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    I would have to say that all my life I had certain knowings and definatly always a strong faith. I used to take my premontions I would get without questioning where they came from or what they meant. It wasn’t until my son’s passing which was also the same time John’s show debuted which lead me to start to understand myself better. I now am interested in the way things occur and obviously I am very stubborn, for I needed to be hit over the head with a sledge hammer to wake me up to spiritual awareness. It’s easy to go through life when good comes from your feelings, but when something bad happens, that’s when our awareness changes and we question. Do I wish there was another way to get me to this point in my life? You bet. Perhaps that is why my son choose me and he was here to teach me. But I will see him at the end of the road and hopefully he will be proud of the progess I am striving to make.


    Speaking metaphorically…
    I’ve, for a LONG time, felt I’ve been a “spiritual vehicle”, and not too long ago John Edward filled my tank with “spiritual fuel” so that now I’m on back on the road again!

    Tink ~ You have the most wonderful way with words! You can express yourself beautifully. That is also how I have felt, and you have expressed it perfectly.



    Originally posted by Pam
    Since my teens, I was always “in and out” of spiritual discovery, sometimes letting life just lead me, instead of the other way around. But I was “tapped on the shoulder” too many times to ignore the calling. “[/quote]

    I am so glad you did.

    Switched on to JE by my dear cousin Kelly. I definitely was a sceptic. JE’s validations of such obscure details of guests’ lives floored me.

    My cousin is the only person I could discuss metaphysics with. Busy work and families, means we touch base occassionally. Only other people I could discuss such matters, were elderly friends. But their views are hardwired and no questions are allowed.

    Since most of us are blesed with 5 senses, and some lucky few have 6, I think it would be a crime not to use the gifts we are blessed with.

    Pam, by setting this site up you did listen to the calling and we all are grateful.

    LOL from Down Under

    P.S still learning how to use functions such as quotes etc so pls excuse errors

    Pam B

    Anna, thank you so much. And you’re doing fine with the features, and we all help each other out, as you can see from your post ;)

    I get so caught up in the day to day tasks of the board, that at times, I do lose sight of the fact that this site is part of a calling.

    A mutual calling. I called on God and said “gimme something to do, from YOUR “to-do” list…” and then along came this site.

    I also think it’s a crime not to use the gifts that God has given us, to help ourselves understand our true paths, and to help others.


    I was born in a very skeptical family.When I was 10 ,a voice woke me up and said that there was a mouse in the mouse-trap in the basement.I saw an image of a mouse running with the trap hanging on its tail. I run downstairs and saw the mouse in the same way the showed me.I released him and released him in the garden.I was stunned and thought I was crazy,I never told anyone… During my life they always showed me (and still do) animals in need and I always try to help. I can hear my guides and I`m feeling proud about that,but always felt crazy and never told anyone. Till I saw JE for the first time .
    I cried and felt so relieved.I wasn`t crazy,you have guides and it`s oke to hear them!I`m very grateful to him and he`s very special to me.


    Oh, Corine, Bless your heart.
    You are not crazy and never have been. Your gift is so special. Being able to help animals is a wonderful thing to do.

    JE has discovered, since getting his dogs, that he can work with animals as well.

    Your comment regarding a skeptical family is one many share with you. But, I bet that more than one of them have noticed that you have a very special relationship with animals. They just have not connected the same way you have. Or, maybe they have and were afraid to talk about it. One never knows until the subject opens up.

    I have not welcomed you sooner than this and I am sorry. Welcome. You are a very welcome addition to this very wonderfully talented group of souls. Share with us whenever you wish. Take good care of yourself and thank you for sharing your experiences.




    Thank you very much for your kind words,irishrose.Yes,all my family and friends have noticed that I`ve a special bond with animals.It isn`t easy for them sometimes and they are making fun of me too.Like christmas a few years ago.We went to my mother in law and their were a lot of family members.I was all dressed-up
    ( I`m always in jeans) and my husband ,children and me,drove to his mother. Suddenly I heard“look on your right“. I looked and saw sheep in the field.The next moment one sheep was surrounded by white light and she laid on her back and a sheep can`t roll back on her own and she will die.So my husband had to pull over and I run to the sheep and helped her up,she was barely alive.After about 10 minutes in the rain and wind,she was able to walk again and I looked like a mess :D


    I have been on a spiritual quest for many years and have believed in reincarnation and afterlife since reading Edgar Cayce information in 1980. John is a wonderful lightworker for the planet bringing a subject to the masses in a most comforting way. His ability to share knowledge and assist others is exemplary and I applaud his work. I also agree with him when he says we can do the work ourselves and that to rely strictly on a medium for validation is ludicrous.
    The planet is currently undergoing a massive spiritual paradigm shift. People are being called to very dark areas to spread the light. We can all make a difference, even by cracking one tiny smile. Forums like this are excellent ways for seekers to find teachers of like mind. We are all students and all teachers on this planet. We live in a classroom 24/7.
    I have recently been called to a very dark area. It is my pleasure to offer light in a very, very dark corner of the world, and I hope I can transmute some of the energy here. I know in some way it is part of my agreement in this incarnation.
    We are spiritual beings living in a physical world. We are all on a path. As John so succinctly tells us: when we cross over we realize we are all spiritual, even though we do not relaize it in physical life. We get a chance to reflect and know…and then hopefully when we return to the earth again, we do not make the same silly mistakes we made over again…thanks to John and to you all for your part in uplifting the planet toward enlightenment.

