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      Standard POF shrink film single-chip packaging machine parts:
      Do you know the benefits of POF shrink film?
      POF shrink film is a perfect shrink film, which is both environmentally friendly and beneficial to the product. It has almost all the advantages of a shrink film and can help you solve all the problems encountered in the packaging process. For example, the sealing effect is not good, the environment is polluted, and the problem is easy to be brittle. The product has a very good low-temperature shrinkage effect, and can be perfectly contracted at 140 ° C, the shrinking speed is also fast, the sealing strength is good, and the shrinkage rate can reach 70 or more. At the same time does not affect its good thermal slip performance and low shrinkage function.
      High shrinkage (more than 70%) High tear strength
      Low shrinkage performance, high sealing strength
      How many tons of 20 can you fill your film?
      10 to 15 tons

      POF Standard Shrink Film manufacturers