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    Karen Barnett

    mamanware, I wasn’t at the seminars you were, but I went to one on Long Island on 8/26. I had a similar experience. When John first started, I just shook, at least for the first 20 minutes! I don’t know why…I wanted so desperately to hear from from parents.My mother died Jan.1 1997 and my father died Sept. 15,2003. The other day(his anniv) was a rough day. Anyway, John was reading people all around us, and at one point he said”Im getting septicimia and a C or K connection” That was what my mother died of, and I’m the K. I froze!! I guess I was waiting for one more validation, yet he said nothing more for me to go with. The people that he was reading at the time could not validate the septicimia or K. I wonder if that was my Mom’s way of coming through. I’ve been kicking myself ever since. When I think of previous readings from TV, I know that as JE has said that they keep their personalities even after they cross. Well that would be my Mom. She was quiet and would never interupt, or disturb someone elses reading, yet quietly let her voice be heard. Yet I feel terrible about it,and sad that I may have missed something. .


    Hi Karen. Thank you so much for the post. Here it is, three months after the seminar, and I still think about it everyday. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I blew it! I had given one of my tickets to my friend and neighbor Dianne, whose husband Bob passed 5 years ago. She is still having a very difficult time moving on, and would have benefited greatly from hearing from him. By not validating the messages that were coming through for me, and opening up the communication, I may have prevented Bob from reaching Dianne. That’s the thing that bothers me the most. Who knows where the reading might have gone. Once the reading moved to the woman behind me, I wouldn’t think of raising my hand. Several of the messages were definitely for me, yet I sat there in a stupor. I have to have faith in what John says, that everything happens for a reason. In a sense, we both got what we needed at our seminars ~ your Mom, in her own quiet way, let you know that she is OK and knew you were there to hear her. For me, it confirmed what I wanted so desperately to believe ~ that death is not the end, it’s the beginning of a whole new experience. Keep in touch~ Mary :wave:


    I saw John Edward in Adelaide South Australia on 29 Feb 2004 :jumper: :jumper: and I had my chance for what some people would call a reading. it was amazing. and I really hope that he comes back. I would love to see him do a workshop or something here. Adelaide is the closest major city to where I live ( In Regional SA) I left the auditorium feeling great, this man truedlly has a gift. som many people recognised me once I got back to town, I had lots of questions and even someone saying that I should have validated much more than I did. given I knew much more.

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