    Blessings to all..Namaste….


    Aley, hello :wave: and welcome to the board!

    If you’re just starting out, please take the time to check “Your Everyday Guide To Our Forum” where you’ll find the requirements for joining our Study Group, our Community Guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), and other information that can make navigating the site a little easier:

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. There are lots of Friends here, ready to help out!


    Again, welcome — glad to have you! :)


    Welcome, Aley :wave: We are a very spiritual group. Enjoy joining us and looking around. :)

    Gail :)

    I feel that I was on spiritual path before I came across John Edward, and John’s work has motivated me further in that direction.

    I can’t believe I have been a member of this board for a year and a half and I am just now getting around to posting on this thread. I have thought about it a couple of times, but for some reason it is a difficult and powerful question for me. It requires me to think and to analyze my life. I believe that I have been on a spiritual path for a long time. But I have tended to drift in and out. I have always had faith in God and in the Afterlife. But I took everything for granted. I find that I still struggle with some of the choices I have made in my life and I deal with a lot of self-worth issues. But I have finally been given the ability to accept my faults.

    John’s work has not motivated me in this direction, it has CATAPULTED me. It bowled me over the first time I watched his show and I am continually amazed that the feelings have not dissipated. Funny, but for me it is not about the confirmation of the afterlife, it is the realization that I have a role in the BIG picture. I have been given focus. I have been given direction. I have been given the power to talk about my beliefs. I have been given PURPOSE. I never knew how badly I needed it! CAV is my mantra. I try to live it every day. But somewhere early on, I realized that before I could give to anyone else, I needed to start with myself. It was difficult at first. Heck, it is still difficult. But I am getting there. Thanks for all your help along the way. :)
    Lots of love,


    I haven’t thought about my spiritual life very much. I don’t even know where to start. LOL

    I have a sister in law who is psychic but afraid to delve too deeply.

    I think my older daughter is somewhat psychic too.

    I wouldn’t know where to start. I bought a meditation tape once but I have a hard time visualizing so I didn’t continue to try.

    I guess I’m a mess spiritually!!!:goofy:

    You all are so in tuned with your inner selves. I admire that!!

    Grandma Jo@nn


    Wow, how did I miss this thread before? :question:

    I said “I wasn’t concerned before, but now I’m more interested in developing my spiritual life.” Because of some health issues I’d had, and the fear of death I used to have, I used to think that God “had it out for me.” And as for religion, well forget that – I wasn’t able to personalize it, to have it actually mean something to me, so that was out of the question too. It took hitting bottom – I was there a long time ago spiritually, and reached the same place (possibly even lower?) emotionally and physically . . . but once I did, I had no choice but to open myself up to something, anything! And right around when I was starting to hit that bottom is when I found Crossing Over, and had the first ADC that I can actually remember. It made me curious, wanting more . . . it filled up the holes in my life and really helped me to heal.

    Now, I’m a believer, 100% (and more!) I’ve lost some close relationships in my life because a lot of them were VERY religious and couldn’t accept my new-found beliefs in life after death or in some of the Wiccan traditions. But I’m discovering that the relationships I do have now are much more spiritual and healthy than some of those old ones. What a blessing to have a spiritual life – and to have wonderful people like all of you to share it with!

    Love and light,
    Jess :angel3:

    justme02 wrote:
    that bipolar disorder (can) affect/effect ones’ spirituality?


    I missed this the first time around. As a former sufferer from this condition, my answer is a resounding YES. In the end, I think it was all good and God’s plan for me. The first fifty years were kinda rough, though.



    I remember being about 10 years old my dad and I were talking about death. He explained to me that someday he would die and lie in the ground for many years until Jesus came back and took him home. I remember thinking there is no way that can be true (That’s Crap, Dad)…and in my eyes my dad was always right about everything. As the years have passed I realize that I wasn’t wrong. I’ve had inklings that the doctrine of the church was not put forth to our best spiritual growth and that there was something much more that God had planned for us. Did John Edward make me more spiritual? Oh my yes…He and many like him have given me the knowledge that I wasn’t wrong as a child and that my spiritual growth will make me the person that I was intended to be on this learning trip of my life.

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