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    This morning a white dove showed up on my jeep looking at me through our window. I know white means purity and represents the holy spirit. In the past when I was young a bird hit our window and my Mom said some one had died in our family. White doves I understand can also mean illness and death. I find it great to see one as all the doves we have here are the grey mourning doves. Since I have been having difficulty the last 2 to 3 years I am hoping that its means good tiding. Thanks , and many blessings.


    I too would consider it a blessing. For me white doves symbolize that satisfactory outcome of some event or prayer. I always get a ‘well done’ feeling when I see a white dove.


    Well I got some good news today , but when I saw the dove the same day I got a new white cat/kitten. Today I got a repreave from paying my garbage collection from the owner of the sanitation company. I have filed chapter 13 and according to them if I include my old house which by the way I gave away to my ex is sold I would again be debt free. Now if only I would get disabilty for my MS (Multiple Scerosis) . I would be able to live comfortable. As we all like to live comfortable. Thanks for your answer. I have always tried to help others , and I still do when I can.


    For me white birds have always meant messages from spirit.

    I think thats why my mom likes to use them as signs.

    Maybe, your sign was that good news is on the way.

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