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    Pam B

    Many people comment about how watching John Edward’s work has changed their spiritual lives.

    Are you on a spiritual journey?

    Has coming across John Edward’s healing work changed your viewpoint on spirituality?

    Are you more interested or motivated now, to learn about spiritual enlightenment?

    For some, it may cause confusion, compared to some religious upbringings.

    Where do you stand, and what’s your thoughts on this subject?


    I don’t know that I could actually say that I was already on a “spiritual” path, but I was just beginning to look at the world around me in a different way, asking questions, looking for answers.

    John’s work has truly propelled me in the right direction. His work has been the catalyst I needed to set me on my path.

    Thank you, Janice, :angel: for guiding me to John Edward.

    “Are you on a spiritual journey”

    I hope so! :)
    The answer for me is yes. I started out with questions, found those answers ( which were inherently spiritual ) and asked more questions :D

    That’s where I am now, still questioning, still learning. And I hope I’m learning my lessons, and becoming a better soul.

    The answers also brought me closer to the beauty of my religion. I was always curious about mysticism and the like, but I have a newfound appreciation for these things.

    John didn’t start my journey; but he most certainly propelled it and helped me find the path that I’m now on.

    “Where do you stand?”

    I stand in awe.



    on metaphysical topics, I had been focusing on past lives mostly. But John Edward and his message has lead me further and hopefully will get me more in touch with not only my psychic connections, but the totality of spiritual growth…..the oneness of it all.
    Love,light and peace,

    Pam B

    Since my teens, I was always “in and out” of spiritual discovery, sometimes letting life just lead me, instead of the other way around. But I was “tapped on the shoulder” too many times to ignore the calling. A few years ago, I started really focusing on my feelings about religion and spirituality, reading, meditating, and praying over it.

    Then I saw what John was doing, read his first book, and bought every tape. It solidified my belief that we are more than just dust. It helped to solidfy my belief in extended human potential. It confirmed my then waivering belief in an afterlife, a higher power, and a higher purpose.


    Are you on a spiritual journey?

    Yes, I’ve been on it all my life (or lives):)

    Has coming across John Edward’s healing work changed your viewpoint on spirituality?

    I think it has changed my viewpoint on spirituality by adding new dimensions to it. His work has given me many different points to ponder on and lots of food for thought.

    Are you more interested or motivated now, to learn about spiritual enlightenment?

    Definitely more interested and motivated to learn!!!


    Another interesting question, Pam.

    I was not remotely spiritual, and in fact had no belief system in afterlife let alone spirit communicaiton, until someone very close to me passed a few months ago. Since the passing, I had several amazing ADC’s from this person as well as from my grandmother. Right around this time, I started watching Crossing Over. I had never heard of it or John Edward. I believe I was guided towards this show–in fact it was the first show I turned on following my loved ones’ passing.

    I am now on a major spiritual journey. It definitely conflicts with my lifelong atheism, but I enjoy the challenge of that conflict.

    I would say that JE isn’t really a spiritual teacher for me, but his show absolutely helped steer me on a spiritual path.


    Spiritual growth has always been parallel to my own physical existance. There are times when I seem to be in the right place at the right time and information ‘shows up’ for me to investigate. It all began when I was visiting a southern plantation as a young teen realizing I had ‘been there’.

    As time went on the words of my grandmother and the works of Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery and other books on the subject of other planes, past lives, soul growth, all of that area began to make it clear that not only was this not the first time I have been here but it probably won’t be the last.

    Voices get my attention – Ruth Montgomery had such a soft voice that I actually walked closer to the tv to get the ‘feelings’ of her during an interview. John’s voice did the same thing to me.

    So yes, I am on a journey. John hasn’t changed my viewpoint but listening to him and reading his books has confirmed everything my grandmother taught me. Nice to see that it is all out in the open now – even my very skeptical husband is beginning to soften. He will at least be in the same room as CO, but not watch it…lol – makes me laugh…

    The very human side of spirituality is an important part of recognizing that we all need to take a second look at what we are here to achieve – or we would not be here at all. There will always be lessons for us – big or small. And they will help us achieve an ultimate goal of helping others as well as ourselves grow.


