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    Alison, I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on something.

    I’ve just started learning about the pinnacles and cycles and I’ve noticed that my 3rd pinnacle ( the one I’m now in) is a 3 and I’m in my 2nd cycle which is also a 3.

    Next year I’ll be going into my personal 3 year.

    Apparently, I’m gonna be expressing myself alot next year.

    That’s alot of 3 energy going on. I’ve read about the 3’s and it’s almost too good to be true. It sounds like a lot of fun and frolic. I’m not going to know what to do!:eek:

    So, I was wondering if you could give me your view on it.

    If you need to know, I’m a life path 9 and destiney #7

    Thank you!


    Hi Believer:
    When you look at the Pinnacles, Cycles and Personal Years, you need to look at them as energy that comes into your life to be a catalyst for your soul’s experience.
    It is very important to consider if a person would be comfortable in that energy or have the tools to make good use out of it.

    Using this analogy…If you were a farmer and had all the farming tools ( seeds, rakes, hoes, shovels , watering can etc) , you had better hope the Universe sees fit to give you a plot of land and not send you out to sea.

    The Pinnacles tell us about what oportunities we have in this lifetime to use our energy.

    You are a 9 Lifepath which is artistic, inspirational and spiritual and fits in beautifully with the energy of the 3. It is also important to look to see if you have a 3 Challenge Number or a missing 3 in your name when considering the purpose of this Pinnacle in your life at this time and whether there is an important life lesson in it.
    All in all, a 3 Pinnacle is a good thing providing you have the tools to make good use out of it. You may find that you are pushed to the limelight , possibly doing public speaking or communicating in a much bigger way.
    It is an excellent Pinnacle for writing or any creative or artistic endeavors. It will bring you friendships and social situations. It is a time that will allow you to get in touch with your inner child, find the joy in expressing yourself. You will learn to speak from your heart in this Pinnacle. Most importantly, it is a time to manifest your dreams.

    Be careful of scattering your energy, or perhaps not being disciplined when it comes to finishing things in this Pinnacle ..especially when that 3 Year rolls around as you will have “double the Urge” to go play rather than work.
    I hope that helps explain…



    I have a challange #4 right now.

    So, I guess I’m just going to want to have fun (3) and do nothing but play when I really need to be disciplined (4) and organized.


    And here I was hoping it was all gonna be good.:o

    Thanks Alison!:hearts:


    Your 3 Pinnacle will be enjoyable as long as you realize what opportunities it is offering and use your energy to work in that direction.
    Your 4 Challenge suggests that you must bear in mind that you will have to keep an eye on being scattered,unorganized, not finishing things and lacking discipline. You could easilly waste the opportunity of this most creative Pinnacle.
    A 4 Challenge can also mean that a person creates too many rules or limits their life by being over-disciplined .
    If I were you, I would simply study the 4 Challenge and understand that your goal is to remain balanced in that energy.
    A Really good book for understanding the Challenges is “Numerology Has Your Number” By Ellin Dodge, one of the best ever written that explains the Challenges.
    Just acknowledging your 4 Challenge is half the battle. From there , you just apply that information to whatever you do.
    And Believer…just have fun no matter what Pinnacle you are in …

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