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      Product Overview:
      TAICENN TPC-PC190S series is a high performance, Fan-less designed, enhanced stability and reliability industrial 19 rugged industrial touch fanless panel pc product. It adapts Intel Skylake I3-6100U/I5-6200U/I7-6500U processor. TPC-PC190S series storage can support 2.5” SATA and mSATA interface, HDD or SSD. The design uses a multi-point (10- points) projective capacitive touch screen (Optional with high-temp. five-wires resistive touch, or No touch), and it can fulfill front panel NEMA/IP65 dust-proof and water-proof standards.
      The 19.0-inch rugged industrial touch fanless panel pc TPC-PC190S uses full-sealed box construction, and it can prevent dust from entering the device system.
      The TAICENN 19 rugged industrial touch fanless panel pc TPC-PC190S is compatible with Win7, Win8, Win10, Linux OS, and it also has a good compatibility with customized applications and software programs.

      FAQ1: What is a projected capacitive touch?
      Projected capacitive touch (PCT) technology is a capacitive technology which allows more accurate and flexible operation, by etching the conductive layer. An X-Y grid is formed either by etching one layer to form a grid pattern of electrodes, or by etching two separate, parallel layers of conductive material with perpendicular lines or tracks to form the grid; comparable to the pixel grid found in many liquid crystal displays (LCD). The 19.0 rugged industrial touch fanless panel pc TPC-PC190S uses our own projected capacitive touch products.19 Inch Panel PCs manufacturers