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    I’m super busy until Thursday (partly why I haven’t been around lately), but I will certainly try to get those letters started! At the least, Thursday I will be sending them out to all of those people listed …. hopefully it will help! I sent out some letters to the Univeral peopel (in NY and California) and haven’t heard anything *sigh* Oh well, maybe I’ll have more luck this way….?


    bump ide bump bump :jumper:


    Being I’m off from work all this week… all know what I’ll be doing…..:cuser:

    Just bought a book of stamps………so on the way they’ll be tomorrow!!!!

    Let’s flood these execs with letters!!!!



    You know what I was thinking…
    what if someone proposed
    (or whatever they call it in the world of entertainment)
    if John did a show with “some” gallery readings but
    also like a talk show format with other practitioners.
    I REALLY liked his pay per view show when his friend and
    colleague Suzane Northrop came on and spoke for awhile.

    I adore John.
    And have been very fortunate to have
    seen him years and years ago before his
    huge success. There were less than 25 people
    in the workshop I attended in (i think) 1998.

    I had a reading by him and it was a 4 hour seminar!
    Gosh that was a great thing to have attended.

    Anyway he is SUCH a great speaker on after death
    communication and other psychic / spiritual aspects.

    I would love to have more of that.
    You the few minutes he does at
    the end of each show when he answers a question
    from the audience.

    I just wonder if anyone has went that route with those
    big guys heading up OUR tv entertainment?

    I tell ya…
    I am starting to think I am the kiss of death for
    television shows! :goofy:
    If I like it…
    count on it being cancelled! :shrug:

    Anyway, I am sitting here preparing to type a letter
    to send out to the addresses listed in hopes of keeping
    Mr. JE on the TV!


    meandason – what a great thought!

    My favourite parts of CO are the questions and answers. The analogies that John uses are always so easy to understand.

    He’s a born teacher – we all know that!!

    Welcome, by the way! :wave:


    I agree Teresa i love the end bit of C/O when John explains things…he maybe should do a DVD of all the stuff he explains at the end of the show!


    :daisy: :daisy:


    Keep writing those TV execs!
    Buy a supply of postcards and send a few everyday. Make it part of your daily routine. Nobody is going to hear us if we don’t talk loud and often. Let’s not lay down and just choose from the drivel offered on our screens. Let’s tell these folks what we want to see !!!!



    For the warm welcomes! Glad to have found a message board of warmth.


    Please add this name to the list of people to write at NBC

    Jeffrey Zucker

    He has recently made comments on how wants to be cutting edge, can you say John Edward?



    I no longer subscribe to TV Guide. If they still include letters from viewers, has anyone of us written to them about the cancellation of Crossing Over and included information about the petition? Another question: to whom do we send the results of the petition? Just curious. :confused:


    Here’s the address to mail letters to TVGuide.

    Correspondence should be addressed to:

    Letter’s Department
    TV Guide
    Radnor, PA

    All letters must include the writer’s name, address, and telephone number.

    I notice the letters they have published are not very long..maybe 70-80 words long.

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