But if you can live with the incompleteness of it all, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

    Keep in mind one thing though: and it’s very important…

    You may have Gemini rising by progression and that can last for years in your life, affecting you very much. But once it moves on to Cancer, there will be no doubt in your mind, that that Gemini influence you’ve felt all along was transient.




    Being a Gemini, I’m not locked into this theory. I rely on those who have more knowledge of the subject that I do. I enjoy studying astrology, though I haven’t really done it in great depth. I really need to crack open those books I bought last year when I was on my astrology kick! (Typical Gemini – with fingers in lots of pots simultaneously).

    So…………do you think I might have Cancer rising? :confused:

    Blessings to All,

    NO. VA



    To quote that great seer, Shirley MacLaine ;) :
    “I’m not a Teacher, I’m a Learner.”
    I’m just giving my opinion here…just shedding some of what I’ve been taught in the past from people whose opinions I respect.

    If you have a chart where the birth time off the birth certificate was used, you should always study the rising sign that comes because of that. So if in your chart it says you have Gemini rising, ,the more apt sign it might turn out to be is the one just in front of it, Taurus.

    Reset your mind temporarily, and explore Taurus rising as it pertains to yourself.Don’t box yourself in to a place where there are no new possibilities.

    When it comes to astrology, isn’t the breadth of this subject unbelievable?




    Astrology has always held a fascination for me. The first book I ever read on this subject was Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs” (years ago) and I was hooked.

    I am curious to know what type of program you have, where you obtained it and what information does it provide?

    Also, I’ve been reading the descriptions of both the Taurean Rising and Gemini Rising and the Gemini Rising still sounds more like me than Taurus, but I am going to keep investigating and keep my mind open.
    I found the information on

    Gemini Rising: When Gemini rises, the need for challenge and a tendency to enjoy taking risks can emerge, and the need for freedom of expression within a permanent relationship is something that must not be ignored, and indeed will have to be accepted by a partner. It is often the case that while this type is as versatile as someone with a Gemini Sun-sign, they can be more attracted to working through a great variety of projects in turn, rather than having many different jobs on the go at the same time. This is, in essence, a good thing for them, for restlessness can be a more deep-rooted problem than they may care to admit to, or accept.

    My Moon in Libra: People with the Moon in Libra are excellent in a crisis, since they do not panic; they will wait calmly until told what to do, then take action. They can also under such circumstances calm others who are scared or nervous. Kindness and a sympathetic response are also paramount: here is a good listener, someone who will at once try to make life easier for other people, a peacemaker at a moment’s notice. This is the right person to calm two warring factors and to do a great deal indeed to ease any kind of strain.

    I am going to check out other web sites tho’ to compare different definitions as the definitions may vary a bit. Who knows what I might discover!

    Blessings to All,

    NO. VA


    First of all, thank you to Theresa for e-mailing me that radio excerpt of John discussing Justin’s birth and why he wanted his baby to be a Libran…I think it’s off of Angelina’s site. Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy it, because my husband doesn’t like RealPlay and doesn’t have it in our system.

    I did, however, read about what he had to say about delaying Justin’s birth until a week later ,so his baby would be born a Libran. I looked at Justin’s planets and I want to make a lot of comments, but I realize that we really don’t have John’s permission to discuss his child in such a deep and personal way as this.

    I will say this much, though. I’m sort of surprised at the day he chose that week because there was another one a couple days later that had even more good aspects. But I did see one of the reasons he might have chosen September 25th. The moon was in Taurus that day…having moon in Taurus is, over-all a beautiful sign to have the moon in…you’re the eye in the midst of any storm with the people in your life, your Mother is your champion, the moon is exalted in this sign! But even the moon was challenged that day, so I don’t know!

    I really don’t think John did it in response to something negative against Virgos by not wanting Justin to be born under that sign . I can totally understand wanting, especially if you have the choice, your baby to be as compatible with you and the other parent as possible. Most of us don’t have that option. When life grants you such an opportunity, why NOT take it? (Yeah, I’m sure Sandra was thrilled, waiting a week. :rolleyes: )

    I wonder if he had the option of actually picking the time she delivered? With Sandy Anastasi as his partner, they could have picked a made to order chart, almost.That is if the doctor was VERY accommodating!

    I wouldn’t want to make that more in-depth decision, myself. And I believe we pick our time to come into this world ourselves,anyway.

    Without getting more personal, we’ll have to leave it at this.


    Amy Rose

    sorry im late in posting this–ive just discovered this section lol

    im a scorpio baby!!! :)


    I just checked my birth certificate. It must be a copy because it doesn’t have the time of my birth . :hmm: Is there any way you can determine the allignments of the planets ?



    Superwoman Aries here :D

    Aries = Sun
    Aries = Moon
    Aquarius = Ascending

    Guess I needed that Aquarius ascending to mellow me out a little after my daily butt kickings… :laff2:

    My son is a Virgo, and omigosh he is the most wonderful spiritual being God could send to this Earth to share his life with me… what a Blessing. :angel:

    My daughter is a Sagittarius and basically a little “Mini-Me”! Can’t keep them fire signs down ya’ll, she’ll just have to be a spiritual warrior with me… :thumbsup:


    I’ve been wondering if the reason Earth and Air signs lead this poll (20 each as of this posting) – when the prediction was Fire, followed by Air – has more to do with Earth and Air signs being more likely to be techies – and thereby more likely to join an e-community. I don’t know this, I’m asking our Astrologically-knowledgeable friends. Are Earths and Airs more into technology – or perhaps more into community-building? The Fires are still way behand all the other signs (7 as of this posting – the only single-digit group).

    Aquacat wrote:
    Aquarius of course…:cool: Hence the Aqua, and cat is for my chinese astrological sign (also known as the rabbit…but I prefer cat) Moon in Aquarius, and Virgo rising.

    OMG I missed this when it was first posted! I know this poster and just want to say that I adore her :)


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