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    • Anyone who does not believe that jE is getting unprompted specific information does not watch the show. You can always tell when someone is just towing the party skeptic line when they trot out the “all he provides are generalities, or maybe the first initial of a name”. That is completely untrue. No one was a bigger skptic than me – yet even I…Read More

    • Hi Asa,
      There are certainly some lessons to be learned on communications here. For three pages of messages, the discussion went round and round and covered nothing. As a skeptic, I would like to understand more of Asa’s opinion regarding having watched the show and not having been convinced that something special is going on. I have been an…Read More

    • Being an engineer, I am a pretty strong skeptic. I have, however, convinced myself that JE is getting information from somewhere or from someone. I also don’t believe that it is a hoax. The question for me is therefore, where is this somewhere or who is this someone? What he says about getting theinformation from those who have died may be true,…Read More