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    I selected Joan B, Gary Z, Loise Hay, John Edward, Doreen Virtue and OTHER. That other author is Eileen J. Garrett, and I’ve just finished reading her memoir “Many Voices.” It’s a hard to get book that one can only find via used bookstores or online used books. Though her wording at times was strange to me (she was seventy four years old when I was born and was raised in Ireland) I loved every word. She was skeptical of her mediumistic, clairvoyant and channeling skills, and searched her life through for valid answers to what was going on. As a result she was tested by some of the greatest minds of her time.

    Eileen Garrett is inspirational to me for looking at length for answers to her questions. She was a very lovely lady and that shines through in this book.

    I’d also like to add Edgar Cayce, though most of the books I’ve read re: him, were not by him but about him. :)


    OTHERS !!!

    JE of course but I also really like Rosemary Altea. Her life is very interesting from her abusive childhood to her tramendous work she now does as a healer, psychic and teacher.

    I also enjoy Susan Northorp. She has great sence of humor, is direct and her books are an enjoyable read.:read2: :read2:


    John Edward,
    Of course, goes without saying,
    My list includes:
    Sandy Goodman
    Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski
    Brian Weiss
    Char Margolis
    John Holland
    Bill and Judy Guggenheim
    Susy Smith
    Suzane Northrop
    Gary Schwartz


    John Edward is easily #1 in my book, but I also really liked Hello From Heaven by Bill & Judy Guggenheim, and Dr. Brian Weiss is very good, too. Has anyone read Eden Gray’s books on the Tarot? I thought that they were very explanatory and well-written.


    Of course like all of you John Edward is at the very top of my list!
    I also have to mention “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” by Harold S. Kushner. His book has really given me a lot to think about. It was a saving grace for my mother when she needed help the most! Like John’s books, I have read it several times and learn something new each time. I highly recommend it.
    I have just started reading Dr.Brian Weiss-“Many Lives Many Masters” So far I am really enjoying it-if only I had more uninterrupted time:read2:


    I voted for JE (of course), Doreen Virtue, and Marianne Williamson, but I also have to say that I love Suzane Northrop (and I voted for her in the “other” category). She has a great sense of humor and wit, and much like JE, that, um, how shall I describe it? . . . “New York (Long Island) style” – of writing, of mediumship, and just of living in general I think! ;) I actually am reading her book “Everything Happens for a Reason” right now, and love it!

    I haven’t read Brian Weiss and Gary Zukav, but I have books by both of them in my “to read” pile on my dresser, which I am very much looking forward to! :D

    Hugs, love, and light-


    Ok, I love all of JE books and just ordered all the CD’s.
    I just finished Many Lives, Many Masters too by Brian Weiss and enjoyed that.
    I’ve read some Sylvia Browne, And just ordered Everything Happens For A Reason by Suzane Northrop.

    I’m wondering why no one has mentioned George Anderson.
    I have read some of his books and am now reading Walking Through The Garden Of Souls and I am finding an abundance of comfort in it.
    Am I stepping on some invisible toes here??

    Grandma Jo@nn


    Hi Jodi, there are a lot of books out there by many mediums. George Anderson’s abilities are well known. We try to limit our discussions on here to mediums John has publicly endorsed.

    There are other good books by well known and very good mediums out there but we have to have some way to to keep this site focused on John’s messages. Other mediums and their books can be freely discussed on Spirit Discovery when it has completed it’s move to here.

    Gail :)


    Gail, thank you for the information. Now I understand the “rules”!! LOL

    I guess John has a long list of people he endorses!! ;)

    That is what confused me. So many names but not all!! Got it now!!

    Grandma Jo@nn


    One of my favorite spiritual authors is Matthew Fox. I absolutely love his book, Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh. I’ve read it, and reread it, and written all over the pages, and carried it around with me hoping I’d get stuck waiting in a line somewhere.

    I also like Thomas Merton, Dominic Crossan, Julian of Norwich, Thomas Moore, Raine Eisler, and Karen Armstrong.:thumbsup:


    Gee, I can think of two more that are missing on the voting roster. Robert Brown and Suzann Northrop.

    I had a private reading with Robert Brown the end of October 2003 and it was amazing!!! He has a wonderful book out also.

    Originally posted by Pam
    I was sitting here perusing my Hay House catalog, and I wondered what authors everyone here likes to read. Select as many as apply, and if you don’t see your favorite author on the list, please tell us who it is, and why :)

    Sharon Parrish

    Another Author that I really like is Michael Newton. He wrote Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. For people who are interested on what it is like between lives, you will enjoy these books. They provide case studies of people who go through past-life regressions and recall what the spirit world is like. You will want to read Journey of Souls first — you need to go through the Journey to reach your Destiny!



    I just wanted to say thanks to y’all. I am new here and I’m just starting to develope my psychic abilities and this was a great idea to post “Who are your favorite authors?” I love to read and have plenty of time to pick up a book, however, I just didn’t know which books were the best to read. Y’all have given me great insight on the authors and what their books are about. Now I can go to the library with a big list and learn more on these subjects. :read2: Thanks so much, this is so helpful!



    I adore Brian Weiss, James Van Praagh and Michael Newton. My goal is to one day go on an enlightenment cruise with Brian WEiss and James Van Praagh. Michael Newtons books just make so much sense to me. I re-read all three authors often.


    My MIL works at Barnes & Nobles and I just ordered 13 books added to the 9 I have already read! Doreen Virtue is very inspirational in her writings. She writes in a way that explains everything so easily. She gives you exercises to do as you read chapters and it really works. I’m so hooked on angels and they have helped me with my terrible hip pains etc. When you ask for them to be there it takes a sec to ask & they are making me feel better. I’m using her methods in my daily life and they are so comforting I’m tickled pink b/c the Dr.s can’t seem to help me, but Doreen has. I highly recommend her books!!!
    love & Light,

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