    I have always been on a spiritual journey.

    I have always been a spiritual person, too. Getting a reading, has made me more spiritual! I can honestly say that I now search out my answers, and also find that my thinking has always been “on track” so to speak. My prayers have always been answered, and unbelievably just came to the realization that another prayer that I have been praying for has been answered! It has a direct connection to my reading, and at this I am in awe! I had no idea this was going to happen! Everything seems to fit together now, and I even view things said at church, have different meanings to me know. I can feel it more….if that makes sense to anyone. I understand the pasion they have in getting their point across.
    When I went to the Gallery, I had so many opinions from people that I didn’t ask for. So I asked “God” what was going to happen, because I knew we were going to go first. I was shown. I was afraid, but I went knowing I had God with me. I put my faith in God, and knew that it would be ok! I did what I promised, and I could feel the presence of God with me.
    Now that we have had our follow-up, my mom and husband said,
    “Well, that’s it, it’s over now.”
    Funny, I feel like it’s just begining!
    Silly :musicnote


    I stand in awe

    Tammy [/B]

    Tammy — I love this — there is absolutely no better way to express our feelings of this world and it’s mysterious ways. Thank you for putting it so clearly and simply.



    I think what finding John’s work did for me was to solidify a ‘knowing’ that I already had from personal experiences. Seeig him use his energies in the way he does helped me to understand my own ‘gifts’.

    I think I found his show at a time when I was ready for this part of my spirituality to begin to grow. I am a much more centered person now and find that my belief in the afterlife as John shows it, is not contrary to any of my Christian upbringing and belief system.



    Hi, Everyone…

    It has been a long time since I’ve posted and haven’t even been able to lurk very often. What a wonderful thing to have been led to thie thread:wave: :wave:

    I believe I’ve always been on a spiritual jouney, but didn’t know what to call it. My mother and aunts had very strong psychic abilities, but hated to talk about their experiences…it wasn’t the thing to do then.

    I’ve had many losses in my life, several (like my mom and dad) just last year. It was when my parent’s were getting more and more ill and disabled that I found JE and Crossing Over. At first I watched with interest. Then, I watched as if I were in a classroom and John was the teacher. I still do that.

    John’s books led me to Sandy Anastasi and I’m studying Psychic Development with her now, and other spiritual and metaphysical subjects.

    There are no coincidences. John and CO woke up my senses to the spiritual journey I was now ready to go on…and he has led me to so many wonderful experiences and the chance to meet wonderful people also on the journey. And, of course, I found this web site.

    It is an awesome thing once you get the journey started and find how circles get completed.

    In love and light…


    Speaking metaphorically…
    I’ve, for a LONG time, felt I’ve been a “spiritual vehicle”, and not too long ago John Edward filled my tank with “spiritual fuel” so that now I’m on back on the road again!

    tinkster :-)


    I second “twinksters” words – I’m not good at finding the right words for explanations like this..

    But I’ve known there was something deep inside me – it has taken an accidental discovery of JE to shake the dirt a little and dealing with my own losses to give me that “WAKE UP TRICIA” – but I can’t deny I’ve got a long way to go yet.



    I’ve always been a very deep person, and each loss in my life has made me even deeper and more spiritual.

    It’s funny how you don’t take notice of something in your life unless you’re ready for it. I actually saw one of John’s shows sometime in 2000 (one of the first), and I dismissed it (SORRY JOHN!!! :( ) as being…dare I say….a carnival show…(I’m gonna go wash my mouth out with soap now;) ) But, when I really needed to hear John’s message, I was flipping through the channels and there he was. I am now, as my wonderful, understanding and supportive husband will tell anyone, OBSESSED! There are so many parallels that I share with John…too many unexplainable signs that I am on the right path..for me not to be obsessed. I now want to learn more and I can’t get enough.

    John has made interacting with the other side such a real, palpable thing; something that is no longer associated with the sterotypical con artist sitting behind a crystal ball burning incense and wearing way-too-much jewelry. Meditation, prayer and otherworldly contact is now being accepted more and more, and this is something that John contributes to daily.

    I thank God for John Edward, for he has opened my eyes. :D

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