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    OK, this my first attempt at making a poll. Hope you enjoy it.

    Who knows how reliable this poll will be, since we can’t check each and every one of you. Just be honest and remember that Others are watching…:D

    Pam B

    It’s realiable, in that you can’t vote twice, or change your vote :)


    I’ve said it in several posts. Saw John in Minneapolis. Jesse was the front man – I mean that literally. We were sitting about in the middle near the doors of this HUGE ballroom and Jesse was WAY UP FRONT. He mentioned that the show was going into syndication and then was quiet. At first I don’t think the audience realized what he was talking about and finally he said you will get to see him twice and the place went up in a roar of applause. With that John was introduced and the night began. It was a memorable night for me as well as my son and daughter. It was a very talkative two hour drive home. So much to absorb, think about and just remember.



    I’m nervous now, Cece. Is this going to be graded?


    Sometime after this poll was started Mnt2Be had the same great idea, and posted a similar poll. I closed that one, and added the votes from that poll to this poll; as follows:

    9 had been to seminars
    2 had been to private one on ones.

    IF you voted in both polls, please post so the number can be fixed.

    :) Great minds think alike!



    Originally posted by KenC327
    I posted to both. I’ve been to a seminar.

    Okie dokie, will fix.

    :tech: Tammy

    Pam B

    < --- been to 4 seminars :blush: After the first one, every time I've gone to one I've said "Ok, now this is the LAST seminar I'm going to." And then either some kind couple ;) buy me a ticket, or Cyndy talks me into another one. :) NO Cyndy, I can NOT go to Connecticut! LOL!


    Good morning;

    I’ve been to two seminars, Phoenix and Anaheim. Got tickets to Salt Lake City, I’m soooo excited, driving to Las Vegas and flying over to Salt Lake, the seminar is suppose to be small only 600 people. I got a small mini reading in Phoenix, 1500 people there, I must say I am hooked I too keep saying this is the last seminar but what can I say. Is anyone else going to Salt Lake, I’d love to meet one of you. Kathie :D


    I know, I know, I’ve said this before but….saw him in San Francisco….got a reading!!!! it was incredible!!!

    Now I’m dying to see him again but so far he has not been in the Bay Area again….have relatives in MA and I’m very, very tempted to go to New Haven…mmmmmmm……

    :D Kim


    One seminar was close–Minneapolis, one far away –Charlotte. But Charlotte was so great because I meet some of the JE FRIENDS there!! And…..Psy, Pam etc, sent up balloons from Indy as I flew over!

    (((((JE Friends))))))

    Love, peace, and energy,


    I’ve been to 2 JE seminars. The first one was right after his book “One Last Time” came out. I didn’t not get a reading at that seminar, but it was a very small group of about 30 people in NJ, this was before he became so well known. (Before the television show, etc) and the readings that he did do at that seminar were just amazing. He lead us through a guided mediation and really sincerely wanted to help people to be able to communicate on their own. He is really genuinely a down-to-earth nice guy. I feel lucky to have been able to be a part of it. I wish I had gotten on his waiting list for a reading back then. Oh’well, you live and you learn. I also saw him this past spring when he was in NYC at a seminar in Madison Square Garden. I found this seminar to be wonderful as well. Even though there were thousands of people in attendance. He gave amazing readings for people in the audience that day. Hoping to get “Crossing Over” tickets one day.


    Hi, My name is Lisa. Im from Ny.I haven’t posted really but i will now. I love this topic! I’ve seen John Live and had a live call-in encounter with him actually but i will tell the story. I saw him in the gallery Oct 17,2000. I mailed in my ticket request the end of sept they called me a week later. I was like wow that was fast. I called my best friend we did the “Im going to be in the gallery” dance. I went with my father my best friend and her grandmother. We did not get read but i had an awesome time. I was so excited i didn’t sleep the night before at all! In the beginning of Jan 2001. John was on Live at 4 thats a new show they said he was gonna do call-ins i grabbed my phone i had already had 1-212 dialed waiting for the number they showed it on the tv bam i called it rang i said Oh my god. A guy answered right away im like yes i would like to talk to john edward. (I felt so weird). He took my name and number they called me back. I was on the phone watching the tv at the same time having an anxiety attack knowing its going to be LIVE! My mom was with me saying Lisa im scared, I said mom don’t be scared im talking to him not you.. I know this is long im gonna post again…….


    Ok Part 2. I get on the phone with him he says who do u want to connect with i said my grandmother. Well he started saying all this stuff i didn’t understand he heard me asking my mom. He goes put your mom on. I did then i heard him say on the Tv to her your dad is here. Her dad died 36 years ago when she was 12. Then he goes who was 1 in 5 he was one in 5. Then he goes june he died in june. He said your dad is with a short woman. Then out of nowhere he goes whos maryanne. That was the name of her grandmother then he said diabetes she died of diabetes. Ok now my mom is crying here on live tv! He also said there is a young baby girl there, her mom (my grandmother) had a baby sister that died. Shes in tears he got the name and what she died of. When i got the tickets a few months back she didn’t wanna come she said to me i knew they would want to talk to me. I said hey they did anyway! Well the one i wanted my grandmother didn’t come through i was a little sad. Everything he said was true down to the names, months and the cause of death. After that she wasn’t afraid to watch CO anymore. She watches with me now ;-). Shes a believer! But i always was. Thanks for listening! I know this was long! I wanted to share!

    God Bless!


    Bless your heart Lisa. Thanks for sharing. And you got readings twice! Way to go, Girl! (Glad your mom’s not afraid to watch him, now.) :)


    I was in the gallery last summer in July. It was GREAT. We got a short reading during the last segment of the day. No episodes have aired yet from that day, and it was almost four months ago! I wait and wait and wait for the day I will turn on the TV and see him wearing the charcoal gray jacket with the light blue t-shirt and black pants…
    I think he is just wonderful. Someone mentioned in another thread that TV does not do him justice, and that is the truth. Even if I never catch the episode with my sister and I on it, I can always cherish those few minutes, not to mention the privelege of seeing John work for the whole day. I was mesmerized.
    And give those folks a break who get amnesia! I used to scoff and get frustrated watching them, too, until John Edward made direct eye contact with ME! Then I turned so stupid on the spot that I forgot I have two brothers. He must be the most patient human being on earth.

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