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    Pam B

    I was sitting here perusing my Hay House catalog, and I wondered what authors everyone here likes to read. Select as many as apply, and if you don’t see your favorite author on the list, please tell us who it is, and why :)


    Pam, I think this is a great question. One of my favorite authors so far – and I have a lot of reading to go – is Brian Weiss. He really opened up my life to the idea of reincarnation. The more I read the more my point of view and life changes in a positive way.

    I look forward to reading some other authors. Thanks for the poll – i look forward to seeing what everyone else thinks! :)


    I voted Dr Brian Weiss, but I have only read books on three authors on the list. Dr Weiss is truly amazing! I have read three of his books, two of them twice and each time I read them, I fall in love with the message even more. I feel like my life has been affected profoundly just by reading these books! I hope he keeps writing……


    I just discovered Dr. Brian Weiss this summer, thanks to the people on this board! I love his books and his message really speaks to me. I also like Gary Zukav and Seat of the Soul, though deep, was one of the books that got me started on my journey into spirituality. I also like Karen Kingston and Denise Linn for their books on Feng Shui and Creating Sacred Space. I am really interested in Doreen Virtue, (again thanks to all yoou readers on this board!), and have requested a couple of her books from my library. My list is never-ending….so many books, so little time….:cool:

    Pam B

    I like Weiss also, and I’m hoping to get his latest Regression book and CD as soon as the funding is available ;)

    I absolutely love anything that Carolyn Myss does. Her 2 tape series on “Anatomy of the Spirit” really hit home with me. (She ties in the Chakras, the Judaic Tree of Life, and the Christian Holy Sacraments, and shows how they all really represent the same concepts.) “Spiritual Madness” really answered some questions about why I was going through a “dry spell” spiritually, and gave me hope :)

    I also love Joan Borysenko. She also has this “whole life” approach and is very knowledable about many differenet spiritual disciplines, past and present. A Woman’s Book of Life helped me to understand why it’s so touch to just be a female in this world, and her “Innvocation of the Angels” meditations made me cry like a baby the first time I did it – it was so healing!

    I’m right there with you Kimk – so many books, so little time.

    These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves.
    –Gilbert Highet

    I live for books.
    –Thomas Jefferson

    Nature and Books belong to the eyes that see them.

    My best friend is someone who gives me a book I have not yet read.
    — Abe Lincoln.

    Pam B

    Just a reminder – that you can click “as many as apply” (more than one answer)

    Mr. Weiss is quite popular! :)


    Pam, Where’s John? He surely gets my vote, since I have about 3 printed copies of Crossing Over and I also have it on tape. I have a bookmark with a quote on it from Cicero which says “A room without books is as a body without a soul.” So true, I would be lost without books. Kim :D


    Well, I am surprised JE is not listed, too. Richard Bach is one of my all time favorites. Although most of his work was supposedly somewhat fictional….he had a lot of truth and spiritualism throughout his work. Great ideas and theories. The one I recommend most is “One.” Shirley MacLaine and Jess Stearn got me started on my journey with their reincarnation books. Lynn Andrews is an author who writes about Native American culture/riturals and spiritualism and I enjoy her work also. I also like Dan Millman’s work. Since I’ve been into this for over 20 years some of my authors may not be “current” favorites.
    I chose Louise Hay because I have a few little books of hers that I always refer back to. I too have too many new books and so little time, only14 days until teacher workshop begins.

    Thanks for the poll Pam…but please put JE on the list!

    Love & light,

    Pam B

    Mea Culpa! I just assumed that John was on everyone’s list already :read2: please fagive me! :laff:

    I added him to the list and gave him 2 votes, one each for POOH, and for Kim :)


    I was with you and assumed that JE was on the TOP of everyone’s list! LOL

    Please add my vote as I can’t seem to do it myself. Thanks!


    Well I started with James Van Prauugh, then I graduated to Sylvia Brown.

    Then I discovered John Edward (he sorta spoiled it for me). Then from all the talk around here, I looked into Doreen Virtue and Brian Weiss (all I have read so far is his Regression book but haven’t listened to the CD yet).

    And as JE only has the three books, and his tapes, which I probably have memorized by now. I started getting into the books that Doreen Virtue has out about “Angels” and I kinda like her style and knowledge on the subject to.

    :) Susanna



    i quite like reading tracy harding as she has a lot of different concepts, that deal with healing, past life, future life, atlantis, et’s, time travel, wee folk etc.



    Stephanie, I just finished reading The Camino by Shirley MacClaine. If the topics you mention interest you, you might find this an interesting read.

    The book tells of her journey and self-discovery while walking El Camino (a spiritual pilgrimage walk) in Spain. I found her writing to be an easy read and enjoyable, if sometimes difficult to “wrap my brain around”. She seems to have had quite an interesting experience during this trip that a lot of people might find hard to believe. I haven’t decided where I stand on it yet, but have learned not to disparrage what others say they have experienced. You never know! ;)


    thanks doodledink

    i have also read a book by Shirley MacClaine called ‘out on a limb’.
    it was some years ago now, maybe 9years ago, i also saw the movie from the same book.

    I will look out for the book that you mentioned.

    I have been into psychic stuff for possibly 10 years now. that was when i left my husband. I wanted to start my journey and although the times were hard i have very much enjoyed myself. I now have a partner of 5 years, he and our 4 sons are all into this stuff as i call it.

    thanks for listening


    I LOVE JE but I also have to group Shakti Gawain in there too. Her book Living in the light came my way the SAME week that I learned of JE…..What a gift!

    Did I mention that I love JE too :)

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