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    Pam B

    Gratitude is a recurring theme during the start of the holiday season, but for me, it’s a word that keeps popping up in my “spiritual studies”.

    Caroylyn Myss notes that one thing that all the greatest mystics of history had in common, was gratitude.

    A magazine that I subscribe to, “Spirituality & Health” did a center peace (pun intended) on “The Power of Gratitude.”

    The ability to have gratitude brings great personal power including but not limited to the power to heal one’s self.

    Check out for great practices like, “Word for the Day” inspirational message, links to inspirational resources on the net, and many other wonderous resources, including my personal favorite, “candle lighting” where you can light a virtual candle, and enter your intention, and your initials so you can find your candle. Click on other’s candles, to see why they lit their candle.

    Can you find mine? :)


    What a great site.
    Also, beautiful art and qoutations.


    Thanks Pam,

    A lovely site. I have such a sense of peace after visiting and lighting a candle.

    love and kisses



    What a lovely site. Thanks for sharing. I looked at the candles but did not read each entry – so did not see one specifically for you.

    Gratefulness read the way the site presents it creates many images that one does not often consider. Nice to think outside the ‘box’.

    Thanks again – we all have so much to be grateful for – breathe deep and find one thing tonight that works for you.

    Rest well,



    The candles stay lit for only 24 hours unless you relight.

    How did I miss this post the first time around?


    I missed this the first time around too :hmm:

    I see Jenn’s ( VTF ) and Ken’s ( KJC ) I see two by PooH and one by a MS… could be our members :)

    I love the site :thumbsup:

    I couldn’t find Pam’s, after looking nine pages deep I realized it kept sending me back to where i started at one point or another.

    Again :thumbsup:



    Pam, thank you for the link to the candles. Yes, I did see you PamB, and Psy and VTF. It is a good spot to reflect on those people who mean so much to us and to send a prayer for their well-being and spiritual growth.



    I wanted to bump this thread, in case anyone would like to light a candle on this very special night.

    I lit one for my son Brian and reflected on another for world peace.

    God Bless, Merry Christmas

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